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The Plastic Bastards
Contact: E-Mail
Date Born/Group Began: 1988
Date Died/Group Ended: Still around!
Also Known As:
The Plastic Bastards (Plastic Bastards)
The Plastic Neo-Pseudo Fascist Bastards (DJ Particle)


Ned Nugent (a.k.a Eugene Chiovari) (singer, songwriter, musician, audio engineer) From: 1988 To: now (Plastic Bastards)
Will Wonkers (a.k.a. Patrick Burns) (singer, songwriter, musician, video engineer) From: 1988 To: Now (Plastic Bastards)

The Plastic Bastards came together from two out of work actors, (one of which was a musician, and the other being a sound engineer) who were looking for an outlet for their slightly askew sense of musical humor. They claimed not to be a real band, but just a couple of guys with a tape deck. Originally intended to be just a ‘studio band’ as there was only one musician, they used a tascam 4 track portaone studio to make their music. Then everything changed! A cause was given! Put out by the music industry itself. They decided to go live (more or less), in light of such manufactured crap as Milli Vanilli and The New Kids On The Block.

The reasoning for this was as follows:
The New Kids On The Block would lip-sync to their own voices and pretend to play instruments ‘live’ onstage, and Milli Vanilli didn’t even actually sing their own songs that they were lip-syncing to on stage. So, if people were paying large amounts of money to see a ‘live’ concert that was not even live, and in the latter case, was not even the actual artists performing, why not give the public a reasonable honest alternative:
The Plastic Bastards would actually sing live with their own voices to taped music they made themselves and not pretend to play fake instruments on stage! At half the price…

Not satisfied to stop there, the Bastards decided to throw video presentation into the mix.
Combining live action, with filmed image, their stage show became a hybrid of live concert and music video. This has been done before in limited fashion, but the Bastards decided to make the entire concert, from beginning to end, to be one long live interactive music video! The entire show featured the Bastards live on stage and the Bastards not live on video. The video versions of themselves provided interactive conversation between their live selves and humorous segue ways between songs. Their video selves also provided backup vocals and bizarre antics during the songs. A very loose esoteric storyline was threaded throughout the concert, which led them to be known as “The Monkeys on acid”, and often described as “Bubblegum Punk”.

Thus a new era in multi media entertainment was born!
  • Most of the Plastic Bastards songs took longer to record the song than it did to write the song. (Plastic Bastards)
  • Some songs were written with dice! One die had the chords; the other die determined if it was a sharp, flat or natural. And since the die was only 6 sided (A, B, C, D, E, F) whenever the same chord would come up twice in a row, it was automatically considered a G chord! (Plastic Bastards)
  •  Songs
    Acid Babble - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    http://www.madmusic.com/samples/t/h/The_Plastic_Neo_Pseudo_Fascist_Bastards_-_Bieber_Loves_Wiener.mp3 Bieber Loves Wiener - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Bla Bla Bla Yak Yak Yak - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    C U Next Tuesday - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Death To The Yuppies - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Do The Twitch - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Do You Love Me (Now That I Won The Lotto) - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Either Way Is Fine With Me - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Excuse Me While I Go To The John - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Foxy Newsies - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Heathcliff - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    I Love Vietnamese Food - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    I Should Have Known Better
    I Should Have Known Better With A Girl Like You - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    I Wanna Go To The Morgue - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Jersey Whores - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Keep On - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Kill The Poor - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    http://www.madmusic.com/samples/p/l/Plastic_Bastards__The_-_Krampus_Is_Coming_To_Town.mp3 Krampus Is Coming To Town - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Leg Raped By A Furry - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Local Space And Time - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    http://www.madmusic.com/samples/p/l/Plastic_Bastards__The_-_Love_Stinks.mp3 Love Stinks - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    http://www.madmusic.com/samples/p/l/Plastic_Bastards__The_-_Me-Ow_Mixx.mp3 Me-Ow Mixx - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Mean Mister Phelps - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Moving In One Direction - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Music Industry Reject - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Old Time Horror - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Power Hungry - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Republicrats and Demicans - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Revolution 10 - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Scooby Doo - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Sexy ***** - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Tako Hell - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    The Continuing Story of President Bill - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Time Warp - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    We Melt Vanilla Ice - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    http://www.madmusic.com/samples/p/l/Plastic_Neo-Pseudo_Fascist_Bastards__The_-_We_Shot_The_New_Kids_On_The_Block.mp3 We Shot The New Kids On The Block - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    We Shot The New Kids On The Block (Dance Mix) - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    Working Overnight At The Gas Station - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    You Make Me Sick Mother ****** - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')
    You're A Mean One Reverend Phelps - (with 'Plastic Bastards, The')

    Messages about the artist: "The Plastic Bastards"

    (New Message)
    Stavro Arrgolus   (Online)  -  Editor, MP3  -  05-04-16 09:29 PM  -  8 hours ago
    It's an admin function. You can't actually delete song pages, only merge them with others. All the added info from the merged page ends up on the other page.

    I know. But there was a reason for doing it this way when it was set up.

    Just tell me what page you want merged.
    (New Message)
    Plastic Bastards   (Offline)  -  Artist  -  05-04-16 07:46 PM  -  10 hours ago
    Hi, does anybody know how to delete a song from the song listings?
    (New Message)
    DJ Particle   (Offline)  -  Moderator, Artist & D.J.  -  04-12-14 04:35 PM  -  24 months ago
    Yeah, the terms in the AKA section are also usable terms when making playlists, adding new songs, etc. They will come up as the same database number.
    (New Message)
    Plastic Bastards   (Offline)  -  Artist  -  04-12-14 01:34 AM  -  24 months ago
    oh never mind , i see

    Ned Nugent:

    oh, thanks! and how would i do that?

    Stavro Arrgolus:

    On the song pages, your songs could have "Plastic Bastards" added as keywords so they can easily be found when searched for.
    (New Message)
    Plastic Bastards   (Offline)  -  Artist  -  04-12-14 01:27 AM  -  24 months ago
    oh, thanks! and how would i do that?

    Stavro Arrgolus:

    On the song pages, your songs could have "Plastic Bastards" added as keywords so they can easily be found when searched for.
    (New Message)
    Stavro Arrgolus   (Online)  -  Editor, MP3  -  04-12-14 01:22 AM  -  24 months ago
    On the song pages, your songs could have "Plastic Bastards" added as keywords so they can easily be found when searched for.
    (New Message)
    Plastic Bastards   (Offline)  -  Artist  -  04-12-14 01:12 AM  -  24 months ago
    No need to fix, the plastic bastards is what we mostly go by nowadays. if there is a way we can be listed as both in your search engin that would be really great!

    DJ Particle:

    Ah! Will re-fix
    (New Message)
    DJ Particle   (Offline)  -  Moderator, Artist & D.J.  -  04-11-14 01:46 AM  -  24 months ago
    Ah! Will re-fix
    (New Message)
    Plastic Bastards   (Offline)  -  Artist  -  04-10-14 01:06 PM  -  24 months ago
    The Plastic Neo-Pseudo Fascist Bastards is our Original name, but so many people just called us The Plastic Bastards for short we just go by both.

    DJ Particle:

    According to their Facebook... new official name.

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