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MadMusic.com turns TEN Years Old!

A Freakin' Decade! Who would have thunk? Yep, it's been ten years since we originally went online - and in that time we've GROWN! We now have over 55,000 songs, 2,500 streaming shows and 65,000 members. But more importantly - we're still 100% FREE! Originally created to promote funny music and artists, Mad Music has remained dedicated to that task - and we intend to stay that way! Be sure to tell your friends and relatives - the more the merrier!

You can now login via Facebook and 'Like' Songs, Albums, Artist, Shows and more!

The first phase of our Facebook Integration project is finally complete! You can now login via Facebook and 'Like' songs, artists, albums, shows, playlists and more. With each 'Like' you can also add a post to your timeline about the item (this is optional of course). Just login normally, then use the 'Login With Facebook' button to link your Mad Music account to your Facebook account. Not ony that, but new members can sign-up on Mad Music just by logging-in via Facebook - the site will create an account for them automatically, and no activation e-mail is required! Tell your friends, 'Like' your favorite songs and help us use Facebook to expose more of the world to the Fun of Mad Music!

We are now www.MadMusic.com!

Mad Music is now MadMusic.com! Along with a facelift, some modernization and a huge list of planned enhancements (to be deployed over the next few months), we've decided to also shorten up the name so people can remember it! MadMusic.com will be our new home, but all visitors to the old site will be redirected here automatically. There may be a few hiccups along the way but all your old links should still work and we'll be watching it closely and jumping on an problems as they crop up. Be sure to keep your eye out for the new stuff!

Another new Demented weekly show added: Ben's Wacky Radio!

Previously from WQNA 88.3 in Springfield, IL, Ben will now be bringing you - yes, you Mad Music Fans, a new show evey Tuesday! Why not stop by and hear the latest episode over at the show'e new home page: Ben's Wacky Radio

A-Log on the Airwaves comes to the internet!

The popular dementia radio show "A-Log on the Airwaves" now has a home on the internet! Mad Music is honored to bring you yet another weekly dementia radio show, this one produced by our own member A-Log. Normally broadcast on the college radio station WSIA 88.9 on Staten Island, NY, A-Log on the Airwaves can now be streamed from here whenever you want to hear it! Take some time and give it a listen, We're, sure you won't be disappointed!

Comedy Icons the great Luke Ski & Carrie Dahlby join us with a new show!

Looking for a novelty/comedy show that's a bit different? Then Luke & Carrie's Bad Rapport may be just what you're looking for! A new PodCast based on all the old PodCasts, with your hosts the great Luke Ski and Carrie Dahlby. Join them as they drone on and on about whatever they feel like yapping about, as they constantly interrupt each other and pick fights with each other over silly pop-culture issues that don’t matter and no one cares about. The monotony will be broken up by a few comedy songs, both old and new, as well as "NEWS OF THE STUPID", done with the blessing of Devo Spice (host of the formerly existent PodCast “Manic Mondays”) as compiled by Cary Whitney.

Revenge of the Particle - New for us, Classic for you!

The flagship program hosted by DT20's DJ Particle comes to the Mad Music Archive. With a history going back to 1995 on a little community station from Cape Cod, "Revenge of the Particle" format-flipped from hot oldies to comedy/novelty when it premiered on Dementia Radio in 2005.

Now you can relive the Dementia Radio years of "Revenge" right here on the MMA. DJ Particle, her co-hosts Tak (2007-present) and Almighty DJ Milla (2005-07), and the myriad of callers to the Skypeline, host 3 hours of music you won't be hearing on the mainstream. And for the part-time ravers among us, the 3rd hour of most programs feature the electronic mixed beats of the Quickrave! Click Here for Show Listing

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