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Songs Forum
Song TitleArtist NameLast Post
Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me) (With Spoken Intro)Red Peters feat. Todd Rundgren9 days ago
Seven Drunken NightsThe Dubliners11 days ago
Hawks Are Gonna Beat Green BaySpike & Joe15 days ago
The Pizza's RevengeBruce Popka17 days ago
Emmy Medley 2014"Weird Al" Yankovic18 days ago
Bimbo Number FiveThe Woody Show24 days ago
SignsFive Man Electrical Band27 days ago
Here Comes My SonSteve Goodie28 days ago
9-1-1BlueBob1 month ago
Just Call Me Jesus (J.E.S.U.S.)Tom Perri1 month ago
All Of Me Loves All Star TrekSamuel Stokes1 month ago
Select?Yuki Nagato1 month ago
Word CrimesWeird Al Yankovic1 month ago
GoldfishSmashy Claw1 month ago
First World ProblemsWeird Al Yankovic2 months ago
American Grocery Store ShopperDerwood Bowen2 months ago
Downtown Poker ClubTex Williams & His Western Caravan2 months ago
TackyWeird Al Yankovic2 months ago
Really Big ChickensThe Doubleclicks2 months ago
You are my Sunshine(Altered Lyric version)Art Paul Schlosser2 months ago
The Day We Won The CupRoy Hudd2 months ago
Rainbow TrainCarrie Dahlby feat. Alex Rasey2 months ago
Big Fluffy Porcupine Munching On NachosMax DeGroot2 months ago
BumBlaydeman3 months ago
Barbecue Spuds McKenzieDan Cryder & The Four Q's3 months ago
When Will the Bass Drop?The Lonely Island feat. Lil Jon & Sam F3 months ago
The Guy Who Yelled FreebirdThe Doubleclicks3 months ago
The Mustache SongJohn Ryan (Joe Rines)4 months ago
Can Your ***** Do The Dog?The Cramps4 months ago
Boom Da Boom (Radio Disney Mix)Goldo4 months ago
I Only Do My Taxes When I DrinkBill Shipper5 months ago
WikipediaDerwood Bowen5 months ago
Titanic SongJohn Mammoser f/ Whitney Allen5 months ago
This is a Trent Reznor SongFreddy Scott5 months ago
If I Was GovernorArt Paul Schlosser5 months ago

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