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Songs Forum
Song TitleArtist NameLast Post
I Want a Boy With a Hi-Fi Supersonic Stereophonic Bloop BleepThe Teenettes1 month ago
The Fat Man's PrayerVictor Buono2 months ago
Carol CartoonThe Eye-Full Tower3 months ago
Daffy Duck's RhapsodyMel Blanc3 months ago
My Little PwnageDevo Spice feat. Blythe Renay3 months ago
Livin' La Vida HomoBob Rivers3 months ago
5-Dollar MicrophoneRappy McRapperson3 months ago
Don't Vote For NaderBob Rivers4 months ago
I Love Your Breasts The Way They AreBob Rivers4 months ago
Leader of IraqBob Rivers4 months ago
Which Backstreet Boy Is GayZ100 Morning Zoo4 months ago
Goodbye To The BimboBob Rivers4 months ago
The Phantom MedleyRichard Cheese4 months ago
Leia (And Other Assorted Star Wars Parodies)Power Salad4 months ago
MultiversesNuclear Bubble Wrap4 months ago
Smells Like the Night Before ChristmasBob Rivers4 months ago
The Sesame Street BluesBob Rivers4 months ago
Caught Me One HandedBob Rivers4 months ago
The Real Big LadiesBob Rivers4 months ago
Dubya & The Red ChineseBob Rivers4 months ago
It's Not That Easy Goin' GreenBob Rivers4 months ago
**** You, Tea Party!Incompetentia4 months ago
Major Connie (First Cow In Space)Ken Johnson & Jim Tofte5 months ago
I'm Donald TrumpSteve Goodie5 months ago
The Twelve Furry Days of Christmas (2015 Version)Max DeGroot5 months ago
Christmas Time SpaghettiMax DeGroot5 months ago
Innocent Little BunniesDerwood Bowen5 months ago
I Can't TypeDerwood Bowen5 months ago
O Holy Night (horrible)Steve Mauldin5 months ago

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