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New Recordings in 2015

This page highlights new songs, recordings and albums released in 2015. It also provides an easy way to add them to your collection!

Recordings released in 2015, and not previously released, qualify for requests/voting for the year-end "Best of 2015 Mad Music Show!"

If you know of a Mad Album or Silly Song released in 2015 what is not listed here please e-mail me and I'll add it!

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Artist(s)TypeTitleReleasedMusic StorePrice
Adam WarRockGifted Student2015  
Adam WarRockObjection2015  
Adam WarRockScott Lang2015  
AngelasticBetter (Robot to Human Version)2015  
BonecageAmazon (dot com)2015  
Bonnie WalkerWait2015  
brentalflossFinal Fantasy VII With Lyrics2015  
C MichaelsI'm the Tank2015  
Captain Dan & The Scurvy CrewAll Hands On Deck2015  
Carrie Dahlby feat. Beth KindermanPregnant Women Are Smug (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  
CeschiiaElite Jerk2015  
CeschiiaTry (Garrosh)2015  
Ceschiia feat. TruffGank Your Toon2015  
Cirque du So What?Best Phone (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  
Dave & BrianDownton Abbey (With My Bros)2015  
Deep V MusicJurassic World2015  
Dino-Mike feat. Cara AkemiBiggest Fan2015  
DJ Particle feat. All-Powerful NateboiNateboi, Are You Particle? (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  
EllyeHealing Just Wasn't Enough2015  
FalconshieldWarring Kingdoms2015  
Feng Shui NinjasFish Heads (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  
GalavantJackass in a Can2015  
GalavantLords of the Sea2015  
GalavantMaybe You're Not the Worst Thing Ever2015  
GalavantShe'll Be Mine2015  
great Luke Ski, TheTwilight Zone, The2015  
GroundhogcowMen on Trains2015  
Holderness Family, TheIt's Sunday Night2015  
Incognito Cinema Warriors XPStairway to Wisconsin2015  
Iodine11Dirty Little Healers2015  
Joe ConklinI Like My Balls Deflated2015  
Jonathan Mann feat. The DoubleclicksMansplainer2015  
KavoHey Guildie2015  
KavoOpen Your Heart2015  
KBM feat. KavoHorde Star2015  
Ken 'Madman' SherlockJack Bauer (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  
Key of Awesome, TheHanging Tree Parody2015  
Kickass Parody Project, The50 Ways2015  
Kickass Parody Project, TheJordy Nelson (Always Beats Killer D)2015  
Kickass Parody Project, TheYour Mother2015  
KornflakeAraby (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  
Laughing MomsCool Moms2015  
Mike PhirmanWhat Makes The Breakfast?2015  
Mikey MasonAnother New Year2015  
Moses Brown SchoolSchool is Closed2015  
Open MindedWazer Wifle2015  
Patrick CoffinPotatoes Gonna Potate2015  
Power Salad feat. the MarsCon 2014 Dementia Track PerformersPico and Sepulveda (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  
Raymond & Scum(Nobody Loves The) Comedy Band (Rock Version)2015  
Rebecca ZamoloLegs Are Moving2015  
Rebecca ZamoloSuperBowl Funk2015  
Reformed Whores feat. MurderfistDouchebags2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeBread Bags On The Soles Of Her Shoes2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeI Blame It All On Obama2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeMormon Loser, The2015  
Spike & JoeTom's Big Balls2015  
Steve GoodieSteve's Harry Potter Medley 2015  
They Might Be GiantsErase2015  
They Might Be GiantsMadam, I Challenge You To A Duel 2015  
They Might Be GiantsMusic Jail2015  
They Might Be GiantsNo Cops2015  
Todd ChappelleChristie2015  
Trevor StrongInternet Went Down2015  
Trevor StrongMost Beautiful Girl2015  
TV's Kyle feat. Dave StagnerIt's Hip to Jump on Squares2015  
Veronique Chevalier feat. Matthew Setzer & TV's KyleSprocky Spittoon2015  
Worm QuartetStraight Outta Concepts (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  



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