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New Recordings in 2014

This page highlights new songs, recordings and albums released in 2014. It also provides an easy way to add them to your collection!

Recordings released in 2014, and not previously released, qualify for requests/voting for the year-end "Best of 2014 Mad Music Show!"

If you know of a Mad Album or Silly Song released in 2014 what is not listed here please e-mail me and I'll add it!

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Artist(s)TypeTitleReleasedMusic StorePrice
"Weird Al" YankovicEmmy Medley 20142014  
1337H0RD13ZKings of the Game2014  
A Capella ScienceAll About That Base (No Acid)2014  
A Capella ScienceChoose Yourself2014  
A Capella ScienceTake Exams2014  
A Saline SolutionBake it Off2014  
Aaron AckersonOutside on the Inside2014  
AbandonationHeard Me Coming2014  
Abbott Skelding, TheGave Our Son a Bad Name2014  
Abbott Skelding, TheI've Heard of Star Wars2014  
Abbott Skelding, TheShowin' Off2014  
Abbott Skelding, TheSnowball's Revenge2014  
Abbott Skelding, TheSon of the Pizza Man2014  
Abbott Skelding, TheSpatula2014  
Abbott Skelding, TheYou Said Anything2014  
Adam WarRock242014  
Adam WarRockAdvice to Young Rappers2014  
Adam WarRockAfter the Credits Scene2014  
Adam WarRockAnti-Hero2014  
Adam WarRockArmor2014  
Adam WarRockAttorney-At-Law2014  
Adam WarRockBatroc2014  
Adam WarRockCity, The2014  
Adam WarRockClark Kent2014  
Adam WarRockComics & Video Games2014  
Adam WarRockDazzler2014  
Adam WarRockDoctor EP, The2014  
Adam WarRockDust2014  
Adam WarRockEbola2014  
Adam WarRockFin Fang Foom2014  
Adam WarRockFist of Khonshu, The2014  
Adam WarRockFrozen2014  
Adam WarRockGranger Style2014  
Adam WarRockHard Times2014  
Adam WarRockHaters Gonna Hate2014  
Adam WarRockJohn Boyega2014  
Adam WarRockJohn::Jean2014  
Adam WarRockKick Punch2014  
Adam WarRockKrypton2014  
Adam WarRockLegend2014  
Adam WarRockLumberjanes2014  
Adam WarRockLying2014  
Adam WarRockMarvelous2014  
Adam WarRockMutant Revolution2014  
Adam WarRockNelson & Murdock2014  
Adam WarRockNerds Ruin Everything2014  
Adam WarRockNo Hooks2014  
Adam WarRockNorrin Radd2014  
Adam WarRockQuentin Quire2014  
Adam WarRockQuiet, The2014  
Adam WarRockRat Queens, The2014  
Adam WarRockSecondary Mutation2014  
Adam WarRockShake2014  
Adam WarRockShaun2014  
Adam WarRockShiny2014  
Adam WarRockSpider-Gwen2014  
Adam WarRockSpirit of Vengeance2014  
Adam WarRockSpirited Away2014  
Adam WarRockStar-Lord2014  
Adam WarRockSteve Rogers2014  
Adam WarRockStriker Eureka2014  
Adam WarRockThank You (Rather Watch Golden Girls)2014  
Adam WarRockThat Was Cyclops2014  
Adam WarRockTransistor2014  
Adrian AnchondoPlease Go Home2014  
AfromanBecause I Got High (Positive Remix)2014  
Afterbirth MonkeyMeryl Streep Is From The Future (JH Sounds Remix)2014  
Aimee MannI'm Cured2014  
AishLet It Go: Passover Edition2014  
Akron Metro RTAAll About That Bus2014  
Alanjay LoriPass it By (The Auctioneer's Song)2014  
Alex CastleRelatively Merry2014  
Alison GoldShush Up2014  
American Lesley JaneAllah Said ISIS is Shit2014  
American Lesley JaneBirds Out My Twat2014  
American Lesley JaneEverybody's Having Fun But Me2014  
American Lesley JaneGonna Be the President2014  
American Lesley JaneHome Is Where The Fuck Is2014  
American Lesley JaneKisses For Your Pussy2014  
American Lesley JaneMastermind2014  
American Lesley JaneMoonshine Enema Dance2014  
American Lesley JanePatty Duke2014  
American Lesley JaneYou Can Do Better Than Tom Hanks, Katie Holmes2014  
Amoeba People, TheRobotic Christmas Tree 2014  
AngelasticA Song For Angelastic To Sing With Worm Quartet2014  
AngelasticNumbers Are Not Enough, The2014  
AngelasticSelf-Avoiding Walk2014  
AngelasticShit Your Inner Voice Says2014  
AnimatedJamesWinter's Fucked Up2014  
Animation DominationCaptain America Statistics Song2014  
Animation DominationScientifically Accurate Flintstones2014  
Animation DominationScientifically Accurate Spongebob Squarepants2014  
AnimemeDo You Want to Build a Meth Lab?2014  
Anthony "A-Log" LoGattoHey Spidey! '142014  
AnthritFalsify Me Views2014  
Antti LuodeDrugs2014  
Arrogant WormsSpace2014  
Arrogant WormsThank You! Space!2014  
Art Paul SchlosserI Bet U've Got a Smile2014  
Art Paul SchlosserMe I Work For Pie201499¢
Art Paul SchlosserSharks Scarier Remake2014  
Arthur DarvillBallad of Arthur Darvill, The2014  
Assorted IntricaciesMagic: The Gathering2014  
AVbyteBronies: The Musical2014  
AVbyteDisney Villains: The Musical2014  
AVbyteFandoms: The Musical2014  
AVbyteFrozen: A Musical2014  
Awkward KidsLadies of Rap: Marvel Mavens2014  
Axis of Awesome, TheDo You Want to Build a Snow Dick?2014  
Axis of Awesome, TheMake The Change (Not Climate Change)2014  
AyrigosaAhead of the Curve2014  
AzaravathorLike a Raid Boss2014  
AzaravathorStrand of the Ancients2014  
Azaravathor feat. LetomiThrow Some Heals My Way2014  
Bart BakerAdore You Parody2014  
Bart BakerAll About That Bass Parody2014  
Bart BakerAnimals Parody2014  
Bart BakerBlank Space Parody2014  
Bart BakerConfident Parody2014  
Bart BakerDark Horse Parody2014  
Bart BakerHangover Parody2014  
Bart BakerHappy Parody2014  
Bart BakerHello Kitty Parody2014  
Bart BakerShake It Off Parody2014  
Bart BakerWiggle Parody2014  
Bart Baker feat. Devyn DeloeraBooty Parody2014  
Bart Baker feat. Devyn DeloeraBreak Free Parody2014  
Bart Baker feat. Devyn DeloeraFancy Parody2014  
Bart Baker feat. Devyn DeloeraMonster Parody, The2014  
Bart Baker feat. Devyn DeloeraWe Are One Parody2014  
Bart Baker feat. Emily ValentineProblem Parody2014  
Bart Baker feat. Jessica LesacaLove Me Harder Parody2014  
Bart Baker feat. Shira LazarRude Parody2014  
Bart Baker feat. Tiffany TynesAnaconda Parody2014  
BazootyCrayzee Baybee2014  
Beatlesex50 is the New Fuck You2014  
BeatlesexLonely Computer2014  
BeatlesexWe Are SoundClick2014  
BeatlesexZombie Apocalypse2014  
BeefyGrown Up2014  
Bill HazePolar Vortex2014  
Bill MillsDoctor From Space, The2014  
Blau Bright ProductionsLet Us Go2014  
BlaydemanChutes And Ladders2014  
BlaydemanDrag My Hands2014  
BlizzlemanTurel Cypher2014  
Bob HerzogJust Don't Go2014  
Bob RiversDenver Broncos2014  
Bob RiversHawk and Roll2014  
Bob RiversSeahawks are Champions2014  
Bob's BurgersGene's Fart Song2014  
BonecageBelly Button (Nature's Pocket)2014  
BonecageCarcassonne Tonight2014  
BonecageCharlie Loves You2014  
BonecageGlory of Thrones (Tribute to the Hound)2014  
BonecageI Phreak Alone2014  
BonecageOh What a Day2014  
BonecageSweetpea (Lee's Song)2014  
Bonnie WalkerRude2014  
Boobles, TheHave Natural Es2014  
BoyinabandI Am Mildly Annoyed2014  
BoyinabandTown of Salem2014  
Boyinaband feat. Dan BullBible Rap2014  
Boyinaband feat. MinxToo Much Fun2014  
Boyinaband feat. Minx & ChilledMurder!2014  
Boyinaband feat. RoomieHow to Get a Number One Song2014  
Brent JowersRed Water Cup2014  
brentalflossBallad of Jeff, The2014  
brentalflossBioshock Infinite Song, The2014  
brentalflossBubble Bobble With Lyrics2014  
brentalflossDonkey Kong Country With Lyrics2014  
brentalflossPhoenix Wright With Lyrics2014  
brentalflossShadow of the Colossus With Lyrics2014  
brentalflossShovel Knight With Lyrics2014  
brentalflossSuper Mario Sunshine With Lyrics2014  
Brett DominoEverybody Needs To Know It's Christmas2014  
Brett GlassHulk Smash Everything (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
Bria & Chrissy feat. Lizzy the LezzyWe Are So Very Gay2014  
Bria and ChrissySex Song, The2014  
Bria and ChrissySexist Song, The2014  
Brian ZaneHeel's Lament (I'd Do Anything for Heat), The2014  
Bridget EverettTitties2014  
Brittani Louise Taylor#FANGIRL2014  
Brittani Louise TaylorBack in the Woods2014  
Brittani Louise TaylorBe Myself2014  
Brittani Louise TaylorI'm in Crust With You2014  
Brittani Louise TaylorProblem Parody2014  
Brother Mouzone, TheTV Dad Anthem2014  
BrunuhVille feat. SharmSong of the Dragonborn, The2014  
C MichaelsStory of My Wipe2014  
Calvin StewartBig Toe Blues, The2014  
Calvin StewartBoneless Breast2014  
Calvin StewartBroken Clocks2014  
Calvin StewartDrag Queens And Covered Bridges2014  
Calvin StewartFamily Mug Shot2014  
Calvin StewartFrog Pajamas2014  
Calvin StewartHead Over Heels2014  
Calvin StewartHow Can I Ride An Elephant2014  
Calvin StewartLoggerheaded Love2014  
Calvin StewartPoo Poo Gas2014  
Calvin StewartSalad, The2014  
Calvin StewartSex With An Alien2014  
Calvin StewartTriple Nipple, The2014  
Calvin StewartWiener Song, The2014  
Calvin StewartWomen Who Fall From The Sky2014  
Calvin Stewart feat. Michael LeBlancI Hate the Little Dog2014  
Carla UlbrichBreakaway201499¢
Carrie DahlbySing All Funny Jokes2014  
CausticDid the Gothsicles Just Write a Fucking Song About Aquaman?2014  
Causticles, TheChallenge of the Superfriends2014  
Causticles, TheRaise Your God2014  
CBS FolliesBitch in Business2014  
CeschiiaA Tank Like You2014  
CeschiiaAdd Me Maybe2014  
CeschiiaArmory Sadness2014  
CeschiiaBad Priest, Good Priest2014  
CeschiiaCome On Tank Go2014  
CeschiiaHabits (Play WoW)2014  
CeschiiaHardcore Raiding2014  
CeschiiaHere I Am2014  
CeschiiaJust Go2014  
CeschiiaMoon Guard2014  
CeschiiaMy Alt Again2014  
CeschiiaOld Raids2014  
CeschiiaPlay All Night2014  
CeschiiaRaid Lead Got Me Healing DS Again2014  
CeschiiaShe Lives a Ganker's Life2014  
CeschiiaStay The Raid2014  
CeschiiaThis is How We Raid2014  
CeschiiaTinker Town2014  
CeschiiaTurel Cypher2014  
CeschiiaWe're Raiding2014  
CeschiiaWhat Is There To Do2014  
Ceschiia feat. DeeDeeKill It2014  
Ceschiia feat. HinamiminiHaven't Raided in Forever (Reprise)2014  
Ceschiia feat. KavoWickerman, The2014  
Ceschiia feat. KBM & H.O.Y.T.That's What We Do2014  
Ceschiia feat. KBM & SynnerWe the Horde2014  
Ceschiia feat. LinLinHordie2014  
Ceschiia feat. PvPGurl Gigi, Sharm, TruffGanking On2014  
Ceschiia feat. TamaLaLaMain Ninety2014  
Ceschiia feat. TamaLaLa & KavoRaider2014  
Ceschiia feat. TimelessMotionEverything Has Changed2014  
Ceschiia feat. TimelessMotionRaid Something2014  
Ceschiia feat. TruffGank 'em Up2014  
Ceschiia feat. TruffGankaholic2014  
Ceschiia feat. Truff & DroxxLeet2014  
Ceschiia feat. Xinny LishousCinders2014  
Ceschiia feat. Xinny LishousDirty Little Alli2014  
Chad Wild ClayThis is How We Poop2014  
Chainsmokers, The#SELFIE2014  
Charlie HidesAdore You Parody2014  
Charlie HidesBooty Parody2014  
Charlie HidesWelcome to New York Parody2014  
Charlie HidesWhat Happened To Her Face2014  
Chicken ExplosionRainbow Connection2014  
ChoristerA New Expansion2014  
ChoristerLok'Tar Ogar2014  
Chris WolvieHey, Godzilla! '142014  
Christine LavinBecause You Are A Perspicacious Person2014  
Christine LavinIf You're Drunk You Cannot Buy a Puppy2014  
Christopher WinchesterDwarf on a Pig2014  
Chuck Green feat. Ashley Harmon, Rachel BarilLet Us Go2014  
Circuits or GearsI Am a Robot201499¢
Circus Box 21My Way Home2014  
Circus Box 21No Warning2014  
Clay WeinerConfident With the Ladies2014  
Colin Thomson feat. Katie Wilson, Kevin Brooks, Amy VorpahlWesteros2014  
College HumorAnaconda (The Educational Version)2014  
ConstantineI'll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu)2014  
Constantine & Dominic BadguyI'm Number One2014  
Cosmos IIDie Healthy2014  
CrayondroidsDestroy All Humans2014  
Crossing Church, TheI Like Big Beards / Let it Grow2014  
CroweTurel Cypher2014  
D-Piddy feat. Charmie SweetsCosplay2014  
D-Piddy feat. Charmie SweetsNerdy Stuff2014  
Dad DudesDads Respond to Disney's Frozen2014  
Dan BullAldmeri Dominion, The2014  
Dan BullAlien: Isolation2014  
Dan BullBloody Murdered Bloody Soul Bloody Suspect2014  
Dan BullBoom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom2014  
Dan BullBorderlands: The Pre-Sequel2014  
Dan BullBrothers2014  
Dan BullDaggerfall Covenant, The2014  
Dan BullDayz2014  
Dan BullDestiny2014  
Dan BullDungeon Keeper2014  
Dan BullEbonheart Pact, The2014  
Dan BullEvil Within, The2014  
Dan BullFast Blue Hedgehog Song, The2014  
Dan BullFuck Content ID2014  
Dan BullGears of War2014  
Dan BullGone Home2014  
Dan BullHey There, NSA!2014  
Dan BullMafia II2014  
Dan BullMighty Quest for Epic Loot, The2014  
Dan BullMinecraftsoft (It's Over)2014  
Dan BullMonopoly Money2014  
Dan BullMoyes In, Moyes Out!2014  
Dan BullRocksmith 20142014  
Dan BullRust2014  
Dan BullSims Rap, The2014  
Dan BullStarbound2014  
Dan BullStick of Truth, The2014  
Dan BullSurgeon Simulator2014  
Dan BullThief2014  
Dan BullTitan Quest2014  
Dan BullTorchlight2014  
Dan BullUkip Hop2014  
Dan BullUnity2014  
Dan BullWorld of Tanks2014  
Dan Bull feat. BoyinabandCounter-Strike Rap Battle2014  
Dan Bull feat. Shizzy VIWelcome to the World of Warcraft2014  
Dani the GirlGive Up (A Star Wars Jedi Apprentice Song)2014  
Dani the GirlLeague Girl2014  
Dani the GirlTrolls, The2014  
Dark Days of YouthJust Get Over It2014  
Dave & BrianPut It On2014  
Dave StagnerFireworks, Pornography, And Cheese (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
David MylesSanta Never Brings Me a Banjo2014  
David TannyDoobio's Fish Tacos201450¢
David TannyLife Before The Computer (With Music)2014$1.00
David TannyMarijuana Stretcher2014  
David TannyMe Want Cookie (Rated PG Mix)2014$1.00
David TannyMy Little Bong2014  
David TannyOriginals (2000-2012) Deluxe Edition 2014  
David TannyOriginals II (2000-2012)2014  
David TannyTwelve Unfortunate Days of Christmas, The201450¢
David TannyWatch The Frog: The Album (full album)2014  
Debra Seabrook feat. Mike McAllister & Janet KronickWhat Does the Pump Say?2014  
Debs & ErrolLocked2014  
Debs & ErrolMake It So2014  
Debs & ErrolWheatley2014  
DecisionI'm Back!!! (Frapsin' That)2014  
Derek KlingenbergCwerking2014  
Derek KlingenbergSeat #222014  
Derek KlingenbergWe Are Farming2014  
Destiny CrossMeow2014  
Devo SpiceErmahgerd Bernis Trrrks2014  
Devo SpiceHerp Derp Ya Don't Sterp2014  
Devo SpiceHerp Derp Ya Don't Sterp2014  
Devo SpiceI Am The Doctor2014  
DJ ParticleWoW, She Finally Put Out a New Album!!2014  
DJ Particle feat. Kavo, Ceschiia, Xinny Lishous, Break Man Z#BELFIE2014
DJ Stuck Down A MineshaftTop 32014  
Doctor Who PoopTenth Doctor Rap2014  
Doubleclicks, TheDimetrodon2014  
Doubleclicks, TheFluxx2014  
Doubleclicks, TheL-Y2014  
Doubleclicks, TheReally Big Chickens2014  
Doubleclicks, TheRemember2014  
Doubleclicks, TheScatter, Adapt, and Remember2014  
Doubleclicks, TheThank God It's Over2014  
Doubleclicks, TheThank You2014  
Doubleclicks, TheThis is My Jam2014  
Doubleclicks, TheWant You Gone2014  
Doubleclicks, TheWhat Friends Are For2014  
DracTurel Cypher2014  
Dreamstalks, TheThe Christmas Song (Santa's Not Real)2014  
Drew JacobsGave It Up for Lent2014  
DroxxGank King Nagas2014  
DroxxKill 16s EP I2014  
DroxxKill 16s EP II2014  
DroxxKill 16s EP III2014  
DroxxNo Cap Zone (Kill 16s EP IV)2014  
dTb MediaNerds Just Wanna Have Fun2014  
Dustin Ah KuoiChurch Signs2014  
El KabongComputitus2014  
El KabongMy Ingrid Michaelson Parody2014  
El KabongOlaf's Theme2014  
EllyeOld Content, The2014  
EllyeQueen of Goldshire2014  
Ellye & CeschiiaDidn't Really Need It2014  
Ellye feat. KavoChallenge Me!2014  
Ember IsolteRarity2014  
EmotistyleMorning Face2014  
EmotistylePink Plastic Peen2014  
Eoghnved MmrkuudnenT.F.O.S.2014  
Eric SchwartzDouble Fisted Mister2014  
Eric SchwartzI Bet That You Won't Watch This 'Til The End2014  
Eric SchwartzJesus, Leave the Bible Belt Alone2014  
Eric SchwartzSTFU Rush Limbaugh2014  
Errol ElumirI Am Awesome, I'm A Catch2014  
Errol ElumirMindless Nerd Song2014  
Errol Elumir & Jason MasinaOne Year at Method2014  
Errol Elumir feat. Robyn MacKenzieHappy Emo Fun Sad Song2014  
FalconshieldBlade of the Highlander2014  
FalconshieldDoombots Rise2014  
FalconshieldI Like Trains2014  
FalconshieldKill! Drink! Kill!2014  
FalconshieldShurima Will Survive2014  
FalconshieldSkirmish: Smash!2014  
FalconshieldThis is War 2: Piltover vs. Zaun2014  
FalconshieldThis Is War 3 (Volume 2): Shadow Isles vs. The Void2014  
FalconshieldThis Is War 3: Shadow Isles vs. The Void2014  
Falconshield feat. AntiRivetBranded2014  
Falconshield feat. AntiRivet & Nicki TaylorSkirmish2014  
Falconshield feat. AntiRivet & Nicki TaylorSkirmish: Shadow Arcade2014  
Falconshield feat. Nicki TaylorGet Dunked2014  
Falconshield feat. Nicki TaylorHeist, The2014  
Falconshield feat. Nicki TaylorPact, The2014  
Falconshield feat. Nicki TaylorSuper Mega Death Team2014  
Falconshield feat. RawbGNAR!2014  
Falconshield feat. RawbSkirmish: Red vs. Blue2014  
Feng Shui NinjasI Like It2014  
Feng Shui NinjasYour Dementia Lifestyle (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
Flourecent Kitten Solvers feat. Seventh ElementPoopy Song (Part 3), The2014  
FlulaOktoberfest is in September2014  
FlulaPolar Vortex, You Freeze My Cortex2014  
Freddy ScottThis is a Trent Reznor Song2014  
Gail FolsomLet it Go(T)2014  
Gank SquadAll Me2014  
Gank SquadPurple 13372014  
Gank Squad feat. TemptationzI'm On It2014  
Gank Squad feat. Young KorgyDon't Think You Want That2014  
Garfunkel & OatesSuch a Loser2014  
George ShawStar Wars Musical2014  
Global CitizenPopeye Parody2014  
Global CitizenSeventeen Cent Croonie2014  
Goofy Gary ArnoldI Fought The Saw2014  
Goofy Gary ArnoldMe Want Cookie2014  
Gothsicles, TheI'll Be There For You2014  
Gothsicles, TheShow Respect to Aquaman2014  
Gothsicles, TheSquid Icarus2014  
Granger Community ChurchLet It Go: A Mom Parody2014  
great Luke Ski, The4th Grade Talent Show2014  
great Luke Ski, TheBecause Of Bob: Luke Ski's Kickstarter FAWM Album (songs I wrote about people for money)2014  
GroundhogcowBanjo Lullaby2014  
GroundhogcowMonster Banjo2014  
GroundhogcowWhy I Don't Drink Mountain Dew2014  
H.O.Y.T.I Got a Healer2014  
H.O.Y.T. feat. Ceschiia & PvPSiennahSheep the Star2014  
HalfshellAmbitious Drive2014  
Hank GreenIncongruent2014  
Hillywood Show, TheLord of the Rings: Let It Go, The2014  
Hillywood Show, TheTime Warp (Doctor Who Version), The2014  
Himamimini feat. Ceschiia, Kavo, Xinny Lishous, Quelyth, Iodine11, TamaLaLaWalk Through the Fire2014  
hitRECord feat. SchmoyohoOh, It's Fantastic!2014  
Holderness Family, TheAll About That Baste2014  
Holderness Family, TheJammietime2014  
Howard Billington feat. James CobleyGILF Hunter2014  
Howard Billington feat. James CobleyGimme That Cheese2014  
Hugh JackmanWolverine: The Musical2014  
iJustineRude (Shark Week Parody)2014  
Incognito Cinema Warriors XPChop Like Hell2014  
Insane IanAmazing Spider-Man 2201499¢
Insane IanAnd Featuring Insane Ian as Himself2014  
Insane IanInternet Famous2014  
Iodine11All About That Deeps2014  
Iodine11Another Gold Roll2014  
Iodine11Good Guild2014  
Iodine11No Raid2014  
Iodine11O Canada Reloaded (From America With Love)2014  
Iodine11Pugging Sucks2014  
Iodine11WoW Ain't Fun2014  
Iodine11 feat. CeschiiaRaiding Girl2014  
Iodine11 feat. KavoDeeps That2014  
Jack & the LanternsHalloween Carol2014  
Jaclyn Glenn feat. Eric SchwartzHave Yourself A Merry Little Mythmas2014  
James Dempsey and The BreakpointsGoto Fail2014  
James SundayBallad of Saint Jerry Garcia Vampire Slayer, The2014  
James SundayEat an Extra Dessert Day2014  
Jay PharoahProblems2014  
Jean Pierre Napoleon, Sam Eagle, and The MuppetsInterrogation Song2014  
Jeannie DeanBreak Up Song, The2014  
Jeannie DeanLivin' La Vida Broka2014  
Jeff Reuben'Cause My Fly's Open (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
Jeff ReubenS.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants) (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
Jemaine ClementWorking in the Coal Mine2014  
Jené Nicole JohnsonDo You Wanna Go To Starbucks?2014  
Jenna ERude (Shark Week Parody)2014  
Jenna Marbles12 Days of Your Annoying Girlfriend, The2014  
Jenna MarblesMarbles Don't Do It2014  
Jerry Negrelli feat. John NeiswingerGoodbye, RGIII2014  
Jessica Delfino feat. Michael IannantuonoJewish Boys2014  
Jibjab.comEvery Bunny Dance Now2014  
Jim CarreyPecan Pie (Live on Saturday Night Live)2014  
Jimmy FallonBrian Williams Raps 'Rapper's Delight'2014  
Jimmy Fallon feat. Bruce SpringsteenGov. Christie Traffic Jam2014  
Jimmy Fallon feat. Jennifer LopezTight Pants2014  
Jimmy Fallon feat. Rashida JonesHoliday Medley 20142014  
Jimmy Fallon feat. The MuppetsWeight, The2014  
Jimmy Fallon feat. will.i.amEw!2014  
Jingle Punks#Poopie2014  
Joe J. ThomasLegal Disclaimer2014  
John MapesTale of Oberyn Martell, The2014  
Jon CozartAfter Ever After 22014  
Jon Cozart & Peter HollensBoy Brand2014  
Jon LajoiePlease Use This Song2014  
Jonah KnightFirst, The2014  
Jonah KnightGeeks Can Watch The Super Bowl2014  
Jonah KnightHere Lies the Witch2014  
Jonah KnightI Believe in Magic2014  
Jonah KnightInvestigate the Crime Scene2014  
Jonah KnightNot So Far Away2014  
Jonah KnightOne Day in the Air2014  
Jonathan CoultonRifftrax2014  
Jonathan Mann feat. Peter CoffinBeta as Fuck2014  
Juicy J feat. Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla $ignShell Shocked2014  
Just Bad EnoughKale2014  
K-FaceTalk Nerdy To Me2014  
K-FaceZelda Jiggle2014  
Karl BrownShittim Wood Tree, The2014  
Kat McSnatchRespectable Member2014  
Katie Wilson feat. Michelle Glavan & Chrissa SparklesUgly Christmas Sweater2014  
Kavo(Reprise) Do You Wanna Raid Old Content?2014  
KavoAmy Stormpike2014  
KavoBlack Prince of Veiled Stair, The2014  
KavoCrit Me Alli One More Time2014  
KavoDirty Critter2014  
KavoEpics Make Her Smile2014  
KavoGo Find a Healer2014  
KavoHaven't Trolled You Yet2014  
KavoI Hate This Boss2014  
KavoLorewalker Cholo2014  
KavoMage Freak2014  
KavoNoobie Me2014  
KavoSanta Sharmie2014  
KavoShe DoTs Like She's Guldan2014  
KavoToo Broke2014  
KavoTurel Cypher2014  
Kavo & TurelShe's a Beaut2014  
Kavo feat. H.O.Y.T. & InstinctzStun Locked2014  
Kavo feat. Iodine11Us Against the Alliance2014  
Kavo feat. KBMHealz2014  
Kavo feat. LetomiJaina Kael'thas2014  
Kavo feat. Letomi & DJ ParticleBaby Got Caps2014  
Kavo feat. LinLinBerserker2014  
Kavo feat. SharmGamer Salute2014  
Kavo feat. TimelessMotionSame Priest2014  
Kavo feat. TruffTalk Common to Me2014  
Kavo feat. Xinny LishousRolling Horde2014  
Kavo feat. Young KorgyGamer Fix2014  
Kenan ThompsonSump'n Claus2014  
Key of Awesome, TheAll About That Bass Parody2014  
Key of Awesome, TheAnother Summer Jam2014  
Key of Awesome, TheCandy Crush Heavy Metal Saga2014  
Key of Awesome, TheDark Horse?2014  
Key of Awesome, TheI Keep Forgetting to Mis-Remember To Un-Forget the Title of This Song2014  
Key of Awesome, TheIggy Azalea Carves a Pumpkin2014  
Key of Awesome, TheModern Monster Mash2014  
Key of Awesome, TheOfficial Lyric Video2014  
Key of Awesome, TheParody of Problem2014  
Key of Awesome, TheReggae Shark2014  
Key of Awesome, TheShake It Off Parody2014  
Key of Awesome, TheTimber's Just a Piece of Wood2014  
Key of Awesome, TheTruck Love2014  
Kimmy GatewoodNesting Like A Motherfucker2014  
Kirby KrackleEverything Is Awesome! (Nerd-Rock Version)2014  
KornflakeThat Was Our MarsCon 20132014  
Kornflake & DoornailKornflake, Are You Doornail?2014  
Kornflake feat. DoornailIf I Had a Dating Profile (Live at MarsCon 2014)2014  
Kriaricy FoxBeautiful Toons2014  
Kriaricy FoxDraenei Monk2014  
Kristen BellMary Poppins Quits2014  
Laina1 Million Subscribers2014  
LainaLet Him Go2014  
Lead Trash CanJust Another Girl Song2014  
Lead Trash CanRosy Ramrod of Remorse2014  
Legs Nose RobinsonHey Missy2014  
Lemon DemonNature Tapes2014  
LetomiBlack Temple (Not Temple of Karabor)2014  
LetomiCounting Blocks2014  
LetomiCreepy Doll2014  
LetomiDay Drinker2014  
LetomiDefying Continuity2014  
LetomiDo You Wanna Raid Old Content?2014  
LetomiDruid Crush2014  
LetomiFeeling Good2014  
LetomiFinal Boss This Tier2014  
LetomiGlad We Raid2014  
LetomiGod I Suck at PvP2014  
LetomiHeal in This Raid2014  
LetomiHunter With a Shotgun2014  
LetomiHunter With a Shotgun (Nightcore Mix)2014  
LetomiI'm OP2014  
LetomiIn Do You Wanna Read All Kinds2014  
LetomiLast Monday Night2014  
LetomiLosing Your Edge2014  
LetomiMr. Gankman2014  
LetomiOn My Own2014  
LetomiPlayin' With Myself2014  
LetomiPuG It Off2014  
LetomiRaiding With Leashes2014  
LetomiRe: Your Brains2014  
LetomiSurpassing You2014  
LetomiUlt Somebody2014  
LetomiWarlords Queue2014  
LetomiWe'll Blow Up2014  
LetomiWipe Some2014  
LetomiWorld of Belfcraft2014  
LetomiYou Tank It2014  
Letomi feat. AzaravathorLove is a Damn Good Tank2014  
Letomi feat. Iodine11Wipe More2014  
Letomi feat. KavoI Want My Gear Back2014  
Letomi feat. Rune ImagiroGarrosh2014  
Library Bards, TheGandalf!2014  
Light And Dark feat. Walks With Silent Feet and Perky GothOhio's Weather2014  
LiL MoCoCholo2014  
LiL MoCoMy Vato2014  
LiL MoCo feat. Chingo Bling & YomuscleboiiLoyal2014  
Lin SwanBig Ass Bear2014  
Lindby feat. Doug FunnieChristmas in Hyrule2014  
Lindsey HayekHere We Go2014  
LinLinAlliance Trash2014  
LinLinBase Bitch2014  
LinLinBoosting to 902014  
LinLinCheck Yes DPS2014  
LinLinLife Grip2014  
LinLinMixtape (A Rap For a Friend)2014  
LinLinTanking at the Trolling2014  
LinLin feat. TimelessMotionI Can Play Anything2014  
LisbugShake It Off Parody2014  
Lonely Island feat. Lil Jon & Sam F, TheWhen Will the Bass Drop?2014  
Look LeftTransition2014  
Loose Bruce KerrI Feel Crappy2014  
Loose Bruce KerrPutin's On A Blitz2014  
Los MuppetsMuppet Show Theme, The2014  
Luke GibsonGroots Bloody Groots2014  
Luke Ski, the greatTurtle Power (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
Mac LethalAlphabet Insanity2014  
Mac LethalPope Francis2014  
Mad MoniParkour2014  
Maddie & TaeGirl In A Country Song2014  
MadinthemoonSame Word Rhyme2014  
Manning BrothersFantasy Football Fantasy2014  
Marc GunnSci-Fi Drinking Songs2014  
Mary MedleyWill You Help Me Hide a Body?2014  
Matt RissienLet Them Go2014  
Max DeGrootBig Fluffy Porcupine Munching On Nachos2014  
Max DeGrootLegend Of [YOUR NAME HERE], The201475¢
Max DeGrootSing Something201479¢
Max RandomUFO Stole My Plants2014  
MC ChrisMC Chris Foreverrr2014  
MC ChrisPart Six2014  
MC FrontalotQuestion Bedtime2014  
McClainTurel Cypher2014  
MGlennMSomeone to Blame2014  
Michael LeBlanc3 Bums In The Fountain2014  
Michael LeBlancMiniature Shetland Pony2014  
Michael LeBlancThelonius The Monogamous Hippopotamus2014  
Michelle GlavanDriving Song, The2014  
Michelle GlavanIt's My Super Bowl2014  
Michelle GlavanShave It Off2014  
Michelle GlavanWinter Weight2014  
Michelle Glavan feat. Chef BoyRDiabetesCooking Song, The2014  
Michelle Glavan feat. Chef BoyRDiabetesHygiene Song, The2014  
Mike AgranoffBallad of Captain Crunch, The2014  
Mike AgranoffIowa Pot2014  
Mike AgranoffKid With the Comic Book, The2014  
Mike AgranoffOlder Than Everybody2014  
Mikey MasonDibbler's Tune2014  
Mikey MasonDodecahedron2014  
Mikey MasonOliver Reed2014  
Mikey MasonSanta Goes Trick or Treating201499¢
Mikey MasonShow Me2014  
Mikey MasonWisdom of Hounds, The2014  
Mikey MasonWrite Like the Wind (George R. R. Martin) (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
Mippey5Let Her Go2014  
Mippey5Let Her Go (Alternate Ending)2014  
Mippey5Talk Nerdy2014  
Mippey5Unsung Realities2014  
Miss Piggy, Kermit, Celine Dion, & The MuppetsSomething So Right2014  
Missouri Farm BureauThat's Enough2014  
Molly Dworsky(Hopkins) Royals2014  
Molly LewisYear of the Beard, The2014  
Mom's View, TheHolidays With Kids!2014  
Mongo and the Pawns of LifeSay It Ain't So (Joe Ricky)2014  
Monty PythonAlways Look On The Bright Side Of Life (The Unofficial England Football Anthem)2014  
Monty PythonSilly Walks Song, The2014  
Muppets & Josh Groban, TheTogether Again2014  
Muppets, Lady Gaga, & Tony Bennett, TheWe're Doing a Sequel2014  
Nadya & Josh GrobanBig House, The2014  
Nananea feat. Sharm & PvPGurl GigiD or Trap Girl2014  
Nashville Public LibraryAll About the Books2014  
NateWantsToBattleMake a 'Mon Out of You2014  
NateWantsToBattleSpinnin' Round That Base2014  
NegativlandThe Letter U and the Number 2 (David Tanny's HIC Remix)2014  
NemisisTurel Cypher2014  
Nerd Reactor#Cosplay2014  
Nerf YouGametime and Dr. Pepper2014  
Nib Oswald BrattoniFreddy Should Go2014  
Nib Oswald Brattoni feat. Claire Stewart-MooreHollywood Is Pummelling A Dead Horse2014  
Nib Oswald Brattoni feat. ClaireopatraMovies Suck2014  
Nice RideNice Ride: The Musical2014  
Nikki "2K" MullerSluts Are Coming Out Tonight (The Slutty Halloween Song), The2014  
Nuclear Bubble WrapBeatle Juice2014  
Nuclear Bubble Wrapnew awesome song2014  
Nuclear Bubble WrapProtons and Neutrons2014  
Nuclear Bubble WrapPsycho Delicacy2014  
Oh My DisneyCounting Scars2014  
Oh, Lorde!Actors2014  
Oliver Age 24Depression2014  
Oliver Age 24Emus Are Beautiful2014  
Oliver Age 24Goat EP, The2014  
Oliver Age 24I Am Bread2014  
Oliver Age 24 & BoyinabandPS4 vs. XBox One2014  
Open House PartyChanukah2014  
Paul & StormBall Pit2014  
Paul & StormChristmas Christmas Song2014  
Paul & StormCyber Monday's Here2014  
Paul & StormCyber-Mon Invocation Hymn2014  
Paul & StormMister Small Business2014  
Paul GunnWaiting For Warlords2014  
Peter CoffinI'm Back! (Comeback Song!)2014  
Peter CoffinMake It Stop2014  
Peter Hollens feat. Evynne HollensWorld of Warcraft Medley2014  
Peterson Farm Bros. feat. Li'l Fred & Derek KlingenbergAll I Do is Farm2014  
Peterson Farm Brothers, TheI'm So Farmer2014  
Phil Johnson and Roadside AttractionSuper Dan201499¢
Plastic Bastards, TheBieber Loves Wiener2014  
Power Salad feat. the great Luke SkiGonna Buy Me A Dog (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
Prettiots, TheBoys (I Dated in Highschool)2014  
Professor Shyguy feat. The DoubleclicksMy Eyes2014  
Psy feat. Snoop DoggHangover2014  
PvPGurl Gigi feat. KavoI Wanna Do Some 2's2014  
PvPGurl Gigi feat. SharmBillionaire2014  
PvPGurl Gigi feat. SharmLet Me Know Ya Grind2014  
PvPGurl Gigi feat. TamaLaLa & Sharm90 Boost2014  
QuelythA Different Easter Song2014  
QuelythA Different Love Song2014  
QuelythTurel Cypher2014  
Quelyth feat. Blizzleman & Xinny LishousCan't Hold Us (WoW Version)2014  
Quelyth feat. DroxxLeet Runs2014  
Quelyth feat. KavoBlood Elf is a Tramp, The2014  
Rachel BloomOCDance, The2014  
Rachel BloomWho Wants To Watch The Tony Awards This Year?2014  
Random Encounters feat. Angi ViperThe Phanto of the Mushroom Kingdom2014  
Randy TurnbowWrecking Maul2014  
Raymond & ScumTake It All2014  
Rebecca ZamoloI Like to Be the Boss2014  
Rebecca ZamoloI'm So Married2014  
Rebecca ZamoloKeep It On2014  
Rebecca ZamoloMarriage Holiday Parody2014  
Rebecca Zamolo feat. Drew Seeley and Matt YoakumRude (Dog Version)2014  
RecapPhone Home (Starship)2014  
Red Peters feat. Todd RundgrenBlow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me) (With Spoken Intro)2014  
ReelNASAAll About That Space2014  
Reformed WhoresA Message from Our Forefathers2014  
Reformed WhoresHump-a-Lot Bear2014  
Reshet WeberLet Us Go2014  
Rhett & LinkI'm a Textpert2014  
Rhett & LinkI'm On Vacation2014  
Rhett & LinkIt’s My Belly Button2014  
Rhett & LinkMy OCD2014  
RKVCEverybody's Todd Chappelle2014  
Robert LundI Eat Prunes2014  
Rockin 7 RanchShake 'em Up2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeAssholes on the Right2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeBenghazi2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeBoots on the Ground2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeDon't Shove A Fish Up Your Ass2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeDorks in Alaska (Palin Brawl)2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeDumbed Down2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeEbola2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeEnd of the Internet2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeFool In Prison Blues2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeFracking2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeFun Fun Fun (Till He Has To Put His Penis Away)2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeGI Cop2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeGun Nuts2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeHillbilly People2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeI Am Wearing Tan2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeImpeach Obama2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeIt's Impeachable2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeJoking About Helen Keller2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeL-E-S-B-I-A-N2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeMitt Romney: Vampire Hunter2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeNogales2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeOde to Billy Bob's GOP2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeOpen Carry Man, The2014  
Rocky Mountain MikePalin Family, The2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeRand Guatemala2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeRand Paul's Your Man2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeRomnesia2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeSarah Palin Channel Promo2014  
Rocky Mountain MikeSkeeter's Song2014  
Rollin WangChick Chick2014  
Ross Plotkin19882014  
Ross PlotkinI'm a Small, Petty Man2014  
Ross PlotkinMore Gay Men, Please2014  
Ross PlotkinXenophobia2014  
Roy ZimmermanCliven Bundy's Cattle2014  
Roy ZimmermanI'm Dreaming of a Black Friday2014  
Rucka Rucka AliCrapping2014  
Samuel StokesAll Of Me Loves All Star Trek2014  
Samuel StokesFinicky Fidgety Fickle Easter Day2014  
Satellite LaneGeeky Girl2014  
Schaffer the DarklordDon't2014  
Schaffer the DarklordRawr2014  
SchmoyohoAmerica Gone to Pot2014  
SchmoyohoBang the President2014  
SchmoyohoLo Lo Lo Lo Lohan2014  
Schmoyoho feat. Bean & Stephon LaMarHerp de Derp2014  
Sci-FriedSeason V2014  
Screen TeamGuardians of the Galaxy Parody2014  
Screen TeamHappy With Fancy Lyrics2014  
Screen TeamHyrule Warriors2014  
Screen TeamPokemon Parody Medley2014  
Screen TeamTalk Nerdy to Me2014  
Screen TeamYouTube Troll Song2014  
Second City Network, ThePokéballers2014  
SerenaHere I Go (Despair of an Alto)2014  
SethwardHuman Show, The2014  
Shadowstep feat. Ember IsolteAll of the Wipes (Raw Version)2014  
Shadowstep feat. Ember Isolte & BlizzlemanAll of the Wipes2014  
ShadowStepX feat. KBM & KavoBattleGround Ninja2014  
Shane DawsonBlank Space Parody2014  
Shane DawsonCelebrity Tweets: Part 22014  
Shane DawsonHello Kitty Parody2014  
Shane Dawson feat. Kristin FindleyAdore You Parody2014  
SharkTeal ChickSomething Only We Know2014  
SharmAll About My Base2014  
SharmChristmas Song (World of Warcraft Parody), The2014  
SharmCome & Get Him (Hogger)2014  
SharmERP (The Sequel)2014  
SharmHello Kitty2014  
SharmI Wanna Raid2014  
SharmJaina's Song2014  
SharmNaima and Bort2014  
SharmPunt A Gnome2014  
SharmRekin' Groups2014  
SharmStart Up This Raid2014  
SharmTainted Light2014  
SharmTrade Chat2014  
SharmWill You Still Play Me?2014  
Sharm feat. Arynna & PvPGurl GigiYou're a Horde2014  
Sherry VineHung Horse2014  
Sherry Vine feat. Bianca Del Rio & the GlamazonsHot Mess2014  
Six13Chanukah (Shake It Off)2014  
Six13Chozen (A Passover Tribute)2014  
Skip BriggsStill Got the Crabs2014  
Smashy ClawDemonic 32014  
Smooth-EHow Justin Do: Shoes2014  
Smooth-EHow Justin Do: Taxes2014  
Smooth-EMeshugana Menorah Mixtape Medley2014  
Snake Oil Willie Band, TheI Don't Look Good Naked Anymore2014  
Space CopsMeet Me In The Transporter Room2014  
Spike & JoeAin't No Chiefs Fan Loud Enough2014  
Spike & JoeHawks Are Gonna Beat Green Bay2014  
Spike & JoeIt's A Long Way to Get Back2014  
Spike & JoeKeep Your Flags To Yourself2014  
Spike & JoeMarshawn Don't Let Your Buddies Beat Up on My Cowboys2014  
Spike & JoeSanta Clara's Coming to Town2014  
Spike & JoeYou Gotta Fight If You Want the Playoffs2014  
StarbombPlayer Select2014  
Steve Berke feat. Briley HaleYou're the Law that I Want (Yes on 2)2014  
Steve BryantJewphone2014  
Steve GoodieBig Bang Theory Song, The201499¢
Steve GoodieI Love My Job2014  
Steve GoodieLookin' Out My Back Door201499¢
Steve GoodieWar on Christmas is Over2014  
Steve GoodieWhy Did The Chicken Cross The Road201499¢
Straight No Chaser feat. Kristen BellText Me Merry Christmas2014  
Strong BadFish Eye Lens2014  
Stubby Shillelaghs, TheGotham's Finest2014  
Super Secret Project feat. Roots of Creation, TheSummer in the 6032014  
Super Secret Project, TheDear Market Basket...2014  
Synner feat. Kavo, Ceschiia, DroxxMonster2014  
Synner feat. Quelyth, ShadowstepX, Ceschiia, BlizzlemanConquest2014  
T-SpoonNuthin' But a Wee Thang2014  
Talia StauberLet Them Go2014  
TamaLaLaCome on Tank Tell Me2014  
TamaLaLaI Made a Toon on Moon Guard2014  
TamaLaLaI Will Never Lose This Node!2014  
TamaLaLaPlaying WoW For Hours2014  
TamaLaLaWarlords of Draenor2014  
TamaLaLa feat. CeschiiaRunning the Flag2014  
TamaLaLa feat. DracRaider Song, The2014  
TamaLaLa feat. LetomiTrampmog My Toon2014  
TamaLaLa feat. Letomi & SharmWon't Log Off2014  
Team Four StarDo You Want to Kill a Planet2014  
Team UnicornAll About That Base2014  
Teddie FilmsBandolier2014  
Teddy DiefenbachTrapped in the Comments2014  
Tegan & Sara feat. The Lonely IslandEverything is Awesome!!!2014  
Tess ParasTypecast2014  
Tessa NettingLet It Go (2014 Year in Review)2014  
the great Luke Ski & Chris Mezzolesta vs. The Trashmen & Family GuySurfin' Bird (Family Guy Remix)2014  
the great Luke Ski feat. Insane Ian, Power Salad, Dino-Mike, KornflakeI Like Kyle201499¢
The Nostalgia Critic feat. Tamara ChambersLet It Go Videos2014  
The Super FunniesBallad of Rocket Raccoon, The2014  
Thetatr0nHobby Lobby2014  
Three Beat SlideSkip Skip Slide2014  
TimelessMotionIt's Only PvP2014  
TimelessMotionLocks Run Out2014  
TimelessMotion feat. Kavo & CeschiiaPew Pew2014  
Timey Wimey Puppet ShowCarol of the Daleks2014  
Timey Wimey Puppet ShowWeeping Angel2014  
TimH feat. Tom BarnesWhat Have We Done?2014  
Toby Turner & TobuscusDepressing Song2014  
Todd Chappelle2 Hour Delay2014  
Todd ChappelleA Rap Song From A Guy Who Shouldn't Rap2014  
Todd ChappelleBob Costas Eyes2014  
Todd ChappelleEbola2014  
Todd ChappelleFull of Bees2014  
Todd ChappelleMichael Bolton2014  
Todd ChappelleMore Than Bacon2014  
Todd ChappelleOctober Night2014  
Todd ChappelleOK, I Get It (You're Better Than Me)2014  
Todd ChappelleThere's A Jerk In My Class Named Bob2014  
Todd ChappelleTitle Of This Song (Is Partially In Parenthesis), The2014  
Todd ChappelleVladimir's Not Putin On A Shirt For Nobody2014  
Todd ChappelleWilmington Bridge is Falling Down2014  
Todd ChappelleWonderful Christmastime Parody2014  
Tom PerriJust Call Me Jesus (J.E.S.U.S.)2014  
Tony GoldmarkGoldmark After Dark2014  
Tony GoldmarkHumility Tower (Real America's Even Longer Radio Edit)201499¢
Tony Goldmark feat. Kyle KallgrenCause It's French (Alternate Lyrics)201499¢
Tony Goldmark feat. Kyle Kallgren & Ven HoskyCause It's French2014  
Town in the CityRocket Raccoon2014  
Trevor StrongA Tiger2014  
Trevor StrongAll You're Getting for Christmas is this Stupid Song2014  
Trevor StrongMelissa2014  
Trevor StrongMy Student Loan2014  
Trevor StrongOn Canada Day2014  
Trevor StrongThoroughly Modern Male2014  
Trevor StrongYou're Never Alone2014  
Tribe OneCrisis On Intimate Earths2014  
TrollcastsPepe: You've Got A Friend2014  
TruffSexii's Verse Spit2014  
Turel feat. TruffMind State 82014  
TV's KyleBroken2014  
TV's KyleI'm Back (A Dinosaur's Story)2014  
TV's KyleIntro2014  
TV's KyleSloped Tropics2014  
TV's KyleStylo2014  
TwineTenderS&M Killed the Radio Star2014  
Ty HagerHal the Lecher2014  
TymmyDAll About Subspace2014  
TymmyDChat Box Hero2014  
TymmyDMust Work, Toon Habit2014  
TymmyDRaiding, The2014  
TymmyDWe Play in Silence2014  
TymmyDWerewolves of Camlorn2014  
TymmyDWhen I Am Questing With Friends2014  
Tyrone KahnI'm A Brony2014  
Val'kyr Battle-MaidensLady Sylvanas2014  
Various ArtistsFuMP, Volume 43, The2014$9.99
Various ArtistsFuMP, Volume 44, The2014$9.99
Various ArtistsFuMP, Volume 45, The2014$9.99
Various ArtistsFuMP, Volume 46, The2014$9.99
Velkro MerkinConvoy2014  
Vintage Marquee LightsToddler2014  
Wagoner Bros.Hail Santa2014  
Warp Zone, TheAll About That Ace2014  
Warp Zone, TheCaptain America's New Theme Song2014  
Warp Zone, TheGame of Thrones Medley2014  
Warp Zone, TheHobbit: Rap Battle of the Five Armies, The2014  
Warp Zone, TheLives Run Out2014  
Warp Zone, TheMeat Song, The2014  
Warp Zone, TheRacking Stars2014  
Weebl's StuffIsambard Kingdom Brunel2014  
Weebl's StuffShetland Pony2014  
Weebl's StuffTomska Behind Your Sofa2014  
Weird Al YankovicFirst World Problems2014  
Weird Al YankovicFoil2014  
Weird Al YankovicHandy2014  
Weird Al YankovicInactive2014  
Weird Al YankovicJackson Park Express2014  
Weird Al YankovicLame Claim to Fame2014  
Weird Al YankovicMission Statement2014  
Weird Al YankovicMy Own Eyes2014  
Weird Al YankovicNOW That's What I Call Polka!2014  
Weird Al YankovicSports Song2014  
Weird Al YankovicTacky2014  
Weird Al YankovicWord Crimes2014  
What's Up MomsBlank Space (Mom Version)2014  
What's Up MomsI'm So Pregnant2014  
What's Up MomsMake It All2014  
WhatDatStudiosPlastic Surgery Song2014  
WhatDatStudiosZombies on Your Lawn2014  
Whitey BulgeFake It 'til You Make It2014  
Whitney Avalon feat. Katja GliesonPrincess Rap Battle: Snow White vs. Elsa2014  
Whitney Avalon feat. Sara EriksonPrincess Rap Battle: Galadriel vs. Leia2014  
Worm QuartetFueled By Angst201499¢
Xinny LishousAlly and Horde Relax2014  
Xinny LishousExpansion2014  
Xinny LishousMoon Guard Bitch2014  
Xinny LishousMorchok2014  
Xinny LishousOnly Priest2014  
Xinny LishousThese Stacks2014  
Xinny Lishous feat. KavoVol'jin 2.02014  
Xinny Lishous feat. LetomiDPS2014  
Xinny Lishous feat. LinLin & CeschiiaFuck It2014  
Xinny Lishous feat. QuelythGrind Your Legendary2014  
YlvisVolume 12014  
YogscastCarrot For a Cock2014  
YogscastDiggy Diggy Hole2014  
YogscastDoes Santa Claus...?2014  
Young KorgyTurel Cypher2014  
Young StrokeBest at Golf, The2014  
Young StrokeGrind 4 Gastonia2014  
Young StrokeShia LaBeouf of Rap2014  



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