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New Recordings in 2015

This page highlights new songs, recordings and albums released in 2015. It also provides an easy way to add them to your collection!

Recordings released in 2015, and not previously released, qualify for requests/voting for the year-end "Best of 2015 Mad Music Show!"

If you know of a Mad Album or Silly Song released in 2015 what is not listed here please e-mail me and I'll add it!

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Artist(s)TypeTitleReleasedMusic StorePrice
A Capella ScienceHotline Tutoring2015  
A Capella ScienceOutbound Probe2015  
A Capella SciencePuffed Up Cores2015  
A Capella ScienceSurface of Light, The2015  
Abbott Skelding, TheBag Boy2015  
Adam B. ShapiroLeavened2015  
Adam HoekFinal Chapter, The2015  
Adam SandlerChanukah Song (Part 4), The2015  
Adam WarRockCaptain, The2015  
Adam WarRockD&DD2015  
Adam WarRockGifted Student2015  
Adam WarRockHellbreak2015  
Adam WarRockHoward (The Duck)2015  
Adam WarRockHulkbuster2015  
Adam WarRockKaijumax2015  
Adam WarRockLaughing2015  
Adam WarRockMad Titan, The2015  
Adam WarRockObjection2015  
Adam WarRockScott Lang2015  
Adam WarRockSquirrel Girl2015  
Adam WarRockThat Reference2015  
Adam WarRockW.W.W.W.D.2015  
Adventures of Duane & BrandO, TheMario 32015  
Al Fleishman & Mick Kahler50 Ways To Love Your Lover2015  
Amoeba People, The¡Cosmigos!2015  
Amy SchumerGirl, You Don't Need Makeup2015  
Amy SchumerMilk Milk Lemonade2015  
AngelasticBetter (Robot to Human Version)2015  
Animation DominationScientifically Accurate Barney2015  
Anthony "A-Log" LoGattoHey Terminator!2015  
Art Paul SchlosserCollege Schooler201599¢
Art Paul SchlosserI Want 2 C Your Smile2015  
Art Paul SchlosserI Want To Go Viral2015  
ASAPScienceScience Style2015  
AviatorsMonsters Under My Bed, The2015  
AviatorsSweet Dreams2015  
Awkward KidsLadies of Rap: Hocus Pocus2015  
Ballinger Family, ThePlayground2015  
Bart BakerCan't Feel My Face Parody2015  
Bart BakerPretty Girls Parody2015  
Bart BakerSugar Parody2015  
Bart BakerUptown Funk Parody2015  
Bart BakerWhat Do You Mean Parody2015  
Bart BakerWhere Are You Now Parody2015  
Bart BakerWorth It Parody2015  
Bart Baker feat. Devyn DeloeraBig Girls Cry Parody2015  
Bart Baker feat. Devyn DeloeraElastic Heart Parody2015  
Bart Baker feat. KlarityBad Blood Parody2015  
Bart Baker feat. Klarity, Peter Gilroy, Maisha Sha'nayFourFiveSeconds Parody2015  
Bart Baker feat. LisbugI Really Like You Parody2015  
Bart Baker feat. Tiffany Tynes & Devyn DeloeraBitch, I'm Madonna Parody2015  
Bart Baker feat. Tiffany Tynes & Kim BubarFeeling Myself Parody2015  
Below Average DaveBad at Dance2015  
Below Average DaveBad Barber Again2015  
Below Average DaveDon't Sleep2015  
Below Average DaveGnarly2015  
Beth KindermanDread Gazebo, The2015  
Beth KindermanPlaideweave2015  
Beth KindermanSith of Darkness2015  
Beth KindermanSong for Khoshekh's Kittens2015  
Bette MidlerKim Kardashian Tweets 2015  
Blasted Bill PuttTile (CDSW vs. Cedric Gervais)2015  
BlaydemanBouillon Girl2015  
BlaydemanMidsummer Long2015  
BlaydemanTrekkie Fool2015  
BlaydemanWorst Guess Ever2015  
Blibbering Humdingers, TheDark Mark in the Sky2015  
Blibbering Humdingers, TheEngine's Make Me Hot (Kaylee's Song)2015  
Blibbering Humdingers, TheFimbulvetr (2016 Remix)2015  
Blibbering Humdingers, TheIn My Merry Oldsmobile2015  
Blibbering Humdingers, TheKey to Your Hearts (Gallifreyan Waltz)2015  
Blibbering Humdingers, TheO Captain! My Captain!2015  
Blibbering Humdingers, TheRaised by Nerds2015  
Bob MitschCyber-Brig2015  
BonecageCan't Wait To Play Fallout 42015  
BonecageCrotch Magic2015  
BonecageCyborg 101201599¢
BonecageI Always Feel Like (I'm Gonna Quantum Leap)2015  
BonecageKenny (Get It Together)2015  
BonecageKing of Making Cat Memes2015  
BonecagePatreon Song2015  
BonecagePOTUS (The House of Cards Song)2015  
BonecageSaul Goodman (Who You Gonna Call?)2015  
BonecageSo Angry Together2015  
BonecageStormborn / Loves Dragons2015  
BonecageSweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki2015  
Bonnie WalkerDress, The2015  
Bonnie WalkerEnd Times Rhapsody2015  
Bonnie WalkerGood Blood2015  
Bonnie WalkerMind Wants What It Wants, The2015  
Bonnie WalkerWait2015  
Boss Ginger21st Century Protest2015  
BreakWomb, TheWelcome to Motherhood, Girrrl2015  
brentalflossFinal Fantasy VII With Lyrics2015  
brentalflossMario Kart 8 With Lyrics2015  
brentalflossSuper Mario Bros. With Lyrics2015  
brentalfloss feat. MadinthemoonKe$ha Plays Majora's Mask2015  
Brett DominoPNCK2015  
Buckner & Garcia feat. Jace HallPac-Man Fever (Eat 'Em Up) 20152015  
C MichaelsGuildies2015  
C MichaelsI'm the Tank2015  
Cabin 9Lent2015  
Camren ChraplakI Picked Up The Phone2015  
Captain Dan & The Scurvy CrewAll Hands On Deck2015  
Captain Dan & The Scurvy CrewJailbreakin'2015  
Captain Dan & The Scurvy CrewPort Royal2015  
Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew feat. King PheenixPimp the Wenches2015  
Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew feat. PoseidonGods of the Sea2015  
Carla UlbrichTotally Average Woman2015  
Carla Ulbrich feat. Bobby Brescia & Steve GoodieNow and Later201599¢
Carrie Dahlby feat. Beth KindermanPregnant Women Are Smug (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  
Castanet CreativeStraight Outta Gotham2015  
CeschiiaElite Jerk2015  
CeschiiaLet's Get Gear2015  
CeschiiaPuG Raiders2015  
CeschiiaSame Old Gear2015  
CeschiiaThat's Hallow's End2015  
CeschiiaTry (Garrosh)2015  
CeschiiaWhat Do You Main?2015  
Ceschiia feat. Eternal AngelLogging on in Legion2015  
Ceschiia feat. Iodine11Another Raid Wipe2015  
Ceschiia feat. KavoEvacuate the Instance2015  
Ceschiia feat. KavoGeared Enough2015  
Ceschiia feat. KavoOne More Queue (Live)2015  
Ceschiia feat. KavoTrick Or Treat2015  
Ceschiia feat. QuixiRaid Healer2015  
Ceschiia feat. RozeneAlliance2015  
Ceschiia feat. TamaLaLaQueueing Up2015  
Ceschiia feat. TruffFel Blood2015  
Ceschiia feat. TruffGank Your Toon2015  
Charlie HidesLiving For Gloves2015  
Charlie HidesYou Fucked a Bad Gay2015  
ChoristerHey There Horde Lady2015  
Chris VillainWe Are From Hogwarts2015  
Chris WolvieA Trip To Jurassic World2015  
Christopher WinchesterGandalf: Glad To Be Grey2015  
Christopher WinchesterGimme A (Relentlessly) Gay Garden2015  
Cirque du So What?Best Phone (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  
College HumorCanadian Rap Diss2015  
College HumorDownton Funk2015  
College HumorIrrationally Long Number Pi Song (Sweet Number Pi), The2015  
Craig Werth feat. Christine LavinOh Pluto2015  
CraniusTale of Tongues2015  
DAGamesBreak My Mind2015  
DAGamesGame Over2015  
DAGamesI'm the Purple Guy2015  
DAGamesIt's Time to Die2015  
DAGamesMarch Onward to Your Nightmare2015  
DAGamesNot Here All Night2015  
DAGamesPath of Genocide, The2015  
Dan BullA Bouncy Rap Song in Celebration of the 2015 Video Game Mad Max2015  
Dan BullAssassin's Creed Syndicate2015  
Dan BullBastion2015  
Dan BullBlack Ops III2015  
Dan BullBlock n Load2015  
Dan BullBloodborne2015  
Dan BullDivision2015  
Dan BullDragon Age: Inquisition2015  
Dan BullEvolve2015  
Dan BullHeroes of the Storm2015  
Dan BullHow To Feel Attractive2015  
Dan BullIt Is the Battlefront Rap2015  
Dan BullNed Stark2015  
Dan BullPewDiePie Rap2015  
Dan BullRed Dead Redemption2015  
Dan BullRocket League Ye2015  
Dan BullTrials Fusion2015  
Dan BullVolume2015  
Dan BullYou're Special!2015  
Dan Bull feat. BoyinabandPlants vs. Zombies Rap Battle2015  
Dan Bull feat. Cammie RobinsonLife is Strange2015  
Dan Bull feat. HelyntLucian Leads The League Of Legends2015  
Dan Bull feat. IniquityDying Light2015  
Dan Bull feat. Miracle of SoundLast Light2015  
Dan Bull feat. VI SecondsSuper Smash Bros2015  
Dan Bull, Zarcort, Piter-GHalo 5 Rap: Spanish vs. English2015  
Dani the GirlTrade Federation, The2015  
Daniel CormierAll About That Cake2015  
Darren Chraplak20152015  
Darren Chraplak33 To mp32015  
Darren ChraplakAnother Brick In The Wall (Part Darren)2015  
Darren ChraplakCamaro2015  
Darren ChraplakDarren Rap, The2015  
Darren ChraplakFishing Nets2015  
Darren ChraplakI Don't Wanna Do My Laundry2015  
Darren ChraplakI Wanna Be A Housecat2015  
Darren ChraplakI Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday (For A Hamburger)2015  
Darren ChraplakIt's Not My Mess2015  
Darren ChraplakKill the Wabbit (Piano Mix)2015  
Darren ChraplakLooney Tunes2015  
Darren ChraplakMary's Lamb2015  
Darren ChraplakOff the Record Anthem2015  
Darren ChraplakPretty Little Pony2015  
Darren ChraplakSnow in the Boat2015  
Darren ChraplakTuesday's Song Is Not Posted2015  
Darren ChraplakWabbit Wemix2015  
Darren ChraplakWe Don't Play Five Nights At Freddy's2015  
Darren ChraplakWhen The Sharks Come Swimming In2015  
Darren ChraplakWhen The Sharks Go Swimming Out2015  
Dave & BrianDownton Abbey (With My Bros)2015  
Dave & BrianI Need You In My Life2015  
Dave & BrianWar on Gluten, The2015  
David TannyBoycott Bing (Because It's No Good)2015$1.00
David TannyECC-Cable Test Channel201525¢
David TannyECC-Car Wash Channel201525¢
David TannyECC-College Text Channel201525¢
David TannyHey, WKRP!2015$1.00
David TannyIt's Not 'Or No', It's 'Or Not'2015$1.00
David TannyTaco Bell Hates Dementia2015$1.00
Debs feat. RighlachCockadildodoo2015  
Deep VJurassic World2015  
Deep VMy Kid2015  
Defmatch87 Bites2015  
DefmatchRip the Wings Off2015  
Derek KlingenbergFarm Dog2015  
Derek KlingenbergTight Bib Overalls2015  
Derek KlingenbergTrombone2015  
Derwood BowenI Parodied This, Why?!?!?! (Americanized Nightcore Version)2015  
Derwood BowenLightbulb-Eating Selfie2015  
Devo SpiceDinky McDiddlyboots201599¢
Devo SpiceDitch Diggers2015  
Dickie GoodmanMr. Jaws 20152015  
Dictionary AttackDelano Lies In Wait, The2015  
Dictionary Attack feat. TV's KyleWhatever Werewolf2015  
Dino-MikeAre You Still Watching?2015  
Dino-MikeDon't Be Obscene2015  
Dino-Mike feat. BonecageUrban Dictionary201599¢
DoggansIn the Year 20152015  
Doubleclicks, TheGhostbusters2015  
Doubleclicks, ThePresident Snakes2015  
Doubleclicks, TheRainbow Connection2015  
Dreamstalks, TheSongs For Your Future2015  
East Bay SPCAOaktown Pup2015  
Ed ButtonRed Starbucks Cup2015  
EggmanTom Brady Song2015  
EllyeHealing Just Wasn't Enough2015  
Errol ElumirBounce Where I Shouldn't2015  
Errol ElumirProductive Day2015  
Eternal AngelEverytime2015  
Eternal AngelNever Even Wipe2015  
Eternal AngelTimewalk2015  
Eternal Angel feat. SharmRaids2015  
Ethan La GrecaFive Nights at Freddies (Markiplier Remix)2015  
FalconshieldOur Toxic Chemistry2015  
FalconshieldThis is Bilgewater2015  
FalconshieldThis Is War 4: Freljord2015  
FalconshieldWarring Kingdoms2015  
Falconshield feat. Julia WestlinIgnite The Spark2015  
Falconshield feat. KiandymundiGwwlrrghh!2015  
Falconshield feat. Mike LucianoArcane Shift2015  
Falconshield feat. Nicki TaylorSpin!2015  
Falconshield feat. Nicki TaylorStarcall2015  
Falconshield feat. Nicki Taylor & AnnchirisuBlood Moon2015  
Falconshield feat. PelleKLove is in the Rift2015  
Falconshield feat. Rawb & MomokiBattle of the Blocks 1: Overworld2015  
Falconshield feat. Sonny PsydupRiver King2015  
Falconshield feat. The Yordles & Nicki TaylorSomeone Like Me2015  
Feng Shui NinjasFish Heads (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  
Flula feat. MametownBooty GPS2015  
Flula feat. Miranda & ColleenClouds2015  
FuMP, TheInside Jokes of The FuMP2015  
GalavantJackass in a Can2015  
GalavantLords of the Sea2015  
GalavantMaybe You're Not the Worst Thing Ever2015  
GalavantShe'll Be Mine2015  
Gank SquadI've Been Missin'2015  
Gank SquadOn Another LVL2015  
Garfunkel & OatesSecretions2015  
GeekyConGet Your Geek On2015  
Geno and the Jukebox42, Baby2015  
Geno and the JukeboxSPF502015  
Geno and the JukeboxWilhelm Scream2015  
Giraffes, TheWe Hear Music2015  
Glove & BootsShaolin Monk2015  
Going ViralIt's Not Out Yet2015  
Going ViralLiving On A Roll And A Prayer2015  
Going ViralSlave Leia2015  
Goofy Gary ArnoldDead Puppies (Live)2015  
Goofy Gary ArnoldGrandpa's Song2015  
Goofy Gary ArnoldI Can Change My Mind2015  
Greg "Eggman" MooreAin't No Football2015  
GriffinillaCreepin' Towards The Door2015  
GriffinillaStay Calm2015  
GriffinillaThey'll Find You2015  
Groundbreaking5NAF EP2015  
GroundhogcowDelroy Ohio2015  
GroundhogcowMen on Trains2015  
GroundhogcowRednecks in Space2015  
H.O.Y.T.Let's Get High2015  
Heel TurnStay Hyped2015  
Heywood BanksNighty Pants2015  
Heywood BanksPsicko Psyko Killa!2015  
Heywood BanksSchool Desk2015  
Heywood BanksToilet Seat2015  
Heywood BanksunderDo It!2015  
Heywood BanksWhy St. Patrick Drove the Snakes2015  
Heywood BanksYoga Song, The2015  
Hillywood Show, TheShake It Off (Supernatural Version)2015  
Holderness Family, TheBigger Than Black Friday2015  
Holderness Family, TheComments of Love2015  
Holderness Family, TheCough and Gag: An Ode to Allergies2015  
Holderness Family, TheGive Them a Hand2015  
Holderness Family, TheIt's Sunday Night2015  
Holderness Family, TheLet Me See Your Candy Bowl2015  
Holderness Family, TheMom Thing2015  
Holderness Family, TheMommy-Daddy Time2015  
Holderness Family, TheOur Ashley Madison Love Song2015  
Holderness Family, TheParents vs Kids: Back to School Rap Battle2015  
Holderness Family, TheStop Asking Me2015  
Holderness Family, TheTuck You In2015  
Holderness Family, TheWe Suck in Colder Weather2015  
Holderness Family, TheWhat I Want For Father's Day2015  
Holy BongwaterBen Carson Wikipedia2015  
Holy BongwaterOil2015  
How It Should Have EndedBat Blood2015  
Incognito Cinema Warriors XPButt Rock, I Love You2015  
Incognito Cinema Warriors XPStairway to Wisconsin2015  
Insane IanBack To The Future201599¢
Insane IanCan't Feel My Face201599¢
Insane IanGuitar Hero Live2015  
Insane IanHunger Games, The2015  
Insane IanLet's Get Silly (IanPlugged)201599¢
Insane IanWalk (Wynonna's Big Brown Beaver) This Way (Live at FuMPFest 2014)2015  
Iodine11Dirty Little Healers2015  
Iodine11I'd Rather Need2015  
Iodine11Late BC (Oh, What A Night)2015  
Iodine11This is How We Raid2015  
Iodine11 feat. LetomiMy Favorite Raids2015  
Isabella QuinnsBlood-Queen Lana'thel (Monster)2015  
Isabella QuinnsThis is Halloween2015  
Jenna Marbles feat. GabsRealistic Love2015  
Jeremy RennerHawkeye Sings About His Super Powers2015  
Jessica CalvelloLet It Flow2015  
Jimmy FallonFresh Host of Tonight, The2015  
Jimmy Fallon feat. Rashida JonesHoliday Medley 20152015  
Jodi DiPiazza feat. "Weird Al" YankovicYoda2015  
Joe ConklinBecause of the Pope2015  
Joe ConklinI Like My Balls Deflated2015  
Joe J. ThomasYou Don't Mess With Donald's Hair2015  
Joe J. Thomas feat. Power SaladLivin' With Fast Food201599¢
John MapesMillennialatosis2015  
Jon & Al KaplanTerminator Genisys: The Musical2015  
Jon & Al Kaplan feat. Salem MeadePoltergeist! The Musical2015  
Jonathan Coulton feat. Ellen McLainYou Wouldn't Know2015  
Jonathan Mann feat. The DoubleclicksMansplainer2015  
Jorge AguilarRun! Run!2015  
Jorge Aguilar feat. Elephants Love Ecstasy You Can't Escape Me2015  
JT MachinimaAgar.io Song2015  
JT MachinimaAnother Five Nights2015  
JT MachinimaBirds vs. Clash Rap Battle2015  
JT MachinimaDrive You Mad2015  
JT MachinimaFive Long Nights2015  
JT MachinimaFive More Nights2015  
JT MachinimaI'm a Capitalist2015  
JT MachinimaJet Force Gemini Rap2015  
JT MachinimaNever Wake Again2015  
JT MachinimaStar Wars Rap Battlefront2015  
JT MachinimaWe Don't Bite2015  
JT MachinimaWelcome to My Apocalypse2015  
JT MachinimaYour Own Damnation2015  
JT MachinimaYour Time to Die2015  
JT Machinima feat. Andrea Storm KadenAngel By Your Side2015  
K-FaceDark Lord Funk2015  
Karim MetwalyPharaoh's Response2015  
Kastane FlintERP2015  
Katzen feat. LetomiI Won't Carry You!2015  
KavoBan'orak Bladesnaw2015  
KavoGul'dan's Milkshake2015  
KavoHey Guildie2015  
KavoI Am a Goblin2015  
KavoJack Lionsgaze2015  
KavoMoorabi Goremane2015  
KavoOpen Your Heart2015  
KavoPally With Her Wings2015  
KavoReady Check2015  
KavoRP With Your Hand Tonight2015  
Kavo feat. C MichaelsHellfire Citadel2015  
Kavo feat. C MichaelsHighmaul-Blackrock Funk2015  
Kavo feat. CeschiiaBad Hordie2015  
Kavo feat. H.O.Y.T.Queueing Up2015  
Kavo feat. H.O.Y.T.This Fight is Gonna Hurt2015  
Kavo feat. Isabella QuinnsPlay That Class2015  
Kavo feat. LetomiAin't No Bosses Hard Enough2015  
Kavo feat. Sharm & PvPGurl GigiAww Yeah2015  
Kavo feat. Sharm & PvPGurl GigiCausing a Wipe2015  
Kavo feat. TimelessMotionHypocrite2015  
Kavo feat. Xinny Lishous & Sita the DruidFuta Girls2015  
KazzQ With the King2015  
KBM feat. KavoHorde Star2015  
Ken 'Madman' SherlockJack Bauer (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  
Key & PeelePirate Chantey2015  
Key of Awesome, TheEpic Pop Song Tutorial2015  
Key of Awesome, TheFourFiveSeconds (To Write This)2015  
Key of Awesome, TheHanging Tree Parody2015  
Key of Awesome, TheLook at Your Phone2015  
Key of Awesome, TheReggae Shark Returns2015  
Key of Awesome, TheWeekdys, The2015  
Key of Awesome, TheWhat Do You Mean Parody2015  
Kickass Parody Project, The50 Ways2015  
Kickass Parody Project, TheJordy Nelson (Always Beats Killer D)2015  
Kickass Parody Project, TheShit Your Pants2015  
Kickass Parody Project, TheVegetarians2015  
Kickass Parody Project, TheWicked Dump2015  
Kickass Parody Project, TheYour Mother2015  
Killy DwyerRetire Dwyer2015  
King Okie Brand Music BandBounce2015  
King Okie Brand Music BandFood of the Gawds2015  
Kinsey Sicks, TheDon't Be Happy, Worry2015  
Kirby KrackleMutate, Baby!2015  
Kirby KrackleTake Me To Brunch2015  
KornflakeAraby (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  
KryptonSeal Dog Theme2015  
LA Beast feat. That's ClassicCrystal Pepsi Song, The2015  
La StregaModern Fundamentalist, The2015  
LainaA Love Song2015  
Last WordBenders, TheAnime in the Streets, Hentai in the Sheets2015  
Laughing MomsCool Moms2015  
Lauren MayerHomophobe Tango (She Had It Coming)2015  
Lauren MayerReligious Freedom (Doesn't Mean The Freedom To Discriminate)2015  
LeetsquadI'm On It2015  
Legs Nose RobinsonShut Up!2015  
LetomiA Mount I Can Never Have2015  
LetomiDarkmoon Faire Carousel2015  
LetomiDear Future Raiders2015  
LetomiI Need Some Gold2015  
LetomiLet None Survive (Sylvanas' Song)2015  
LetomiMasochism Tango2015  
LetomiMonster Mash2015  
LetomiMy Garona2015  
LetomiPuggie I'm Good2015  
LetomiReady For Legion2015  
LetomiShut Up and Raid2015  
Letomi feat. C MichaelsLegion's Come Again, The2015  
Letomi feat. KavoClassic2015  
Letomi feat. KavoI'm In Love With a Warlock2015  
Library Bards, TheBlack and Red2015  
Library Bards, TheGrammar Got Run Over2015  
LinLin feat. KavoA Whole New Zone2015  
LisbugDaddy Issues2015  
LisbugOut of Style2015  
Living Tombstone, TheDie in a Fire2015  
Living Tombstone, TheSquid Melody2015  
LodrothCut My Life Into Pizza (Plastic Fork)2015  
Logan Hugueny-ClarkFive Nights at Freddy's 2: The Musical2015  
Logan Hugueny-ClarkFive Nights at Freddy's 3: The Musical2015  
Logan Hugueny-ClarkFive Nights at Freddy's 4: The Musical2015  
Lugo's WakeBender, The2015  
Madus KingI'm Loggin' On2015  
MandoPonyNothing Can Hurt Me2015  
MandoPony feat. APhantomChimeraSurvive the Night2015  
MandoPony feat. PurpleRoselynJust Gold2015  
Marc with a CEnnui (On We Go)2015  
Mark GoldbergUse Your Brain2015  
Mary Kate WilesLullaby: A Zombie Musical2015  
Max DeGrootDipper Records Yellow Submarine2015  
MC Lars22 Concepts (But a Hit Definitely Still Ain't One)2015  
MC LarsZombie Dinosaur LP, The2015  
Melissa Gaunt w/ The Caldwell County Convict ChorusOther Kids Call Me Four Eyes, The2015  
Michelle GlavanElastic Pants2015  
Mick Kahler & Al FlashAshley Madison201599¢
Mick Kahler & Al FlashFat Bottomed Kim2015  
Mick Kahler & Al FlashI Ate It All2015  
Mick Kahler & Al FlashKane & Toews2015  
Mighty MagiswordsPhil Took My Dolphin Away2015  
Mike McCormickMovember2015  
Mike PhirmanI-C-A-N-T-S-P-E-L-L2015  
Mike PhirmanLeft Off (Geek a Week)2015  
Mike PhirmanWhat Makes The Breakfast?2015  
Mikey MasonRed Letters2015  
Mippey5I Can't Whip2015  
Mippey5Math Teacher2015  
Missi PyleI Wanna Fuck You Up2015  
Moses Brown SchoolSchool is Closed2015  
MozzapellaGimmie That Nutt2015  
Mr.B The Gentleman RhymerJay-Z2015  
Mr.B The Gentleman RhymerMr.B's Christmas Album2015  
Muck StickyDang!2015  
My Parents Favorite Music feat. Schaffer the DarklordPumpkin Zone2015  
NateWantsToBattleBlank Page2015  
NateWantsToBattleFinale, The2015  
NateWantsToBattleMonster Inside2015  
NateWantsToBattleNo More2015  
NateWantsToBattleThis Is The End2015  
NateWantsToBattleWant You Gone2015  
NateWantsToBattle feat. Xander Mobus, Sarah Williams, AJ PinkertonFNAF: The Musical2015  
Nib Oswald BrattoniAntsy2015  
Nib Oswald Brattoni feat. Erica ClaudineFat Butt2015  
No More KingsWinnie the Pooh2015  
Nostalgia Critic, TheAdam Sandler Song, The2015  
Nuclear Bubble WrapCreating Drama for the Wolves201599¢
Nyhm feat. PvPGurl Gigi & SharmG-Kick2015  
Oliver Age 24Apple Watch Rap2015  
Oliver Age 24Shrek is Love Shrek is Life2015  
Open MindedWazer Wifle2015  
Pablo HernandezBitch I'm a Bottom2015  
Patrick CoffinPotatoes Gonna Potate2015  
Pete GardnerI Love My Daughter2015  
Peterson Farm Brothers, TheFarmers Feed the World2015  
Peterson Farm Brothers, TheTakin' Care of Livestock2015  
Phil Norman feat. Errol ElumirThis is Our Collab2015  
Power Salad feat. the MarsCon 2014 Dementia Track PerformersPico and Sepulveda (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  
Professor ElementalDon't Feed the Trolls2015  
Project SisyphusBeneath It All (Song Of The Miner)2015  
Puddles Pity PartyA Pub With No Beer2015  
PurpleRoselynIt's Been So Long2015  
PurpleRoselynJust Gold2015  
PvPGurl Gigi feat. Kavo & SharmGrinding2015  
PvPGurl Gigi feat. SharmLike This2015  
PvPGurl Gigi feat. SharmOld Raids2015  
PwnstarsBurst It2015  
R&RRed Starbucks Cup2015  
Rachel BloomCrazy Ex-Girlfriend2015  
Rachel BloomFeeling Kinda Naughty2015  
Rachel BloomI Have Friends2015  
Rachel BloomI'm a Good Person2015  
Rachel BloomSex with a Stranger2015  
Rachel BloomSexy French Depression2015  
Rachel BloomSexy Getting Ready Song, The2015  
Rachel BloomWest Covina2015  
Rachel Bloom feat. Amy HillI Give Good Parent2015  
Rachel Bloom feat. Donna Lynne ChamplinFace Your Fears2015  
Rachel Bloom feat. Gabrielle RuizI'm So Good At Yoga2015  
Rachel Bloom feat. Santino FontanaSettle for Me2015  
Radio VoskhodWreck of the Idris Fitzgerald , The2015  
Random Encounters feat. MarkiplierFive Nights at Freddy's: The Musical: Night 12015  
Random Encounters feat. MarkiplierFive Nights at Freddy's: The Musical: Night 22015  
Random Encounters feat. NateWantsToBattle & The CompletionistStreetPass Love2015  
Randy RainbowKim Davis Cell Block Tango, The2015  
Ray StevensPickin' On The Chicken2015  
Ray StevensTaylor Swift Is Stalkin' Me2015  
Rebecca ZamoloLegs Are Moving2015  
Rebecca ZamoloPoop in a Bag2015  
Rebecca ZamoloSuperBowl Funk2015  
Rebecca ZamoloYour Future Wifey2015  
Reformed WhoresBack to School for Sarah Palin2015  
Reformed WhoresCaitlyn Jenner Has Us All Shocked2015  
Reformed Whores feat. MurderfistDouchebags2015  
Rhett & LinkAre You Gonna Eat That?2015  
Rhett & Link feat. Hannah HartCat's 9 Lives Song, The2015  
Rhett & Link feat. MarkiplierFive Nights at Freddy's Song, The2015  
Rhett & Link feat. Tay ZondayYou Can't Zoom In On Instagram2015  
Rhymin' Richie PhillipsRed Starbucks Cup2015  
Richard CheeseShake It Off (Live In Las Vegas 2015)2015  
Rob ParavonianGray Area2015  
Rob ParavonianOne Plus One2015  
Rock-afire Explosion, TheKerry's Waltz2015  
Rockit GamingExo Zombies Rap (Part 4)2015  
Rocky Mountain Mike(They're Going To All) Lose To You2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeBaby Hitler2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeBobby Jindal's Full Of Wind2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeBread Bags On The Soles Of Her Shoes2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeBrian Williams2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeDumbass Abbey2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeGiuliani2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeGovernor Walker's Greedy Heartless Band2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeHere Comes Carson2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeI Am A Clerk Of Constant Drama2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeI Blame It All On Obama2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeIf You're Speaking To Pope Francisco2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeIndiana Bite Me2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeLetter, The2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeLife With Barack (Right Wing Radio Told Me)2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeMeasles and Pins2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeMormon Loser, The2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeMy Sharia Law2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeNineteen Ways To Leave Your Duggars2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeRace That's Hilarious/Let The Clown Car Come In, The2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeTrump2015  
Rocky Mountain MikeWreck In The Lime Green Pashmina, The2015  
RozeneArena Ring2015  
RozeneBM Mastery2015  
RozeneI Feel So Leet2015  
RozeneReady or Not2015  
Rustage feat. Sharm & PvPGurl GigiDungeon Freak2015  
Ryan ShibleyDeflate it Nice for Brady2015  
Samuel StokesBetter Than You2015  
Sandy & Richard RiccardiShut Up, and Do Your Motherfucking Job2015  
Saturday Night LiveSuper Bass O'Matic 21502015  
Schaffer the DarklordPegged2015  
Schaffer the DarklordSex Rhymes2015  
Schaffer the DarklordStranger2015  
Schaffer the DarklordYes2015  
Schaffer the Darklord feat. Bunny BuxomMonsters2015  
SchmoyohoNaked Men2015  
SchmoyohoToo Full To Fuck2015  
SchmoyohoWe Need Brain2015  
Schmoyoho feat. Hannah HartSummer Jam2015  
Schmoyoho feat. Vlog BrothersWe Are All Bat People2015  
Screen TeamFive Nights at Freddy's2015  
Screen TeamFuture is Here, The2015  
Screen TeamGame of War Rap Battle2015  
Screen TeamI Like Your Figure2015  
Screen TeamUltron Funk2015  
Sera & Amelie OakesCareful There's an Orc2015  
Seth MacFarlaneCyndi Lauper Medley2015  
Shane DawsonFamous YouTuber2015  
SharmFirst Time Ever I Saw You Snake, The2015  
SharmHalfman's Song2015  
SharmIn the Jungle2015  
SharmMordremoth Rising2015  
SharmNewbie Boy2015  
SharmWelcome to Farlight2015  
SharmWorlds Fighting2015  
Sharm feat. C MichaelsAll of Me2015  
Sharm feat. Eternal AngelImmortal2015  
Sharm feat. IfrixCome, Rise Up, Sylvari Sing!2015  
Sharm feat. KhaiBlank Space2015  
Sharm feat. PvPGurl GigiUhh Wee2015  
Sherry VineLiving For Scruff2015  
Sherry VineThrowin' Up2015  
Skip BriggsOn the Phone Again2015  
Slant 6 & The JumpstartsSurfin' Ghouls2015  
Small Batch MafiaNow Or Never Baby201599¢
Smashy ClawClaustrophobia2015  
Soggy Potato ChipsCoffee2015  
Soggy Potato ChipsGingerbeard Man, The2015  
Spike & JoeTom's Big Balls2015  
Squirm and GermNaked on a Horse2015  
StaggedTomorrow is Another Day2015  
Stephanie & Kevin McDevittGood Blood2015  
Stephen HawkingGalaxy Song2015  
Steve BerkeTrump (He's In Your Head)2015  
Steve GoodieDo Your Job201599¢
Steve GoodieI Just Sneezed In My Pie2015  
Steve GoodieI'm Donald Trump2015  
Steve GoodieWalk of Shame201599¢
Stuart OwenIf We Hadn't Found Tony2015  
Super Secret Project, TheLeaf Peeps2015  
Super Secret Project, TheWe Made a Fort2015  
TamaLaLaCan't Hide I'm a Noob2015  
TamaLaLaThese Mounts Were Made For Flyin'2015  
TamaLaLa feat. KavoBoyfriend Aggro2015  
TeamheadkickGTA V Cops Are Dicks2015  
The Juice feat. Dan BullInternet, The2015  
They Might Be GiantsAaa2015  
They Might Be GiantsAll the Lazy Boyfriends2015  
They Might Be GiantsAnother Weirdo2015  
They Might Be GiantsAnswer2015  
They Might Be GiantsApophenia2015  
They Might Be GiantsBills, Bills, Bills2015  
They Might Be GiantsBlack Ops (Alternate Version)2015  
They Might Be GiantsCollege Town2015  
They Might Be GiantsDaylight2015  
They Might Be GiantsEcnalubma2015  
They Might Be GiantsEnd of the Rope2015  
They Might Be GiantsErase2015  
They Might Be GiantsGlean2015  
They Might Be GiantsGood to be Alive2015  
They Might Be GiantsHate The Villanelle2015  
They Might Be GiantsI Am Alone2015  
They Might Be GiantsI Can Help The Next In Line2015  
They Might Be GiantsI Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar2015  
They Might Be GiantsI'm a Coward2015  
They Might Be GiantsImpossibly New2015  
They Might Be GiantsIt Said Something2015  
They Might Be GiantsLet Me Tell You About My Operation2015  
They Might Be GiantsMadam, I Challenge You To A Duel 2015  
They Might Be GiantsMusic Jail2015  
They Might Be GiantsNo Cops2015  
They Might Be GiantsPrepare2015  
They Might Be GiantsRock Club2015  
They Might Be GiantsSay Nice Things About Detroit2015  
They Might Be GiantsSold My Mind to The Kremlin2015  
They Might Be GiantsStarry Eyes2015  
They Might Be GiantsSummer Breeze, The2015  
They Might Be GiantsTo A Forest2015  
They Might Be GiantsTrouble Awful Devil Evil2015  
They Might Be GiantsUnderwater Woman2015  
They Might Be GiantsUnpronounceable2015  
They Might Be GiantsVelvet Ape, The2015  
They Might Be GiantsWhat Did I Do To You?2015  
They Might Be GiantsWhy?2015  
TimelessMotionRunaway Ally2015  
Toby Turner & TobuscusChords (A I Can C Your D)2015  
Toby Turner & TobuscusMining Song, The2015  
Todd ChappelleChristie2015  
Todd ChappelleGravy2015  
Todd ChappelleLittle Comb-Over Boy, The2015  
Todd ChappelleOCD2015  
Todd ChappelleSan Diego (A Song for Winter)2015  
Tom SmithKid Safe2015  
Tom SmithMisdirection2015  
Tom SmithTed Cruz Crazy2015  
Trevor MooreGays2015  
Trevor StrongAliens in the Soda Machine2015  
Trevor StrongDo I Look Fat In These Pants?2015  
Trevor StrongEight Items or Less (And I've Got Nine)2015  
Trevor StrongEverything Is Out To Get You2015  
Trevor StrongI Was Born With a Concussion2015  
Trevor StrongIf You Wanna Write a Pop Song2015  
Trevor StrongInternet Went Down2015  
Trevor StrongLaser Eyes2015  
Trevor StrongMost Beautiful Girl2015  
Trevor StrongOld is Getting Older Every Day2015  
TryHardNinjaDream Your Dream2015  
TryHardNinjaFive Nights at Freddy's 4 Song2015  
TryHardNinjaFollow Me2015  
TryHardNinjaHalloween at Freddy's2015  
TryHardNinjaIt's Me2015  
TryHardNinjaPuppet Song, The2015  
TryHardNinja feat. DAGamesGoodbye2015  
TV's KyleBear Maximum2015  
TV's KyleChicken & Waffles2015  
Tyler ZahnkeArdrana Song, The2015  
Tyler ZahnkeAutoSake (The Unauthorized Auto-Tune vs. Vocoder Story)2015  
Tyler ZahnkeICBI Commercial2015  
Tyler ZahnkeMP32015  
Tyler ZahnkeNo Take-backs!2015  
Tyler ZahnkeOh Golapulus2015  
Tyler ZahnkeOne Week of the Internet2015  
Tyler ZahnkeTale of the Three Female Stars, The2015  
TymmyDCome On Back2015  
TymmyDIn My Game Life2015  
TymmyDTamriel Outlaw2015  
TymmyD feat. TamaLaLaMobstealer2015  
TymmyD feat. TamaLaLaPlayin' Around2015  
Tyrone Kahn feat. Mia LyboltPinkie With A Twist2015  
Val'kyr Battle-MaidensMy Guild2015  
Various ArtistsFuMP, Volume 49, The2015$9.99
Various ArtistsFuMP, Volume 50, The2015$9.99
Various ArtistsFuMP, Volume 52, The2015$9.99
Various ArtistsFuMP. Volume 51, The2015$9.99
VentucatorsUnread Book2015  
Veronique Chevalier feat. Matthew Setzer & TV's KyleSprocky Spittoon2015  
Vincent Rodriguez IIIA Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes2015  
Vintage Marquee LightsBaby One More Time (Pregnancy Announcement)2015  
Warp Zone, TheHodor vs. Groot Rap Battle2015  
Weebl's StuffFat Labrador2015  
What We Had to WatchEvade the Black Rider2015  
What We Had to WatchR.I.P. Nintendo2015  
What's Up MomsLivin' For the Share2015  
What's Up MomsPicky Dressers Anthem2015  
Whitney AvalonComicCon: The Musical2015  
Whitney Avalon feat. Molly C. QuinnPrincess Rap Battle: Katniss vs. Hermione2015  
Whitney Avalon feat. Sarah Michelle GellarPrincess Rap Battle: Cinderella vs. Belle2015  
Whitney Avalon feat. Yvonne StrahovskiPrincess Rap Battle: Maleficent vs. Daenerys2015  
Worm QuartetStraight Outta Concepts (Live at MarsCon 2014)2015  
Xinny LishousBot It Up (Blizz Won't Find Out)2015  
YogscastAll Rise For Datlof2015  
Young StrokeAscending2015  
Young StrokeBill Gates Fund Stacker2015  
Young StrokeI'm The King2015  
Young StrokeMoney Pigs2015  
Young StrokeSlidin' Down Franklin2015  
Young StrokeSpace2015  
Young StrokeThis is Nerdcore2015  
Young StrokeThomas Flow2015  
Young StrokeTwerk Like That2015  
Young Stroke feat. Legitney HoustonFresh Outta Fux2015  



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