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New Recordings in 2014

This page highlights new songs, recordings and albums released in 2014. It also provides an easy way to add them to your collection!

Recordings released in 2014, and not previously released, qualify for requests/voting for the year-end "Best of 2014 Mad Music Show!"

If you know of a Mad Album or Silly Song released in 2014 what is not listed here please e-mail me and I'll add it!

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Artist(s)TypeTitleReleasedMusic StorePrice
Abbott Skelding, TheGave Our Son a Bad Name2014  
Abbott Skelding, TheSon of the Pizza Man2014  
Abbott Skelding, TheYou Said Anything2014  
Adam WarRockAttorney-At-Law2014  
Adam WarRockDoctor EP, The2014  
Adam WarRockFist of Khonshu, The2014  
Adam WarRockFrozen2014  
Adam WarRockMarvelous2014  
Adam WarRockNorrin Radd2014  
Adam WarRockQuentin Quire2014  
Adam WarRockRat Queens, The2014  
Adam WarRockSecondary Mutation2014  
Adam WarRockSpirit of Vengeance2014  
Aimee MannI'm Cured2014  
AishLet It Go: Passover Edition2014  
Alison GoldShush Up2014  
American Lesley JaneEverybody's Having Fun But Me2014  
American Lesley JaneMoonshine Enema Dance2014  
Animation DominationScientifically Accurate Flintstones2014  
Animation DominationScientifically Accurate Spongebob Squarepants2014  
AnthritFalsify Me Views2014  
Antti LuodeDrugs2014  
Arrogant WormsSpace2014  
Arrogant WormsThank You! Space!2014  
Art Paul SchlosserI Bet U've Got a Smile2014  
AVbyteBronies: The Musical2014  
AVbyteFrozen: A Musical2014  
Axis of Awesome, TheMake The Change (Not Climate Change)2014  
Bart BakerAdore You Parody2014  
Bart BakerConfident Parody2014  
Bart BakerDark Horse Parody2014  
Bart BakerHappy Parody2014  
Bart Baker feat. Devyn DeloeraMonster Parody, The2014  
Beatlesex50 is the New Fuck You2014  
BeatlesexLonely Computer2014  
Bill HazePolar Vortex2014  
Bill MillsDoctor From Space, The2014  
Blau Bright ProductionsLet Us Go2014  
BlaydemanChutes And Ladders2014  
BlizzlemanTurel Cypher2014  
Bob HerzogJust Don't Go2014  
Bob RiversDenver Broncos2014  
Bob RiversHawk and Roll2014  
Bob RiversSeahawks are Champions2014  
Bob's BurgersGene's Fart Song2014  
BonecageBear Attack (Suspicious Minds)2014  
BonecageBelly Button (Nature's Pocket)2014  
BonecageCharlie Loves You2014  
BonecageEnema Countdown2014  
BonecageI Can't Be Your Friend Anymore201499¢
BonecageI Phreak Alone2014  
BonecageNormal Norman201499¢
BonecageOh What a Day2014  
BoyinabandI Am Mildly Annoyed2014  
Brent JowersRed Water Cup2014  
Brett GlassHulk Smash Everything (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
Bria & Chrissy feat. Lizzy the LezzyWe Are So Very Gay2014  
Brittani Louise TaylorI'm in Crust With You2014  
BrunuhVille feat. SharmSong of the Dragonborn, The2014  
Calvin StewartBig Toe Blues, The2014  
Calvin StewartFamily Mug Shot2014  
Calvin Stewart feat. Michael LeBlancI Hate the Little Dog2014  
Carrie Dahlby feat. WyngardeAlmost Parent Time201499¢
CausticDid the Gothsicles Just Write a Fucking Song About Aquaman?2014  
Causticles, TheChallenge of the Superfriends2014  
CeschiiaBad Priest, Good Priest2014  
CeschiiaCome On Tank Go2014  
CeschiiaHardcore Raiding2014  
CeschiiaHere I Am2014  
CeschiiaJust Go2014  
CeschiiaRaid Lead Got Me Healing DS Again2014  
CeschiiaStay The Raid2014  
CeschiiaTurel Cypher2014  
CeschiiaWe're Raiding2014  
CeschiiaWhat Is There To Do2014  
Ceschiia feat. DeeDeeKill It2014  
Ceschiia feat. KBM & SynnerWe the Horde2014  
Ceschiia feat. TruffGank 'em Up2014  
Ceschiia feat. TruffGankaholic2014  
Ceschiia feat. Truff & DroxxLeet2014  
Ceschiia feat. Xinny LishousCinders2014  
Ceschiia feat. Xinny LishousDirty Little Alli2014  
Chainsmokers, The#SELFIE2014  
Charlie HidesAdore You Parody2014  
Christine LavinBecause You Are A Perspicacious Person2014  
Chuck Green feat. Ashley Harmon, Rachel BarilLet Us Go2014  
Clay WeinerConfident With the Ladies2014  
ConstantineI'll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu)2014  
Constantine & Dominic BadguyI'm Number One2014  
Cosmos IIDie Healthy2014  
CroweTurel Cypher2014  
D-Piddy feat. Charmie SweetsCosplay2014  
Dan BullBoom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom2014  
Dan BullDayz2014  
Dan BullDungeon Keeper2014  
Dan BullFuck Content ID2014  
Dan BullGears of War2014  
Dan BullGone Home2014  
Dan BullHey There, NSA!2014  
Dan BullMighty Quest for Epic Loot, The2014  
Dan BullMoyes In, Moyes Out!2014  
Dan BullRocksmith 20142014  
Dan BullStarbound2014  
Dan BullStick of Truth, The2014  
Dan BullSurgeon Simulator2014  
Dan BullThief2014  
Dan Bull feat. BoyinabandCounter-Strike Rap Battle2014  
Dani the GirlGive Up (A Star Wars Jedi Apprentice Song)2014  
Dani the GirlTrolls, The2014  
Dave & BrianPut It On2014  
Dave StagnerFireworks, Pornography, And Cheese (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
David TannyDoobio's Fish Tacos201450¢
David TannyMarijuana Stretcher2014  
David TannyMe Want Cookie (Rated PG Mix)2014$1.00
David TannyMy Little Bong2014  
David TannyOriginals II (2000-2012)2014  
David TannyWatch The Frog: The Album (full album)2014  
Debs & ErrolLocked2014  
Debs & ErrolMake It So2014  
Debs & ErrolWheatley2014  
Derek KlingenbergCwerking2014  
Derek KlingenbergWe Are Farming2014  
Devo SpiceI Am The Doctor2014  
DJ ParticleWoW, She Finally Put Out a New Album!!2014  
Doctor Who PoopTenth Doctor Rap2014  
Doubleclicks, TheLove You Like A Burrito2014  
Doubleclicks, TheScatter, Adapt, and Remember2014  
DracTurel Cypher2014  
Drew JacobsGave It Up for Lent2014  
Dustin Ah KuoiChurch Signs2014  
El KabongOlaf's Theme2014  
EllyeOld Content, The2014  
Ellye feat. KavoChallenge Me!2014  
EmotistyleMorning Face2014  
Eoghnved MmrkuudnenT.F.O.S.2014  
Errol ElumirI Am Awesome, I'm A Catch2014  
Errol ElumirMindless Nerd Song2014  
Errol Elumir & Jason MasinaOne Year at Method2014  
Errol Elumir feat. Robyn MacKenzieHappy Emo Fun Sad Song2014  
FalconshieldThis is War 2: Piltover vs. Zaun2014  
Feng Shui NinjasI Like It2014  
Feng Shui NinjasYour Dementia Lifestyle (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
FlulaPolar Vortex, You Freeze My Cortex2014  
Freddy ScottThis is a Trent Reznor Song2014  
Gank SquadAll Me2014  
Gank Squad feat. Young KorgyDon't Think You Want That2014  
Global CitizenPopeye Parody2014  
Global CitizenSeventeen Cent Croonie2014  
Goofy Gary ArnoldI Fought The Saw2014  
Goofy Gary ArnoldMe Want Cookie2014  
Gothsicles, TheShow Respect to Aquaman2014  
great Luke Ski, TheBecause Of Bob: Luke Ski's Kickstarter FAWM Album (songs I wrote about people for money)2014  
HalfshellAmbitious Drive2014  
hitRECord feat. SchmoyohoOh, It's Fantastic!2014  
Howard Billington feat. James CobleyGILF Hunter2014  
Howard Billington feat. James CobleyGimme That Cheese2014  
Hugh JackmanWolverine: The Musical2014  
Insane IanAnd Featuring Insane Ian as Himself2014  
Insane IanBatman: Arkham Origins201499¢
Iodine11 feat. CeschiiaRaiding Girl2014  
Iodine11 feat. KavoDeeps That2014  
James Dempsey and The BreakpointsGoto Fail2014  
Jean Pierre Napoleon, Sam Eagle, and The MuppetsInterrogation Song2014  
Jeannie DeanBreak Up Song, The2014  
Jeannie DeanLivin' La Vida Broka2014  
Jeff Reuben'Cause My Fly's Open (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
Jeff ReubenS.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants) (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
Jemaine ClementWorking in the Coal Mine2014  
Jibjab.comEvery Bunny Dance Now2014  
Jimmy FallonBrian Williams Raps 'Rapper's Delight'2014  
Jimmy Fallon feat. Bruce SpringsteenGov. Christie Traffic Jam2014  
Jimmy Fallon feat. The MuppetsWeight, The2014  
Jonah KnightFirst, The2014  
Jonah KnightGeeks Can Watch The Super Bowl2014  
Jonah KnightHere Lies the Witch2014  
Jonah KnightI Believe in Magic2014  
Jonah KnightInvestigate the Crime Scene2014  
Jonah KnightNot So Far Away2014  
Jonah KnightOne Day in the Air2014  
Karl BrownShittim Wood Tree, The2014  
Kavo(Reprise) Do You Wanna Raid Old Content?2014  
KavoDirty Critter2014  
KavoEpics Make Her Smile2014  
KavoI Hate This Boss2014  
KavoToo Broke2014  
KavoTurel Cypher2014  
Kavo & TurelShe's a Beaut2014  
Kavo feat. Iodine11Us Against the Alliance2014  
Kavo feat. Xinny LishousRolling Horde2014  
Kavo feat. Young KorgyGamer Fix2014  
Key of Awesome, TheDark Horse?2014  
Key of Awesome, TheI Keep Forgetting to Mis-Remember To Un-Forget the Title of This Song2014  
Key of Awesome, TheOfficial Lyric Video2014  
Key of Awesome, TheTimber's Just a Piece of Wood2014  
Key of Awesome, TheTruck Love2014  
Kirby KrackleEverything Is Awesome! (Nerd-Rock Version)2014  
KornflakeThat Was Our MarsCon 20132014  
Kornflake & DoornailKornflake, Are You Doornail?2014  
Kornflake feat. DoornailIf I Had a Dating Profile (Live at MarsCon 2014)2014  
Kriaricy FoxDraenei Monk2014  
Laina1 Million Subscribers2014  
Lemon DemonNature Tapes2014  
LetomiDefying Continuity2014  
LetomiDo You Wanna Raid Old Content?2014  
LetomiGlad We Raid2014  
LetomiHunter With a Shotgun2014  
LetomiHunter With a Shotgun (Nightcore Mix)2014  
LetomiPlayin' With Myself2014  
LetomiYou Tank It2014  
Letomi feat. Iodine11Wipe More2014  
Letomi feat. KavoI Want My Gear Back2014  
Letomi feat. Rune ImagiroGarrosh2014  
LiL MoCoCholo2014  
LiL MoCoMy Vato2014  
Los MuppetsMuppet Show Theme, The2014  
Luke Ski, the greatScud Rap2014  
Luke Ski, the greatTurtle Power (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
Mac LethalAlphabet Insanity2014  
Mac LethalPope Francis2014  
Mad MoniParkour2014  
MadinthemoonSame Word Rhyme2014  
Matt RissienLet Them Go2014  
Max DeGrootSing Something201479¢
MC ChrisMC Chris Foreverrr2014  
MC ChrisPart Six2014  
McClainTurel Cypher2014  
Michael LeBlancMiniature Shetland Pony2014  
Michelle GlavanIt's My Super Bowl2014  
Michelle GlavanWinter Weight2014  
Mikey MasonDibbler's Tune2014  
Mikey MasonIn My Head2014  
Mikey MasonOliver Reed2014  
Mikey MasonSettle2014  
Mikey MasonShow Me2014  
Mikey MasonWaste 'Em With My Crossbow2014  
Mikey MasonWrite Like the Wind (George R. R. Martin) (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
Mippey5Let Her Go2014  
Mippey5Let Her Go (Alternate Ending)2014  
Mippey5Talk Nerdy2014  
Miss Piggy, Kermit, Celine Dion, & The MuppetsSomething So Right2014  
Molly Dworsky(Hopkins) Royals2014  
Molly LewisYear of the Beard, The2014  
Mongo and the Pawns of LifeSay It Ain't So (Joe Ricky)2014  
Monty PythonSilly Walks Song, The2014  
Muppets & Josh Groban, TheTogether Again2014  
Muppets, Lady Gaga, & Tony Bennett, TheWe're Doing a Sequel2014  
Nadya & Josh GrobanBig House, The2014  
NemisisTurel Cypher2014  
Nib Oswald BrattoniFreddy Should Go2014  
Nib Oswald Brattoni feat. ClaireopatraMovies Suck2014  
Nuclear Bubble WrapBeatle Juice2014  
Nuclear Bubble WrapPsycho Delicacy201499¢
Nuclear Bubble WrapSelfdestruct2014  
Oliver Age 24Goat EP, The2014  
Oliver Age 24 & BoyinabandPS4 vs. XBox One2014  
Peter Hollens feat. Evynne HollensWorld of Warcraft Medley2014  
Plastic Bastards, TheBieber Loves Wiener2014  
Power Salad feat. the great Luke SkiGonna Buy Me A Dog (Live at MarsCon 2013)2014  
PvPGurl Gigi feat. SharmBillionaire2014  
QuelythA Different Easter Song2014  
QuelythA Different Love Song2014  
QuelythTurel Cypher2014  
Quelyth feat. Blizzleman & Xinny LishousCan't Hold Us (WoW Version)2014  
Quelyth feat. DroxxLeet Runs2014  
Quelyth feat. KavoBlood Elf is a Tramp, The2014  
RabbitsTeaPartyWill You Help Me Hide a Body?2014  
RecapPhone Home (Starship)2014  
Reshet WeberLet Us Go2014  
Rhett & LinkI'm a Textpert2014  
Rhett & LinkIt’s My Belly Button2014  
RKVCEverybody's Todd Chappelle2014  
Rucka Rucka AliCrapping2014  
Samuel StokesFinicky Fidgety Fickle Easter Day2014  
Satellite LaneGeeky Girl2014  
Schaffer the DarklordDon't2014  
Schaffer the DarklordRawr2014  
SchmoyohoAmerica Gone to Pot2014  
SchmoyohoLo Lo Lo Lo Lohan2014  
Screen TeamPokemon Parody Medley2014  
Screen TeamTalk Nerdy to Me2014  
Screen TeamYouTube Troll Song2014  
Second City Network, ThePokéballers2014  
SerenaHere I Go (Despair of an Alto)2014  
Shadowstep feat. Ember IsolteAll of the Wipes (Raw Version)2014  
Shadowstep feat. Ember Isolte & BlizzlemanAll of the Wipes2014  
Shane DawsonCelebrity Tweets: Part 22014  
Shane Dawson feat. Kristin FindleyAdore You Parody2014  
SharmNaima and Bort2014  
Sherry Vine feat. Bianca Del Rio & the GlamazonsHot Mess2014  
Six13Chozen (A Passover Tribute)2014  
Smashy ClawDemonic 32014  
Smooth-EHow Justin Do: Taxes2014  
Steve BryantJewphone2014  
Steve GoodieDot-Matrix Printer2014  
Talia StauberLet Them Go2014  
TamaLaLa feat. CeschiiaRunning the Flag2014  
TamaLaLa feat. DracRaider Song, The2014  
TamaLaLa feat. LetomiTrampmog My Toon2014  
Team Four StarDo You Want to Kill a Planet2014  
Tegan & Sara feat. The Lonely IslandEverything is Awesome!!!2014  
Tess ParasTypecast2014  
The Doubleclicks feat. Adam WarRockTableTop Games2014  
the great Luke Ski & Chris Mezzolesta vs. The Trashmen & Family GuySurfin' Bird (Family Guy Remix)2014  
The Nostalgia Critic feat. Tamara ChambersLet It Go Videos2014  
TimelessMotionIt's Only PvP2014  
Timey Wimey Puppet ShowWeeping Angel2014  
Toby Turner & TobuscusDepressing Song2014  
Todd Chappelle2 Hour Delay2014  
Todd ChappelleA Rap Song From A Guy Who Shouldn't Rap2014  
Todd ChappelleBob Costas Eyes2014  
Todd ChappelleMichael Bolton2014  
Todd ChappelleOK, I Get It (You're Better Than Me)2014  
Todd ChappelleThere's A Jerk In My Class Named Bob2014  
Todd ChappelleTitle Of This Song (Is Partially In Parenthesis), The2014  
Todd ChappelleVladimir's Not Putin On A Shirt For Nobody2014  
Tony GoldmarkGoldmark After Dark2014  
Turel feat. TruffMind State 82014  
TV's KyleBroken2014  
TV's KyleIntro2014  
TV's KyleSloped Tropics2014  
TV's KyleStylo2014  
TV's Kyle feat. Austin Aeschliman & Insane IanSatan's Burlesque201499¢
TymmyDMust Work, Toon Habit2014  
TymmyDRaiding, The2014  
Various ArtistsFuMP, Volume 43, The2014$9.99
Warp Zone, TheCaptain America's New Theme Song2014  
Warp Zone, TheGame of Thrones Medley2014  
Warp Zone, TheMeat Song, The2014  
Warp Zone, TheRacking Stars2014  
WhatDatStudiosPlastic Surgery Song2014  
WhatDatStudiosZombies on Your Lawn2014  
Whitey BulgeFake It 'til You Make It2014  
Xinny LishousAlly and Horde Relax2014  
Xinny LishousMorchok2014  
Xinny LishousOnly Priest2014  
Xinny LishousThese Stacks2014  
Young KorgyTurel Cypher2014  



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