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New Recordings in 2016

This page highlights new songs, recordings and albums released in 2016. It also provides an easy way to add them to your collection!

Recordings released in 2016, and not previously released, qualify for requests/voting for the year-end "Best of 2016 Mad Music Show!"

If you know of a Mad Album or Silly Song released in 2016 what is not listed here please e-mail me and I'll add it!

 = Album,  = Song/Track

Artist(s)TypeTitleReleasedMusic StorePrice
Anthony "A-Log" LoGattoGhostbusted2016  
Art Paul SchlosserCompost Joe201699¢
Art Paul Schlosser and FriendsNew Experiments in Music2016  
Bob Rivers w/ Steve O'NeillKing Trump2016  
BonecageEveryone is a Critic (A.I.T.)201699¢
Boy Meets RobotRobots Will Kill Us All, The201699¢
Brenda Sutton w/ Bill Sutton, ft. Detcon 1 Filk ChoirAngry Birds!2016  
Chris WolvieCandid Date with the Candidates 20162016  
DAGamesI Will Not Be Moved2016  
Darren Chraplak402016  
Darren ChraplakHappy Birthday From DJ Darren2016  
Darren ChraplakYoda Sings Yoda2016  
david tannyBatman Interview 1989, the 2016 Edit2016  
David TannyMy Cat is Afraid of Cucumbers2016$1.00
David TannyTerminator vs. Bill2016  
David TannyValentine's Day Song, The2016
David Tanny as Royal DeadmanLemon Radio News: Area Attorney Commits Career Suicide201625¢
David Tanny as Royal DeadmanLemon Radio News: Area Student Arrested201625¢
Derwood BowenDentist2016  
DJ Particle feat. KavoFel Majik2016  
EggmanWelcome Back2016  
Griffinilla feat. ShadrowFlipside, The2016  
GroundhogcowDoctor Strange2016  
Heywood BanksI Like What You've Done2016  
Heywood BanksIf it Wasn't For This Pain in My Ass I'd Have No Sensation at All2016  
Heywood BanksTeeny Tiny Balls of Hamburger Grease2016  
Holy BongwaterDonald Trump's Wall2016  
Holy BongwaterI Want It Now201699¢
Holy BongwaterMarty Beller Mask2016  
Insane IanDoctor Who201699¢
J RayRestau-Raunchy2016  
JT MachinimaJoin The Party2016  
Lemon DemonSpirit Phone2016  
Luke Ski, the greatI'm Vambre Warrior201699¢
Megathruster20 Sided Vice2016  
MegathrusterHalloween Maze, The2016  
Mike GBlame Microsoft2016  
Mikey MasonPumpkin Spice-mas201699¢
Mikey MasonWaiting To Wait In Line201699¢
Mini NiftyAnother Mixed Up Story2016  
Nuclear Bubble WrapMultiverses2016  
Nuclear Bubble WrapWolfman, The2016  
Plastic Bastards, TheMe-Ow Mixx2016  
Pony Death RideI'm A Cat Guy201699¢
Smashy ClawBlob That Ate Everyone, The2016  
Smashy Claw feat. Dictionary AttackPirate201699¢
Steve GoodieI Wanna Eat A Big Piece Of Cheese201699¢
Steve GoodieWhat, And Quit Showbiz??!!2016  
Steve GoodieYear The Big-Mouth A-hole Almost Won, The201699¢
Steve Goodie feat. Karly DriftwoodHe Ain't Breathing201699¢
Sticky BiscuitsFuck First201699¢
Sudden DeathStranger Things201699¢
Timm McCoyI'm Gonna Be Offended2016  
Tyrone KahnWhen The Sharks Swim Upside Down2016  
Various ArtistsFuMP, Volume 55, The2016$9.99
Various ArtistsFuMP, Volume 56, The2016$9.99
Various ArtistsFuMP, Volume 57, The2016$9.99
Various ArtistsThe FuMP, Volume 582016$9.99

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