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Release Date:
Lyrics By: Patrick Burns a.k.a. Will Wonkers & Eugene Chiovari a.k.a. Ned Nugent (Plastic Bastards) 
Music By: Dice & Patrick Burns a.k.a. Will Wonkers & Eugene Chiovari a.k.a. Ned Nugent (Plastic Bastards) 
Produced By: Patrick Burns a.k.a. Will Wonkers & Eugene Chiovari a.k.a. Ned Nugent (Plastic Bastards) 
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  • When recording this song, it was decided that the Bastards wanted to make this the worst possible song it could be. So when recording each track, they laid them down all slightly out of sync with each other. That is to say, that when recording each part (drums, 2 guitars, bass, acoustic, leas and both vocals) they used a slight delay, for each track. Each one having it's own varying delay time. And the lead guitar was played by Will, and as he was playing, Ned slowly de-tuned the strings as the lead progressed. Then when the 2 track stereo master was made, the right and left were also laid down slightly our of sync with each other. (Plastic Bastards)
  • This song was also written on a bet with the manager of The Plastic Bastards. The bet was that The Bastards couldn't write a song from the first words out of the mouth of the next person who spoke. ... Well, Will Wonkers thought that would be a great breakpoint in the debate to take a bathroom break. So he got up and announced "Excuse me while I go to the john", Will, and Ned both stopped and then smiled at each other, looked at their manager, Mr. Kincaid, smiled at him. Ned picked up a pen, Will went to the john, and by the time the last flush was heard, the lyrics were half written! (Plastic Bastards)
  • This song was written with dice! One die had the chords; the other die determined if it was a sharp, flat or natural. (Plastic Bastards)
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