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Title: The FuMP, Volume 57
By: Various Artists
Download Price: $9.99

New Albums:
The FuMP, Volume 59
By: Various Artists
(19 Tracks)
MP3 - $9.99
The FuMP, Volume 58
By: Various Artists
(19 Tracks)
MP3 - $9.99
The FuMP, Volume 57
By: Various Artists
(19 Tracks)
MP3 - $9.99
Totally Average Woman
By: Carla Ulbrich
(13 Tracks)
MP3 - $9.99
The FuMP, Volume 56
By: Various Artists
(20 Tracks)
MP3 - $9.99
New Singles:
What Would Jesus Do? - Adam Baum
Warriors For Hire (Parody of We Didn't Start The Fire) - Library Bards, The
I Hate Pumpkin Beer - Todd Ellis feat. Chris Mezzolesta
Stuck At 13 - Carla Ulbrich
Diarrhea - Undercover Funtime
Ammosexual - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
The Year The Big-Mouth A$$hole F***ing Won [post-election sequel] - Steve Goodie
Christmunks - Smashy Claw
Don't Blame Me - Luke Ski, the great
Entire Dog - Worm Quartet
Jill Stein and Gary Johnson - Holy Bongwater
Fat Elvis - Carla Ulbrich
No Way, Pendejo! - El Greñudo
Stranger Things - Sudden Death
My Cat is Afraid of Cucumbers - David Tanny
He Ain't Breathing - Steve Goodie feat. Karly Driftwood
I'm A Cat Guy - Pony Death Ride
Sweet Bod - Lemon Demon
Pumpkin Spice-mas - Mikey Mason
I'm Vambre Warrior - Luke Ski, the great
Recently on The Mad Music Show:
I Wanna Eat A Big Piece Of Cheese - Steve Goodie
Pirate - Smashy Claw feat. Dictionary Attack
The Robots Will Kill Us All - Boy Meets Robot
Waiting To Wait In Line - Mikey Mason
Super Duper Con - Megathruster
Les's Morgue - Steve Goodie
The Tricker Of Treats - Robert Lund
The Halloween Song - Max DeGroot
Zombie Girl - Dino-Mike
Zombie Apocalypse Barbecue - The Consortium of Genius
A Little Undead - Moneyshot Cosmonauts
He Ain't Breathing - Steve Goodie feat. Karly Driftwood
Santa Goes Trick or Treating - Mikey Mason
(I'm a) Specialist - Carla Ulbrich
Endoscope - Steve Goodie
Colonoscopy - Denny Brownlee
Buy Yams...I Said - Moneyshot Cosmonauts
Merry Christmas (WWRJD) - Bonecage
Christmunks - Smashy Claw
A Worm Quartet Christmas - Worm Quartet

Song samples are provided for information purposes only and are intended to enable the users to sample the music (as they are in very low quality) before they make the decision of purchasing the music. This right is expressly permitted under "Fair Use" as nonprofit educational purposes only. The ownership of the copyright of the songs rests with the respective owners.

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