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Title: Her Fabulous Debut
By: Carla Ulbrich
A cheery, funny, fresh, fun, family-friendly acoustic-based album. Award-winning songs, humorous to poignant, about finding the perfect man, dating for the food, addiction, the Guinness book of records, and a song about nothing. You'll want to sing along.
Download Price: $9.99

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New Singles:
Weight Botchers - David Tanny
Nerd Squad Spot 2 - David Tanny
KBest 95 Request - David Tanny and Shotgun Tom Kelly
Jim Rockford Visits Jack in the Box - David Tanny
Taxi Cab Joke - David Tanny
Neverready Batteries - David Tanny
Sneers - David Tanny
Blandy's - David Tanny
Crazy Ray Autos - David Tanny
Inside the NBA - David Tanny
Bronze Medal Flour - David Tanny
C'mon Drink the Beer - David Tanny
Tarred Up Stores - David Tanny
Crappy's Land Line Phones - David Tanny
CBS Daytime 2009 - David Tanny
I.D. Secure - David Tanny
Glenn Beck Easy Hang Up (celebrity voice impersonated) - David Tanny
Funshine Ha Ha Crackers w Laughing - David Tanny
Cents Candy - David Tanny
I.D. Secure - David Tanny
Recently on The Mad Music Show:
Merry Christmas (WWRJD) - Bonecage
Merry Christmas You Suckers - Paddy Roberts
Winter Slay Ride - The Consortium of Genius
Santa Goes Trick or Treating - Mikey Mason
When This Song Is Over You Will Die - Tom Smith
Vampire Surprise - Veronique Chevalier
Drinking With Satan - Mikey Mason
Everyone Else (Extra-Offensive Alternate Version) - Tony Goldmark
The Rabbit Song - Worm Quartet
I Only Do My Taxes When I Drink - Bill Shipper
307 Ale (2010 Version) - Tom Smith
Cheddar Cheese - Art Paul Schlosser
Cheese Enough - Throwing Toasters
Angus Beef Patties with Cheese and Bacon - Hot Waffles
Taco Supremo - New Orleans Steamcog Orchestra
Merry Christmas You Suckers - Paddy Roberts
Christmas Time Spaghetti - Max DeGroot
Merry Christmas (WWRJD) - Bonecage
All I Want for Christmas Is Stuff - TV's Kyle
Jewish Christmas Carol Medley - Steve Goodie

Song samples are provided for information purposes only and are intended to enable the users to sample the music (as they are in very low quality) before they make the decision of purchasing the music. This right is expressly permitted under "Fair Use" as nonprofit educational purposes only. The ownership of the copyright of the songs rests with the respective owners.

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