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Title: Professional Smart Aleck
By: Carla Ulbrich
Fun, funny stuff. Live in concert. Jokes, stories, wacky songs and hot guitar pickin'- as heard on Dr. Demento.. Songs about Waffle House, Wedgies, Love Triangles, dating for the food, psychotherapy and more.
Download Price: $9.99

New Albums:
The FuMP, Volume 43
By: Various Artists
(18 Tracks)
MP3 - $9.99
The FuMP, Volume 42
By: Various Artists
(20 Tracks)
MP3 - $9.99
The FuMP, Volume 41
By: Various Artists
(17 Tracks)
MP3 - $9.99
The FuMP, Volume 40
By: Various Artists
(18 Tracks)
MP3 - $9.99
The FuMP, Volume 39
By: Various Artists
(19 Tracks)
MP3 - $9.99
New Singles:
You are my Sunshine(The Treasure) - Art Paul Schlosser
Tom Petty - Art Paul Schlosser
Sing Something - Max DeGroot
Train (U're The Best) - Art Paul Schlosser
Thank You - Art Paul Schlosser
I Just Want To Make Love To You - Art Paul Schlosser
Mother Goose Boogie - Art Paul Schlosser
Martin Luther King (U're The Best) - Art Paul Schlosser
Tiger Woods - Art Paul Schlosser
Do It - Art Paul Schlosser
Have A Better Day - Art Paul Schlosser
I Like Peace (U're The Best) - Art Paul Schlosser
I Like Your Dress - Art Paul Schlosser
Doobio's Fish Tacos - David Tanny
The Hokey Pokey - Art Paul Schlosser
Sailing On A Chocolate Chip Cookie - Art Paul Schlosser
You're Pretty When You're Wet (Live) - Art Paul Schlosser
Restraining Order Love Song - Mikey Mason
I Can't Be Your Friend Anymore - Bonecage
Theme From Officer Down - Tony Goldmark
Recently on The Mad Music Show:
The Rabbit Song - Worm Quartet
307 Ale (2010 Version) - Tom Smith
Cheddar Cheese - Art Paul Schlosser
Cheese Enough - Throwing Toasters
Angus Beef Patties with Cheese and Bacon - Hot Waffles
Taco Supremo - Confabulation of Gentry
Merry Christmas You Suckers - Paddy Roberts
Christmas Time Spaghetti - Max DeGroot
Merry Christmas (WWRJD) - Bonecage
All I Want for Christmas Is Stuff - TV's Kyle
Jewish Christmas Carol Medley - Steve Goodie
Where Are All The Songs About Chanukah? - Drew Jacobs & His Nice Jewish Boys
Pink Christmas - Moneyshot Cosmonauts
I Heart Thanksgiving - Robert Lund
Cooking For 93 - Tom Smith
Thank God Thanksgiving Only Comes Once a Year - Steve Goodie
Buy Yams...I Said - Moneyshot Cosmonauts
She Grabbed My Coconuts - Barry & The Bookbinders
PC Halloween - Devo Spice
Getting HallowEven - Scooter Picnic feat. Ben Stahl

Song samples are provided for information purposes only and are intended to enable the users to sample the music (as they are in very low quality) before they make the decision of purchasing the music. This right is expressly permitted under "Fair Use" as nonprofit educational purposes only. The ownership of the copyright of the songs rests with the respective owners.

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