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Badave Bi-weekly Parody Radio Show 07/26/2009
Topic: Fat and Proud

Parodists: Want your songs played on Badave Radio? Send your mp3s (44mhz, up to 320bps) to (Under 10 mb, over 10 PM me, and we'll work something else out). OR fill out the quick and easy blanket permission form at Enjoy the show!

This show has 4 parts:

Next week: TBA

Listing added by:  belowaveragedave

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Show Facts:
Below Average Dave: (belowaveragedave)
Rex Ungericht: (belowaveragedave)
Odd Austin: (belowaveragedave)
Jeff Reuben: (belowaveragedave)
Spaff: (belowaveragedave)
Robert Lund: (belowaveragedave)
DJ Particle: (belowaveragedave)
Vanilla n*****k: (belowaveragedave)
Silly Nelson Duncan: (belowaveragedave)
McKludge: (belowaveragedave)
Rick Cormier: (belowaveragedave)
Nuclear Bubble Wrap: (belowaveragedave)
Insane Ian: (belowaveragedave)
The Conquer of Parodies: (belowaveragedave)
Art Paul Schlosser: (belowaveragedave)
Matthias: (belowaveragedave)
Vanilla n*****k: (belowaveragedave)
Medemia: (belowaveragedave)
Max DeGroot: (belowaveragedave)
Ann Hammond: (belowaveragedave)
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Messages about the show: "Badave Bi-weekly Parody Radio Show 07/26/2009"

belowaveragedave   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  07-27-09 01:28 AM  -  12 years ago
One correction, in the broadcast I say "Shattered", that's because I wrote Shatner really sloppy on my notepad, and when I was reading what I was about to play that's how I read it--obviously it's right on the playlist here. . .It is "Bill Shatner" by Medemia. . .he has not done one called Shattered. I'll do my links and stuff tomorrow, I've got stuff to take care of in the morning.
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