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New Recordings in 2020

This page highlights new songs, recordings and albums released in 2020. It also provides an easy way to add them to your collection!

Recordings released in 2020, and not previously released, qualify for requests/voting for the year-end "Best of 2020 Mad Music Show!"

If you know of a Mad Album or Silly Song released in 2020 what is not listed here please e-mail me and I'll add it!

 = Album,  = Song/Track

Artist(s)TypeTitleReleasedMusic StorePrice
Action SkullsSocial Distancing Blues2020  
Ajay StephensCorona Virus Anthem2020  
AlestormPirate Metal Drinking Crew2020  
AlestormShit Boat (No Fans)2020  
Amy EngelhardtFluffy's Master Plan For World Domination 2.02020  
Anthony "A-Log" LoGattoCorona-Crisis2020  
Bad Beth & BeyondHome Wrecking Bitch2020  
Belle Isle Rats, TheBlow Stuff Up2020  
Belle Isle Rats, TheFirst World Problem2020  
Belle Isle Rats, TheOCD2020  
Belle Isle Rats, TheOut of Focus Man2020  
Beth Kinderman & The Player CharactersBaby Yoda2020  
Bitfinity (Matthew Taranto)Bohemian WAApsody2020  
Bob RiversYou Gotta Wash Your Hands2020  
BonecageProportional Genitals2020  
BonehengeL.A. Excavation2020  
BonehengeMammal Uprising (Single)2020  
Boobles feat. Rob Paravonian & Jace McLain, ThePlayboy Stats Writer2020  
Boy Meets Robot feat. Insane IanPants Song, The2020  
Brothers Marks, TheI Did Not Mean You Can Really Eat the Dishes2020  
Brothers Marks, TheSitting On My Key Fob2020  
Byrd & The BoysUsed to Be Your Carpenter (Now I'm Just Your Tool)2020  
Carla UlbrichGluten-Free Diet2020  
Carla UlbrichPut On A Mask2020  
Carla UlbrichSweatpants!2020  
Carrie DahlbyDoctor Fauci2020  
Cheap Cuts feat. Pete WentzCheck Your Phone2020  
Chizzy StephensGotta Go Fast (Sonic)2020  
Chris Waffle Explosion, TheI Heart U Tiger King2020  
Chris Waffle Explosion, TheMiddle-Aged Man In A Hot Tub2020  
Courtesan & The Cabin Boy, TheWell Oiled Beef2020  
Daniel MatarazzoSuper Bad Transmittable Contagious Awful Virus!2020  
Devo SpiceEverything Is Cancelled2020  
Devo SpiceWAPC (Wet-Ass Pussy Cat)2020  
Devo Spice feat. the great Luke Ski & Insane IanZoom Meeting2020  
Devo Spice feat. Worm QuartetOld Source Code2020  
Drew JacobsDon't Take Me Out To The Ballgame2020  
ElviraDon't Cancel Halloween2020  
EminemLittle Engine2020  
Erich "Dingo" ReinhardtHand Sanitizer2020  
First Rule, TheAll My Friends Suck2020  
Flat Five Chicago, TheDrip A Drop2020  
Founders SingI Gotta Wash My Hands!2020  
From BackwardsRobot Chick2020  
Funk TurkeyWar Paper2020  
Gal Gadot & FriendsImagine (Stand for Corona)2020  
Gothsicles, ThePre-Party With Moderate Fierceness2020  
Heather PiersonToilet Paper Song, The2020  
Insane IanAchievement Unlocked 20202020  
Jeff WhitmireFlatten the Curve2020  
Jeff WhitmireJelly Beans, Don't Make Good Lovers2020  
Joe J. ThomasI'm Speaking Spanish!2020  
John MammoserQuarantine Songs2020  
Jonathan JensenAll By Myself2020  
KANA-BOONStar Marker2020  
Kristen LundbergSugar Bush2020  
Larry TritelDon't You Worry, It's The End Of The World2020  
Lauren MayerGoys2020  
Lauren MayerWhen Gramma Braved The Line At Costco2020  
Lemon DemonFunkytown2020  
Little BigUno2020  
Loose Bruce KerrTwelve Days of Lockdown, The2020  
Louder with CrowderKung Flu Fighting2020  
Loudon Wainwright IIIToilet Roll Blues2020  
Luke Ski, the greatSmall Round Yoda2020  
Maria & The Von TrapplingsDo Re Mi - Covid-19 Version2020  
Maria TuckerCan't Touch My Face2020  
Mason Lieberman & CompanyReal Folk Blues, The2020  
Max DeGrootCensus 20202020  
MC Lars & Schaffer the DarklordFriendalorians, The2020  
MC Lars feat. Ash Tell EmWAP (Wet Ass Poopies)2020  
Mick Kahler & Al Flash50 Ways to Not Touch Others2020  
Mikey Mason(Tiny Little Murder) Toes2020  
Mikey MasonAmerica's Ass (The Ass-ional Anthem)2020  
Mikey MasonIt's The Fiend Folio As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)2020  
Mikey MasonRepeat2020  
Moneyshot CosmonautsBannon And Kolfage2020  
Nuclear Bubble WrapProblem Attic2020  
Ozzy OsbourneScary Little Green Men2020  
Pat GodwinDirty Hands, Must Come Clean2020  
Phillip StarkQuarantine2020  
PJ ProvieEmerson, Lake & Palmer2020  
Power SaladClean Plate Club2020  
Power SaladSleep Shirt2020  
Power SaladSong On The Playlist2020  
Professor IncubusCorona2020  
Randy RainbowAndy2020  
Robbie EllisListing All The List Songs2020  
Robert Lund & Spaff.comQuarantinaville2020  
Roy Zimmerman & The ReZistersLiar Tweets Tonight, The2020  
Rucka Rucka AliTrump for More Years?2020  
Saunt YuberHardly Working2020  
Scooter PicnicMy Robot Is Too Big2020  
ShwabadiBe the Star2020  
Songify featuring “Weird Al” YankovicWe're All Doomed2020  
Steve GoodieBaby You're the Only Girl For Me2020  
Steve GoodieEnd Times2020  
Steve GoodieFlorida Man2020  
Steve GoodieFuckface Von Clownstick2020  
Steve GoodieGaslighter2020  
Steve GoodieSnowman2020  
Steve GoodieVote Blue2020  
Steve Goodie feat. Ashley NortonDon't Be A Dick (Covid-19 version)2020  
Stupendium, TheThese Hallowed Wings2020  
Sweats and Spinners feat. Kate Hart27 Hoes2020  
Sweeney ToadBrown Torpedoes2020  
Theater of MalumDrunken Sailor2020  
This Old StonerdIn-a-Gadda-of-Covid2020  
Tim HeideckerFear Of Death2020  
Todd EllisPatient Zero (A Love Song)2020  
Tom Smith(Will You) Just Shut Up?2020  
Tom SmithWeebles/We Are the Fandoms2020  
TV's KyleDo The Cow2020  
TV's KyleUkyo Kuonji (2020)2020  
TV's KyleVegetable Bod2020  
TV's KyleWalk Like A Walk Guy2020  
TV's Kyle feat. Lindsay SmithFunkyplanet2020  
TV's Kyle feat. Lindsay SmithI Can't Feel My Legs2020  
Tyler ZahnkeCoronavirus2020  
Van StoneDon't Ever Leave Me2020  
William Shatner feat. Pat TraversI Put A Spell On You2020  
Worm QuartetPac-Man is Forty and So Should You2020  
Young JeffreyDrink-O De Mayo2020  
Young JeffreyFlawed Plan2020  
Young JeffreyGuy With The Tigers2020  
Young JeffreyYou Watched That Screaming Meeting2020  
Zeb LemkeHey, Weird Al Yankovic2020  

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