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Rappy McRapperson
Contact: E-Mail (Alchav) 
Date Born/Group Began:
Date Died/Group Ended:
Also Known As:
Josh Katz (Alchav)
Rappy McRaperson (Alchav)
Ben Petty (Music) (Alchav)
Josh Katz (Vocals, Lyrics) (Alchav)
  • He created many songs for the Captain Underpants book series, after the creator saw his formerly-existing Seattle-area Public Access television show, "The Make Josh Famous Half-Hour of Garbage," and contacted him. Four of those songs can be found at (Alchav)
  •  Songs 187 in Lake Hillz - (with 'Rappy McRapperson feat. J City & The Bomb') 5-Dollar Microphone 566-73-5140 Boogy, The 64 Bars 99 Problems Santa's List Ain't One - (with 'Rappy The Elf') A Glorious Anthem Adopt Poppinfloss Aflockaliptic Flapture And There You Have It Arnold Intro Backflips (live) Balling Outa Control Bark With Me If Your My Dogggg Basketball Bill & Ted Super Song, The Bloody Vampires From Outer Space Bombfather, The Brand New Slacks Bring That Noise Back Car Bomb Charlie Sheen is on the Mother f***ing Scene Corn Grain Crunch Courtroom Introduction, The - (with 'Rappy McRapperson feat. Judge Brad') Crispy Pork Gang - (with 'Pool Boyz') Curse In your Verses Diarrhea Squirting on Your Face Dino Dudes Drama In The Club Drink More Water Dusty Trails Out West Expand your mind Feel The Love Fight The Gorlax Fish Sticks Fishing for Love Five Big Boners Wiggling In Your Grandmas Face!.mp3 Food! Forest, The Gigantic Vagina Gimme Stuff Grocery Store Haole Rot Harry Armstrong - (with 'Pool Boyz') Heidy Hoe Hotline, The - (with 'Pool Boyz') I want U 2 B Mrs. McRapperson I'm a Gangsta'm_Grounded.mp3 I'm Grounded'm_In_Love_with_the_Girl.mp3 I'm In Love with the Girl...'m_Not_Afraid_Anymore.mp3 I'm Not Afraid Anymore I'm Your Dad, Stanley Im A Gangster Interloode Im gonna Kill Myself Intro Intro Intro 808 Intro, The Intro-duck-tion's_a_Frizbee.mp3 It's a Frizbee James and Sarah Keep It In Your Pants You Rascal Kool Dreamz Krystaleene La La Lawww Lady Life Da Main Lady Lake Hills Potato Sack Derby Race, The Lake Hillz (Featuring Udip) Li'l Fetus Life On The Line Liz is an Idiot Super Dance Log Dance, The Love Song For Sands Mcrapperson Baby Me and My Grandma Went to Prison Together Mom, I Gave You AIDS Mr.Bonerman!.mp3 My Fanny Pack! My Shoulder Hurts Outro Outroduckshun Outroducksion Outroduction Pave the World (Bonus Track) Peace Out Pink and Purple Planet Lesbodian Pool Boys R Dead, The - (with 'Pool Boyz') Pool Science - (with 'Pool Boyz') Praise the J Presidential History Punch The Wall Rapping on the Mike to Tell the World I'm a Loser Real Freakz Up in the Club Reppin' It - (with 'Pool Boyz')
    Santa On A Helicopter - (with 'Rappy McRapperson f/ Wing') Scar Pack Sick as doggerooskies Skim the Top - (with 'Pool Boyz') Smear The Diereah Smoke Your Tears So Punk Rock Like Avril Lavigne Soda Gorlax Song X - (with 'Rappy McRapperson feat. Lil Nasty') Southbound I-5 Space Camp Pervert - (with 'Pool Boyz') Speedos and an Abraham Lincoln Hat - (with 'Rappy McRapperson feat. Lil Nasty') Squeegee Bop - (with 'Pool Boyz') Stay Magical Things That Are Scary This is Why I'm Cold - (with 'Rappy McRapperson feat. The Bomb') This Is Why Im Cold This One's for the Kids TLYOBPD Trees and Birds Turn My Christ On Under The Sea We Are Farmers Welcome to the Shrubz Who Stole My Soda Pop? Who Stole My Sombrero? Who Stole The Soda Pop? (Featuring Stayzodd) You Gotta Be Tough And Strong Zaida Beat (Remix with Love) Zaida Beat (Remix)
    Artist Images:
    Live at the Amway Arena Cover.jpg
    new album!


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