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Revenge of the Particle - August 26, 2011
Topic: Show 366


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Part 1
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Steve Jobs and I  [first known play]iJustine
I Got a Main  [only known play]Nananea feat. Craig the Patient
Caution: Don't You Listen To This Song  [only known play]Dave Van Wormer
Good Morning Tuscon  [first known play]Jonathan Coulton
Give the GOP a Chance  [only known play]Richard Dieffenbach
End Results  [only known play]Asiko feat. Sharm, Blizzleman, & Demineon
The Green Grass of Home  [only known play]DeaDBeaT
  • Elevator
  • Cirque du So What?
  • Can't Hug Every Cat
  •   [first known play]
    Turtle Fence
  • Shaky Quaky Ground
  •   [first known play]
    Jeff Reuben
  • Thank U Gilligan
  •   [first known play]
    Moneyshot Cosmonauts
    Rolling With Mad Deeps  [only known play]PaddyDCups
    When You Log Out  [only known play]Sharm
    People of Walmart  [only known play]Danny Jones
    Ain't a Wolf At AllDictionary Attack
    See You in September  [only known play]Steve Bryant
    Lazy Fat Ass  [only known play]Redonkilaus
    ScientLOLojyuuichiNuclear Bubble Wrap
    Tom Cruise CrazyJonathan Coulton
    Scientology = WTF?MC Lars
  • Hot For Zombies
  • Emi Loca
  • Hot 4 Zombies
  •   [only known play]
  • Hot 4 Zombies (Metal Version)
  •   [first known play]
    Worgen of Stormwind  [only known play]Teagen the Rogue feat. Kamuraki
    Why Can't I Shoot The Dog?Sudden Death feat. the Gothsicles
  • Yeh Yeh
  •   [only known play]
    Beefy and Mustin
  • Hovering Sombrero
  •   [only known play]
    Marian Call
  • Another First Kiss
  •   [only known play]
    MC Frontalot
  • Man, It's So Loud in Here
  •   [only known play]
    Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire
  • Cyclops Rock
  •   [only known play]
    Driftless Pony Club
    Beast Mode  [only known play]Gank Squad feat. Totemly Cool & Blizzleman
    As Some Day It May HappenStewie Griffin
    Fish SticksRappy McRapperson
    Like The GameOxhorn
    The Next Door Neighbor's WifeJohn Lobello
    Reefer GLAADnessPositude feat. Luke Ski
    Ganking All Lowbies  [only known play]Shadowstepx feat. Abandonation
    Silent ETom Lehrer
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