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Topic: Topic: Songs Needed For Mad Music Archive?

Started by: Tommie Tucker

Tommie Tucker   Offline  -  Member  -  07-21-13 03:26 PM  -  4 years ago
Theyolksonyou . org

Had This

Charlotte's Web Movie - Eggman
The Texas Chain Letter Massacre - Eggman

Tommie Tucker   Offline  -  Member  -  07-20-13 04:14 AM  -  4 years ago
Here Are A Few You Missed

Only Play Sample


Why Can't You Be Like Jimmy Zoot Fenster

Susie And The Stoker Judy Marshall

To God Be The Glory - Sue Gardner & Tiny Tim

What Is A Disc Jockey - Spike Jones (f/ Ross Mulholland)

I've Got It Made - Jimmy Boyd

Day Dreamer - Jimmy Boyd

When You Ride A Bicycle - Frank Luther

Mickey Mouse And Minnie's In Town - Don Bestor & His Orchestra

Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party - Ted Fio Rito & His Orchestra

Donald Duck - Victor Young & His Orchestra

From Russia With Love - The Temperance Seven

Don't Get Any On Ya - Mr. Plow

Smokum Hokum - Lee Alden & Jack Barron

Give It Back To The Indians - Johnny Green

Living Without Hair - Bon Trout

Homophobic Dream #24 - Barnes & Barnes

Wipe Your Bum With A Kitten - Otis Mace

High School U.S.A. (Minneapolis-St.Paul) - Tommy Facenda

High School U.S.A. (Los Angeles Area) - Tommy Facenda

Ass's On Fire - Uranus

Ballad Of The Boss Bug - Rex Miller

I Dreamed I Was A Beatle - Murry Kellum

Devil's Ride - Kitsyke Will

Cuban Landscape With Rain - Quaternaglia Guitar Quartet

The Coyote - Henry Gibson

Hippies Prayer - Henry Gibson

The Broadway New York Song - anonymous

Sticky-Sticky-Stombo-Noso-Rombo-Hody-Body-Bosco-Ickynon-Hueynon-Hamy-Ramy-Nongo Fell In The Well - Easop-Fable & The Searchers

Ja-Da - Leo Watson

Final Dimension In Shock (1960s radio spot)

Dinner With Drac - Lee Kristofferson

Creature Features - Beauregarde & The Poppers

Myra Vampira - The Poppers

The Texas Chain Letter Massacre - Eggman

H1N1 Vaccine Song - Eggman

Raincoat Man - Naked Flames
Tommie Tucker   Offline  -  Member  -  07-20-13 03:56 AM  -  4 years ago
Of Course Your Right This Is How I Know That It Is A 1 Play Only

There Only Play Sample

Not Whole Songs And Again 1 Play Only

There Are 300 Songs On The List For Play Sample

Tommie Tucker   Offline  -  Member  -  07-20-13 03:47 AM  -  4 years ago
There Where 2


Dunderbeck Machine

Only A Half Of The Song

Ass's On Fire - Uranus
Homophobic Dream #24 Barnes & Barnes


Dunderbeck - John Raitt
Ass's On Fire - Uranus
Homophobic Dream #24 Barnes & Barnes
Dave AuJus   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  07-20-13 03:39 AM  -  4 years ago
FYI - I found several of the songs listed below in the archive.

Dunderbeck - John Raitt
Ass's On Fire - Uranus
Homophobic Dream #24 - Barnes & Barnes

These songs can be played by DJs on shows.
You can search for songs by clicking on "Songs"
A menu will drop down and you type the name of the song.
This should take you to the song page.
example of song page:
Tommie Tucker   Offline  -  Member  -  07-20-13 02:36 AM  -  4 years ago
Personally, I wish all The Dame Artist

Would Or There Friends Or There family members Would

unfortunately They Don't Have Anyone That Even Like's Them Even A Little Bite

From The Hole List


Dunderbeck - John Raitt

Ballad Of The Boss Bug Rex Miller HD

Ballad Of Chappaquiddick The Quidnuncs HD

Ass's On Fire Uranus HD

Smokum Hokum Lee Alden & Jack Barron HD

Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party Ted Fio Rito & His Orchestra HD

Mickey Mouse And Minnie's In Town Don Bestor & His Orchestra HD

I Faw Down And Go Boom Harry Smith HD

Homophobic Dream #24 Barnes & Barnes HD

High School U S A Minneapolis St Paul Tommy Facenda HD

High School U S A Los Angeles Area Tommy Facenda HD

High School U S A U S A version HD

Here Come The Elephants Roger Price Jeff Harris Fay DeWitt Kenny Adams Sheila Copelan HD

Final Dimension In Shock 1960s radio spot HD

Don't Get Any On Ya Mr Plow HD

Donald Duck Victor Young & His Orchestra HD

Dinner With Drac Lee Kristofferson HD

Devil's Ride Kitsyke Will HD

Cuban Landscape With Rain Quaternaglia Guitar Quartet HD

Creature Features Beauregarde & The Poppers HD

Bed The Flashcats HD

Susie And The Stoker Judy Marshall HD

I've Got It Made Jimmy Boyd HD

Everybody's Queer But They Don't Know It John Bartle HD

Day Dreamer Jimmy Boyd HD

Wipe Your Bum With A Kitten Otis Mace HD

The Texas Chain Letter Massacre Eggman HD

The Elephant Hop Kenny Adams HD

The Coyote Henry Gibson HD

The Broadway New York Song i dont know HD

Thank You Republic Airlines Tom Paxton HD

Sticky Sticky Stombo Noso Rombo Hody Body Bosco Ickynon Hueynon Hamy Ramy Nongo Fell In The Well Easop Fable & The Searchers HD

Santa's Breakin' In Rob Elk HD

Santa And His Ho Ho Ho Milo Bobbins & The Budget Boys HD

Raincoat Man Naked Flames HD

Myra Vampira The Poppers HD

Campaign '88 If I Was Your President Phe… HD

Oprah Burps John Mammoser HD

Confession Hotline John Mammoser HD

No Thanks I've Had Enough Of Those Banks Gabe Green HD

Merle Haggard Was Eating Tofu Ralph Litwin HD

Cow Imagination Lou & Peter Berryman HD

Taco Sauce On The Mild Side Laszlo & Gary HD

The Bingo Song Court Dock Johnson HD

Running Bare Looney Larry Easterday HD

Friday The 13th The Musical Open Season HD

A K Tel Comedy Commercial Roseanne Barr HD

Tin Soldier Roseanne Barr HD

Hello, Mom Tom Gear HD

I Just Wanna Stay Home From School Laszlo & Gary HD

She Took Me To The Cleaners Laszlo & Gary HD

Rappa This Vinnie Gumba HD

Got To Go On Vacation Johnny & The Leisure Suits HD

D J Blues Da Yoopers HD

Operation Translation J Walter Beethoven HD

In Heat John Mammoser HD

Too Young To Drink Krypton HD

Runnin' Wild Spike Jones HD

No Boom Boom In Yucca Flats Davey Crackpot Spike Jones & His Jumping Beans f Billy Barty HD

Your Morning Feature The Country Dodgers HD

Give It Back To The Indians Johnny Green HD

From Russia With Love The Temperance Seven HD

Why Can't You Be Like Jimmy Zoot Fenster HD

When You Ride A Bicycle Frank Luther HD

What Is A Disc Jockey Spike Jones HD

To God Be The Glory Sue Gardner & Tiny Tim HD

Don't Get Married - Norman Temple.wmv HD

Thighs Like Us - K97 Looney Tunes.wmv HD

Spruce Grove Girls - K97 Looney Tunes.wmv HD

i dont know - Captain Kangaroo.wmv HD

Hearts On Hold - Steve Huston.wmv HD

Edit #1 - Paul Rodriguez.wmv HD

(title not given) - Naftule Brandwein & His Orchestra.wmv HD

(Quick, Make Up A Name) - The Klezmorim.wmv HD

qq-qq - (Canadian artist) i dont know.wmv HD

QQ - QQ (Canadian artist) i dont know.wmv HD

Walkman Hazards - Wild Bill Carpanko.wmv HD

Flo & Eddie Theme Flo & Eddie HD

Humphrey The Whale Bob Chance & Tracy Sands HD

Edmund's Comet Guy Ridley HD

Stella Fitzgerald At Home Marcia Masters & Mark Waldstein HD

Lost In The Mail Roman & Pudfunkel HD

The Man With A Thousand Voices Mel Blanc HD

The Joker Goldchain HD

I'm In A Coma For You Barbie & The Big Cheese HD

White Bread Rap Run PMS Drucker & Mayer HD

Gridiron Boys Exotic Adrian Street HD

Answering Machines Of The Rich And Famous Frank Welker HD

Personality The Del Rubio Triplets HD

I Heard It Through the Grapevine The Del Rubio Triplets HD

Dance, We Dance Angie Jarre HD

Calm Down It's Only 1's & 0's Kathy Mar HD

Barbara in My Bed Jesse Goldberg HD

The Hostility Song Raytown Kiwanis Orch HD

Part Time Job From Hell Justin Reed & Tori Ludders HD

Heartbreak Hotel Celtic Elvis HD

Control Control Data Zot Theater HD

Chicken Song Jim & Rosalie HD

When You Smoke Tobacco Ernie Sheldon HD

Stock Report Michael Jazperson HD

Rover Rolled Me Over John Penn HD

Number Games Rick Stubbs HD

Streakin' And Freakin' Streaks HD

Lora Belle Lee Four Hitchhikers HD

Was He Asking For It Panther Players HD

Lookin' For People Lookin' For Fun - The Three Stooges.wmv HD

Carousel Of Love - Pete Best.wmv HD

Dangerous Occupations - Allen Gould & Danny Siegel.wmv HD

The Reverend - Rick Dees.wmv HD

Soon As I Lose Ten Pounds - Barbara Raney.wmv HD

Deck the Halls - Herman Wurlitzer.wmv HD

Nuclear Dump Site - Lou Gottleib.wmv HD

Get Out Of My Lane - Gio & The Proteens.wmv HD

The Commercial Song - Conjunto Bernal w Cha-Cha Jiminez.wmv HD

Robert Klein performace.wmv HD

Robert Klein interview.wmv HD

Iranscam - Tim Cavanagh.wmv HD

In The Wintertime - Tim Considine & Mike Kelley.wmv HD

The Belle Of Avenue A Fugs HD

Bad In Bed Ned Wreck HD

Where Do You Go Oscar Brand & The Secret Band HD

Battle Hymn Of The Republic Oscar Brand HD

instrumental Oscar Brand HD

Monsters In The Closet Andy Robinson HD

My Wife Is On A Diet North & Company HD

I Like You Better When You're Drunk Pendleton Brown HD

On Strike Dick Darby HD

Censored Lonnie Donegan HD

Boll Weevil Jack E Leonard HD

Night Of The Living Deadheads Duck Logic HD

Job Description George Rauh Calgon Corp HD

I C P Infection Control Practitioners George Rauh Calgon Corp HD

The Bowling Song Dick Liebert HD

Chiropractic Rap Mr Curtiss HD

Three Birds Kay Kalie & The Kay Lites HD

Sweet Birds Snooks & His Memphis Ramblers HD

Monologue Emo Philips HD

I Hate L A Action Jack & The Wolf Pack HD

The Great John L The Great John L HD

That Old Black Magic The Masked Spooner HD

Grappling Gladiators Anthem Rosebud Marvin Rosenthal HD

Shango Olatunji Pata Pata Miriam Makeba HD

Mr Bull No 4 Mr Bull E Falabe Lewe King Sunny Ade HD

First Rehearsal Joe Piscopo HD

Elephant Hunting Song i dont know HD

The Pumpkin Man Kathy Bee HD

Zombie Stomp i dont know HD

Jetsons Theme Eep Op Ork Golden Chorus HD

Guests Andrew Solt & Malcolm Leo, discussing and playing excerpts from their film It Came From Hollywood HD

Fa Ga i dont know HD

E T For Breakfast John Christensen HD

Sing Me A Happy Song Peter Lind Hayes HD

Dr Schill's Ear Spray Travesty, Ltd HD

I'm A Gettin' Used To Armageddon Steve O'Donnell HD

E T The Record Dan Martin HD

When The Sun Comes Over The Brewey Whoopee John Wilfahrt HD

We're Party Animals Jonathon Brandmeier HD

Concert Tour Of Mars Shep Cooke HD

Ballad Of Jerry Lawler King Jerry Lawler HD

Echo Sonata Peter Schickele P D Q Bach HD

Radio Papa Broadcastin' Mama Butterbeans & Susie w Eddie Heywood's Sons of Harmony HD

Invasion Of The Plant People The Crew HD

I've Been To Me And It's No Thrill Joy Grdnic Richard Levinson HD

I Don't Want No More Of Army Life Texas Jim Robertson HD

Do Re Mi Dr Gonzo & The Rent a cars HD

Nicholas Kenneth Rexroth HD

Lord, Won't You Shield Me From Brooke … HD

Is There Room On The Couch For Me Rob… HD

comedy monologue Henry Holden HD

Burns & Allen theme Robert Armstrong HD

TV Guide Spot Stan Freberg HD

Small Fry Mambo Sheriff John HD

Save Jerry Lewis Henry Holden HD

Real McCoys Cha Cha The Real McCoys HD

Ode To Stanley Pussycat Ernie Kovacs HD

Me Name It Is Jingles Andy Devine HD

Surf's Up For My Surfin' Pup Surf Mutts HD

Epilogue David Brenner HD

My Wife is On A Diet Tommy Handley HD

Fishin' Pole Judith Hanson HD

Tennis, I Love You Douglas Greer HD

Greasy Spoon J C Anderson HD

Dick, The Public Private Eye Little Organ Andy HD

Vacation montage i dont know HD

Vacation The Song Project HD

Elvis's Car Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre HD

Most Embarrassing Moment Skip Stephenson HD

I Wonder How I Look When I'm Asleep Riverside Dance Band HD

Home On The Range Jules Allen HD

Following The Cow Trail Carl T Sprague HD

Bonanza Richard Williams & The Tonedeffs HD

The Things We Do On Sunday Andrea Re & Clouds HD

Wings Under Tokyo Spastic Phono Band HD

The Doper's Rodeo Bandits HD

Acne Blues Damaskas HD

Running Montage Damaskas HD

Enumerator's Dilemma Russell Hoffman HD

Zelda Doug McCormick HD

Loco Baseball Eddie Lawrence HD

They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Haaa! Tiny Tim HD

Surfin' For Peace Tom Sharp HD

Surfer For President Corky Carroll HD

Louie's Market The Zanies HD

Flying Minorities OPEC'ers Gallagher HD

What Is A One Zanies HD

Sports Gallagher HD

Irving Johnny Brandon HD

A Modest Proposal Jonathan King HD

Please, Mr Carter Harry Siegel HD

Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra Robert Klein HD

China Rocks Uranium Savages HD

Turkey Skins Travesty, Ltd HD

Toight The Baby X Is Born Travesty, Ltd HD

Riot In Toytown Travesty, Ltd HD

Nome For The Holidays Topical Tones HD

Christmas Requests Travesty, Ltd HD

Christmas Around The World Travesty, Ltd HD

Where There's Blood, There's Blassie Fred Blassie HD

Cylent Night The Stooge Bros HD

Da Doo Ron Ron Barnes & Barnes HD

Sanitation Man Junk Rock HD

Confidence from Oswald The Rabbit cartoon w James Hall intro & outro HD

We Need To Be Governed By McGovern anonymous HD

The Nixon Tapes assembled by Frank Gottlieb HD

Ike For President w James Hall intro & outro HD

Tokeau Boys unknown HD

Morgen Latte Hoger Hiller HD

Evolution Mama Turk Murphy & His Dixieland Band HD

Love Story Of The Packard And The Ford anonymous HD

I Like My Meat Danny Barer HD

Satisfaction The Portsmoth Sinfonia HD

Year Of The Fat Vince Sanchez HD

Son Of A Halfback Eddie Paul's Paramount Orchestra HD

Pass! Shoot!! Goal!!! Debroy Somers HD

A Game Of Football Durium Dance Band HD

The Philodendron Disco Band Lyle Waggoner HD

School Days Moylan Sisters HD

major scale Lyle Waggoner HD

Little Lulu Helen Carroll & The Satisfiers HD

Lucy Has Been Drafted Crystal Image HD

Juanita Banana, Part 2 The Peels HD

I'm The Scat Cat Man Scat Man Crothers HD

Darth Vader Alex Bennett HD

The Mean Dog Blues Scat Man Crothers HD

The Fisherman Chris Lane HD

The Cuckoo Bird In The Pickle Tree The Four Aces HD

She Said Scrooz Lewis HD

Pronounced Normal Wild Man Fischer HD

My Sweet Little Cathy Wild Man Fischer HD

Pronounced Normal - Reprise Man Fischer HD

Them Durn Fool Things Red Ingle f June Foray as Mrs Jaymes F X Paisley HD

From Peanuts To Jellybeans The Zanies HD

Cocaine Blues Red Arnall Slumber Nichols' Western Aces HD

The Whole World Sounds Like Michael McDonald Michael Silversher HD

Transvestite Farmers' Anthem Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre HD

We Are The Chuckleheads Chuckleheads HD

If She Says She Loves You Willio & Phillio HD

Parts Kevyn Dymond HD

Turning Kakujin J K Yakamoto HD

Punk Rock Drives Me Disco Biko Miko & The Futurettes HD

Hardcore Granola Tom T Bone Stankus HD

Gracie Is Socially Secure Charley Drew HD

Wouldn't It Be Funny If You Didn't Have A Nose Scaffold HD

Why Did I Get Married Carson Robison HD

Who's Yehudi Jerry Colonna HD

Ballad Of The Rat Kitty Klutcher Phil Solis HD

Test Tube Baby Blues The Wanna Blues Band HD

Beside The Fastest Group Alive HD

Sweet Violets Larry Vincent HD

Standing In The Bank Line Twitch HD

In The Bushes At The Bottom Of The Garden Ray Noble & His New Mayfair Orchestra HD

Breather Phantom Captain HD

Me Charona Marina Swingers HD

Well, Well, Well Harry Jans & Harold Whalen HD

Cocaine Lil Madrigal Singers HD

Suzanne Somers Freddie Cannon HD

I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones Rose & The Arrangement HD

Totally Bananas Rose & The Arrangement HD

Listening To The Flowers Grow I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again HD

Pass The Veggies Buddy O HD

Nice Dreams Theme Cheech & Chong HD

Today I Feel So Happy Jack Hylton & His Orchestra HD

There's A Man In Iran That I Can't Resist Much Revered Kinda Weird Got This Chick In A Twist The Ayatollah Song Pamela Stephenson w Mel Smith, Rowan Atkinson, & Griff Rhys Jones from Not The 9 O'Clock News HD

Smile And Sing Your Cares Away The Organ, The Dance Band & Me HD

Take My Brain The Pinheads HD

Gob On You Mel Smith w Pamela Stephenson, Rowan Atkinson, & Chris Langham from Not The 9 O'Clock News HD

Contagious Coughs anonymous HD

Sobbing Record anonymous HD

Baseball Game Weher & Fields HD

Cocaine Will Kill You Amy's Dead Tom Stankus HD

Auri Ravori Tom Stankus HD

Alcatraz I Hear You Calling Ron Ormond & The Rodeo Revelers HD

T Bone Talkin' Woman Tom Stankus HD

Ode To A Doze Tom Stankus HD

No Beer In Heaven Dillard Hartford Dillard HD

All About Music Travesty, Ltd HD

Close Encounters Of The Redneck Kind B… HD

The Backwards Song Smilin' Ed McConnell HD

The Ravings of John McCullaugh anonymous HD

Misery Farm Tommy Handley HD

The Colonel Put The Lickin' In The Chicken Webb Bros HD

The Garbage Dumpster Took My Love Away Elmo & Patsy HD

Shipwrecked On Planet X Rocky Jones with Professor Newton & Bobby HD

Boss Of The B B Q Bruce Baby Man Baum HD

Dreams Montage by Damaskas HD

The Goons Are Drinking Again Billygoons HD

The Policeman's Song Tony Azito & The Pirates Of Penzance Cast HD

Meltdown The Songs HD

Classical Rap Bernard T Bassoonski HD

Give Us A Recording Contract The Toons HD

Pineapple Man J B Sky HD

D I D I Dick Murphy HD

Pancho The Parrot medley San Diego Wild Animal Park HD

Noises Don Bestor & Jack Oakie HD

Fly Buttons Millicent Martin & Roy Kinnear HD

I've Been Ridin' In A U F O Dave Gordon & Watershed HD

Bouncing Song Rowan Atkinson w Mel Smith, Pamela Stephenson, & Griff Rhys Jones from Not The 9 O'Clock News HD

The Bears Are Taking Over Yellowstone Brother George Underbrush HD

Serious Tom Rodriguez HD

Dallas Part 2 Dallas Idiots HD

Blimpht Bill Oddie from I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again HD

Mountain Dew Is Out Of Style Bobby Hutch HD

i dont know Dragonfly HD

Confederate Victory Song Rob Baron HD

Terror Devon Marlin Henderson HD

Country Kangaroo Mary Lou Buttons HD

Shish Kabob Benny Bell HD

DeKalb County Deputy Sheriff Gamble Rogers HD

The Freckle Song Montezuma's Revenge HD

Hold The Mustard Hudson & Judson HD

Fred The Head Ken Morrison Ensemble HD

Hello, This Isn't Anna Ron Crick HD

Smelt & Alto International D J s HD

Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind Professor Marx Zydiak Marc Zydiak HD

Chufa The San Lucas Band HD

Banana Boat Day O excerpt Inger Lise HD

Tito The Mosquito Damaskas HD

Mother Goose Is On The Loose, Part 2 Price & Fresno HD

King Tut Strut Dr Frank Minyard & The Mummies HD

Male Chauvinist Piglets SuLu HD

Male Chauvinist Pig Dan Dalton & The Hummers HD

Indianapolis Frank Lewis HD

Spin Little Dreidl Shirley Cohen HD

Hanukkah Song The Children & SuLu HD

Christmas Joke Metric Michael & friends HD

Happy Birthday to Frank Zappa , Damaskas, Normal Norman, & Bashful Bob HD

I'm A MOR On Damaskas HD

Home Scuba Diving Phil Peavis HD

Wino Roll Kokonuts HD

Happy Birthday to Damaskas Laughing Lois & Normal Norman HD

Disc Jockey Blues Bobby Worth & Bill Anson HD

The Day After Tomorrow's World The Original Cast Of The BBC Radio Show I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again HD

Hello, I Love You Damaskas, Mike Kieffer, & Their Kazoo Band Joe, Brian, etc HD

Make Your Bird A Star Laurelbird & Hardybird HD

Run For Your Life The Ladmo Trio HD

Lulu Dave Kirby HD

Hail To The Jewish Mother Sulu Janet Bieber HD

Flush Bruce Popka Essay HD

Elevator Tom Prescott HD

Who'd You Do The Ju Ju To Alan Kirk HD

Tell That Joke Dick Clair HD

Birthday Kazoo Band Damaskas & Mike Kieffer HD

Pig Song Marty, Dave & North High School FFA Pigs Of Riverside HD

What's New Pussycat Wayne University Dropouts HD

Wiz Of The Bible Biz Wolftracks HD

Clones United Wolftracks HD

I'm In Love With My Dining Room Floor Damaskas HD

Talking TV Blues David H Frost HD

Skateboard Racer P M Band HD

When The Women Wear The Pants Bill Cox HD

Synagogue Rag Damaskas HD

Kitchen Cantata Pink Chunk HD

Monkey Bite Bobby Hunt HD

Canasta Robbie Leff HD

Canasta Carroll & Gorman HD

We Are Demented Michelle & Susie Tucson, AZ HD

The Canasta Song Rosemary Clooney HD

Out Of Gas Blues Jeff Weinstein HD

Louis Braddock blow by blow 6 22 37 HD

Medley of Yoko Ono's Greatest Hits including Open Your Box Damaskas HD

Breakfast Conversations #3 Yin & Yan HD

Transistorized Sweetheart Hello Cheeky HD

The Drainpipe Song Dorothy Shay HD

Spanish Cavaliero Carson Robison & His Pleasant Valley Boys Calls by Lawrence V Loy HD

I Won't Dance George Hall & His Taft Hotel Orchestra HD

First Lady Rhonda Linstadt w The Rick Duncan Band HD

That Old Black Magic Jimmy Savo HD

Send In The Clones Uncle Z HD

Rubber Biscuit The Kazoos Brothers HD

Brown Bag Blues J C & The Brown Bag Blues Band HD

Madalena Hadalena, Part 1 The Zanies HD

Up, The Motorcycle Man Think Tank Of Bayside HD

The Bear Missed The Train Dudley R Bostwick & His Maladjusted Troubadours Of Old Bridge, HD

Studio 54 I Can't Get In The Door Jonathan L Segal HD

Benny, The Bowlegged Bowler Glen Moore & The Moore Men HD

The Pizza's Revenge Bruce Popka HD

Hands Montage, Part 2 Various artists HD

Hands Montage Part 1 Various artists HD

Don't Touch My Duck Dean Cheeseman HD

Garbage At Gucci's Mal Sharpe HD

I'm A Cheer Leader Dave Franklin & His Franklinsteins HD

I Feel Like A Cigaret Butt In The Toilet Of Love David Little HD

Let's Sign A Treaty Don Johnston HD

$547 95 A Day Jerry O HD

Gasoline Rag The Magic If HD

Living Without Hair Bon Trout HD

March Of Green Salamanders Zilch Fletcher HD

Jams And Jellies Jake Porter HD

Country Swings Chuck Wagon & The Wheels HD

Waitin' For Gas One Hand Clapping HD

Sweet Jesus Please Send Me Some Gasoline Patt Mandell & The 8 MPGers HD

Original Original Honky Tonk Night Train Blues Julie Covington & Pete Atkin HD

Lox Radio Theatre Stan Freberg HD

Long John Alan Parker HD

Cocaine Blues Takahiro Saito HD

First Date Barbie HD

The Cocker Spaniel Song The Bandaloons HD

Kingdom Comin' american music consort HD

Crazy George Washington Rob Barron HD

Bicentennial Boogie Cornell Hurd & His Mondo Hotpants Orchestra HD

Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town excerpt Joe Venuti HD

Listen To The Mockingbird Fred Lowery The Blind Whistler w Horace Heidt HD

Cannibal Cutie Herb & The Spices HD

Alimony Tex Williams HD

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head Spike … HD

Killer Curve Pink Flamingo Foundation HD

In My Covertible Cadillac Butch Stone HD

The Men From S A C O N The Brothers in… HD

There's No Lumbago In San Diego Rusty D… HD

Pickled Onions Captain Rock HD

Ballad Of Boris Pilloris Captain Rock HD

The Grind Walter Camp HD

Slot Car Sickie Flamoligeon HD

Nights On Broadway Captain Chaos & Jungle Judy HD

Dum Dot Song The Korn Kobblers HD

Old Man River The Zanies HD

My Dog Has Fleas Martha Tilton HD

Disco Drac Rita Abrams & Peter Ferrara HD

These Newts Are Make For Crawlin' Barnes & Barnes HD

Dummy Song The Modernaires HD

The Stamp Collector The Sweet Violet Boys HD

You're My Type Brad Stanfield HD

Texas Behemoth Cornell Hurd & His Mondo Hotpants Orchestra HD

Lonesome And Disgusted Leo de Lyon HD

Don't Take It Out On Me Montezuma's Revenge HD

Neighborhoods Ernie Hood HD

The Frog Song Vernon Dalhart & Adelyne Hood HD

Sing Ho For The Life Of A Bear Frank Luther HD

The Vegetable Song Bob Mitchell HD

Philadelphia Mike Douglas HD

Skateboard Riding Speeed HD

The Three Trees Horace Heidt & His Musical Knights HD

Bar Room Polka Tommy Clayton HD

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Mitchell Lewis HD

X Minus One old radio theme excepts from Themes Like Old Times LP HD

The Falcon old radio theme excepts from Themes Like Old Times LP HD

Goodbye Doc Randy Tarnation HD

I Love To Sweat Pink Flamingo Foundation HD

Breakfast Conversation #2 Yin & Yan HD

The Fonz Ray Sanders HD

The Doctor I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again cast HD

Oleomargarine Freddie Fisher HD

That's The Spirit Harry The Hipster HD

Me And Grant Frank Bacon HD

Liberty Bell March i dont know HD

When Hannah Plays Piano Bob Bollin & R… HD

Momma Randy Rivera HD

Telegram Alan Bennett HD

Sounds Like Fun Prof Beaverberry & His Rhythm Midgets HD

Two Step Side Step Johnny Hall & His Star Rangers songs by Murray Wilson HD

Painting With Teardrops Of Blue Johnny Hall & His Star Rangers songs by Murray Wilson HD

Thing a ma jig Billy Cullen HD

Sky High Market, Part One Hudson & Pickett HD

There's A Wah Wah Girl In Agua Caliente Ian Whitcomb HD

The Beetles Gonna Getcha Carl Lertzman & The Bo Weevils HD

Proud Mary, Proud Mary Spike Jones, Jr HD

The Rutles In Rutles For Sale Eric Idle & Neil Innes HD

Most Demented City San Diego, California no song played HD

Martian Modulation Cledus Maggard HD

Hello Sweet Lady In The Moon Bros Sincere Mal Sharpe, Don Richman HD

Disco Duck Earl Mallard & His Web Feet Of Rhythm HD

Mouth To Mouth Resuscitation Steve Allen HD

Where Is My Wandering Boy Soprano Voice Tonight Jerry Colonna HD

We'll Take Ike i dont know HD

Larrimore Hustle Lyle Slats McPheeters HD

Don't Let 'Em Take It Away Norm Hoagy HD

Run, Run Chicken Run The Serendipity Singers HD

The Oregon Trail Ozzie Nelson HD

Football Freddy Ted Wallace & His Swing Kings HD

Everybody Wants A Little Peace Billy Gra… HD

An Onion And You Florence Reid George … HD

Never Be Afraid Of Anything Frank Luther HD

The Twister Wallace Exercise Record HD

Etiquette Song Morrison & Reeves HD

Gus's Barbecue commercial from circa 1940s radio broadcast HD

The TV Man Jim Backus HD

You Can't Get Drunk Dear Bob Stewpot Johnson & Freddy Bradish HD

Two Little Toads Don Lawrence & The Ramblers HD

Jack Benny violin medley HD

That's A Stradivarius Love In Bloom George Burns & Jack Benny HD

A Trip To New York i dont know Lincoln Records HD

The Broadway New York Song i dont know HD

A Disc Jockey Meeting Trustin Howard Players HD

The City Song Colwell Brothers HD

Bach 2 Part Invention Trilby's Trio HD

99 Bottles The Blenders HD

Mechanical Man Mark '56 Magic Record HD

The Milton Berle Polka The Marlin Sisters HD

Leckasaurus anonymous 20th Century Fox HD

In The Middle Of The House Milton Berle HD

Hip Hooray For Neville Chamberlin Ian Whitcomb HD

Bugs talks like Woody from Harum Scarum, 1939 HD

Give My Toy To The Boy Next Door Ronny Howard HD

Meat Balls Wingy Manone HD

untitled Laurel & Hardy March The Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band HD

Steam Railroading Under Thundering Skies excerpt i dont know HD

Olives Bert Van Cleve HD

My Blue Heaven i dont know HD

Minneapolis Ain't Talkin' To St Paul Roberts Bros Trio HD

Latino's Nightmare Wally Fernez & The Amigos HD

Hokey Pokey Diddle Dee Rum Wendell Hall HD

Motel Time Ted Shelton & His Bryan County Boys HD

Little Nell Eliot Everett & Orchestra HD

I Wanna Go Back To Bali Stan Fritz w The Freddie Fisher Schnicklefritz Band HD

Duck's Yas Yas The Good Tone Banjo Boys HD

A Crackeryack Lumberyack Uncle Torvald Doug Setterberg HD

Yum Yum Blues Clayton McMichen HD

Sick To My Stomach Blues Madjack Otruba HD

Puv Hooves Alan Seidler HD

Little Billie Koralites HD

Born To Be Wild Ned Wreck HD

Watchin' For The Boogie Man Vaughn DeL… HD

The Broadway New York Song New York Vs Los Angeles i dont know missing last word HD

The 88th Row Of The Hollywood Bowl Rob… HD

Nigger Blues Charles O'Connor HD

Miss Muffet Barry Weaver HD

Coney Island Baby The Playtonics HD

Dodo Oscar & Gina HD

Zumba Zumba Hi Kicka Zumba The Seaboard Coastliners HD

Suni Puni Slim Gaillard HD

Don't Ever Leave Me, Daddy Cool

Don't Ever Go - Daddy Cool

Fifth Dr Demento House Call winner Bruce Burrells HD

Lightnin' Bill Jones' Escape From The Indians Frank Bacon HD

L A Is My Town Leafy Wilson HD

Nicotine Scene The Captions HD

Lovers Of The World Unite Nina & Frederick HD

It's A Love In The Rock 'n' Roll Gypsies HD

Sweeping To The Gates Welling & McGhee HD

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines The Agajanians HD

But The Rock Rolls On The Seaboard Coastliners HD

Through Thick And Thin Vinegaroons HD

Git Up Off'n The Floor, Hannah! or A Bitter New Year's Eve Red Ingle & The Natural Seven HD

Green Apple Nasties HD

Bang Bang Lulu Alex Tyrell HD

Telling My Troubles To A Mule Bobby Breen HD

Social Security Marva Josie & Earl Fatha Hines HD

I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You Sammy Davis Jr HD

Dancing My Fanny Around Tiny Hill HD

Golden Gate Johnny Marvin HD

Blind Willie McTell HD

The World's Richest Surfer Jack Marshall HD

Knees Up, Mother Brown Merv Griffin & Th… HD

Jukebox Joe The Gingersnaps HD

The Tobacco Auctioneer F E Boone w Edwin Hill narrator HD

You Gotta Take Your Pick And Swing The Four Aces HD

We Are The King's Navy Ambrose & His Orchestra HD

Hollywood Red Riding Hood Jane Russell HD

Extra Extra Hearts And Flowers HD

Rufe Johnson's Harmony Band Gene Greene HD

recording of a Norwegian 8 string Hardonger violin Helvoor Brautin HD

automobile set put together by Joe Monte HD

story of The Boston Tea Party Ronald Reagan HD

Marijuana Salad #2 originally aired in San Francisco, 1971 HD

Cicilian Tarantella Rina's Orchestra HD

Zelda Klotz The New Harlequins HD

Wild Man The Contenders HD

The Adventures Of Bullets Martoni break in by Dr Demento HD

Short Dresses Jay Jay Cameron w King David & The Parables HD

Lucky Lager commercial Jimmy Witherspoon HD

Gerald McBoing Boing Mac Perrin & The Cricketones HD

Fabian's Picture Matty Higgins HD

Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston fight round 7, Clay wins announced by Howard Cosell HD

Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston fight round 4 announced by Howard Cosell HD

Fight On Arcadia i dont know HD

Big Ball's In Town J E Mainer's Mountain… HD

Mention My Name In Seattle Stan Boreson Doug Setterberg HD

Don't Put Off Chasing Women Til' You're Too Old To Catch 'Em Yogi Yorgesson w Johnny Duffy & The Scandahoovians HD

Baby Barbie Richard McAndrew HD

I'll Be Around, You Be A Square Doodles Weaver HD

Barbie You're Beautiful Ken HD

Student's March Song Ann Blyth HD

Snore Your Blues Away Dave Franklin w His Franklinsteins HD

Row, Row, Row, On Up The River Doodles Weaver & Pattie Barham HD

I Lithp when I say Ithaca Alonzo & Oscar HD

Tony Snell HD

Mama Don't Allow It Ozzie Nelson & His Orchestra HD

Route 86 George Garabedian HD

Kool cigarette commercial Willie The Penguin HD

San Berdoo The Lyttle Sisters HD

La La Blues La La Laverne HD

When The Sun Goes Down The Jamies HD

Good King Mescaline The Mushroom Tab Choir HD

baroque instrumental 8 i dont know HD

Anything Can Happen Day i dont know HD

Etiquette Song Morrison & Reeves HD

Minnie's Yoo Hoo from soundtrack of Disney anniversary special broadcast 12 22 68 HD

Jigaleen The Sharps HD

Why Don't You Tell Me Shank & Maydea HD

Nervous Norvus HD

Hawaiian War Chant Al Kialoha Perry & The Singing Surf Riders HD

He Played The Yo Yo In Nashville Sean M… HD

Goin' On A Hike Tom D'Andrea & Hal March HD

Busy Signal Brad Stanfield HD

Bicycle Seat Sniffer Flamoligeon HD

They're Either Too Young Or Too Old Lillian Long HD

Little Richard's Getting Bigger Nan Blakstone HD

Don't Let It Burn Brad Stanfield HD

Cruisin' In Van Nuys Johnny Zoom Rossi HD

Underwear Man Eddie Joseph HD

That Baseball Glide Frank Luther Zora Layman HD

It's The Same Old Shillelagh Pat White HD

It's A Great Day For The Irish The Jesters HD

Irish Dan Patrick J Touhey Tom Morrison & John Reynolds Michael Coleman HD

Wild Hip Rap Harry The Hipster HD

Pixilated Peas Pea Pod Polka Florence Ehrenberg HD

Pixilated Peas Call Me Up Sometime Florence Ehrenberg HD

The New Ashmolean Marching Society Band And Students Conservatory Band Fairfax High School Class Of 1962, conducted by Homer R Hummell HD

Feelin' No Pain Redheads HD

Fanfare The Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band HD

Dinner With Drac Part 3 John Zacherle HD

Cincinnatti Dancing Pig Teresa Brewer HD

Social Security Marva Josie HD

My Poodle Oodle Dog The Dixie Stars HD

Keep Venice Nude Harry The Hipster HD

If You're A Viper Harry The Hipster HD

Poor Old Rover Kevin Gershan HD

Move Over Jehovah Willard Robison HD

I Like A Fun'ral Michael Brown HD

The Butane Boogie Brad Stanfield HD

suicide sketch Bedlam AC HD

No No sketch Bedlam AC HD

making out in car sketch Bedlam AC HD

Let's Rap boobs sketch Bedlam AC HD

Jimmy Carter & Rosalynn peanut butter sketch Bedlam AC HD

health food store sketch Bedlam AC HD

Hard Stuff rock star sketch Bedlam AC HD

Trick Or Treat sketch Bedlam AC HD

taxi sketch Bedlam AC HD

Specific Hospital sketch Bedlam AC HD

Monster Mash sketch Bedlam AC HD

Blow Away Frankenstein Damaskas Hollodan HD

Apprentice Vampire Hudson & Pickett HD

How To Learn To Tap Dance Cliff Nazzaro HD

narco agent sketch Bedlam AC HD

Cause For Tears Ernie Tyne Hayes HD

The Old Titanic Roger Bedlam HD

unemployed prostitute sketch Bedlam AC HD

The Continuing Adventures Of Captain Spaced Out sketch first human beings on Venus Bedlam AC HD

shaving cream pie sketch Bedlam AC HD

psychiatrist dirty dreams sketch Bedlam AC HD

Joe Bean Dolan Ellis HD

I'm A Honky Tonk Woman Pink Flamingo Foundation, Pomona HD

Beer Waltzes Tom Berwick & his orchestra HD

The Single Monty Python HD

Light Up Barney Bigard HD

You Can't Do The Boogie In School Carol… HD

Our Old Friend Paul Clarke & William Tu… HD

Down On The Farm They All Ask For You … HD

More Bounce To The Ounce Kirby Allan HD

Roots Big Daddy HD

No Nuts Marty Feldman HD

My Front Lawn Is Brown And I've Got The Blues The Thompson Bros Good Time Music Band HD

You So And So Wendell Hall HD

The Dodgers Vs The Reds Phil Wilson HD

Rubber Rock Llyn Foulkes & The Rubber Band HD

Mother's Day Earache My Eye sketch Bob Bedlam HD

Just A Banana Johnny Baltimore Band HD

Getting A Haircut Jack Benny & Rochester HD

Stranger Bette Midler HD

Turn On Your TV Larry Groce HD

The Pizza Song Sulu & Mark Synthesizer Stone HD

Killer Kitty Bob Bedlam & The B J Band HD

Jimmy, The Peanut Man Mrs El Morrow HD

He Hit Me It Felt Like A Kiss Sulu HD

Dregnet Dragnet Parts 1 & 2 Happy Lewis HD

All Dark People Are Light On Their Feet Bunny Berigan's Band HD

truck driver sketch Bob Bedlam HD

Tic Tac Toe Robert Armen & David Batterson HD

Sweet Birds Calloway's Hot Shots HD

porn movie sketch Bob Bedlam HD

Mark Lazar letter Bob Bedlam HD

Fly Away Tsetse Fly SuLu HD

Fight On For Old S C Spike Jones & His City Slickers HD

diamond lane argument sketch Bedlam AC HD

University Of Iowa cheerleader sketch Bedlam AC HD

For He's A Jolly Good Fellow The Million … HD

May All Dementians Be Demented Sulu, K… HD

Voyeur Mushroom Cloud HD

The Party Moorpark Dementites HD

The Hokey Pokey Sulu Damaskas HD

Thank God For Porno Johnny Baltimore HD

Hanukkah Hollyhill Singers HD

Doctor, Doctor Michael Casey HD

O Hanukah Shirley Cohen HD

Old Doggies Sean Sheedy HD

Water SuLu HD

Hey Mr Turkey Tom Trash HD

Gary Gilmore's Eyes Damaskas Hollodan HD

Dead Puppies Damaskas Hollodan HD

Bathtub Song Damaskas HD

I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone Damaskas Hollodan HD

Woman's Suffrage George Reneau HD

Two Cheeseburgers, An Order Of Fries, And A Large Coke In And Out Elephant Boy & His Singing Frog George HD

The Reluctant Dragon Swing And Sway With Sammy Kaye HD

Stereotypes Fabulous DeLuxe Bros HD

Nothing Can Change The Shape Of Things To Come Damaskas Hollodan HD

Listen People Damaskas Hollodan HD

Let It Be Me Damaskas Hollodan HD

I'll Be There Damaskas Hollodan HD

I Want To Hold Your Hand Damaskas Hollodan HD

I Can Get It For You Wholesale John Ryan HD

Mr Frump In The Iron Lung Vince Sanchez HD

Hit Me With A Rock Vincent Sanchez & Sulu HD

Happy Birthday to John Lennon, live at fair Dr Demento & the audience at Huntington Park HD

Panty Grams The Ventura & Hollywood Pepsi Skateboard Team HD

Land Piranha by John Aspen Colorado Og… HD

King Tut Strut The Incredible Vince HD

Jerk Laloon exercise sketch Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' Part 3 Wendell Hall HD

I Caught My Belly Button On The Toilet Seat Last Night live in studio Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

Hi Ho! montage edited by Damaskas HD

Get A Lid Of This High Rollers Long Beach HD

Eating Yo Yos For Breakfast live in studio Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

Don Crushed Rocks introduction Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

Chopped Liver On My Doorstep Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

When It Snows In Tuston live in studio Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

Sam The Embezzler Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

Roll Away Clouds Harry Bidgood & The Broadcasters HD

Rainbows In The Martian Sky Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

Ogden Edsl live in studio HD

Nobody Loves A Hippopotamus Tippy Larkin HD

Makes Me Wanna Commit Horrible Crimes Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

Live Hamsters Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

Little Viet Nam commercial Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

car making out skit Bedlam AC HD

Alice Freddie Fisher HD

Ain't It Grand To Be Bloomin' Well Dead Primo Scala & His Accordion Band w The Keynoters HD

talking dog skit Bedlam AC HD

Modern Design Swing And Sway With Sammy Kaye HD

Let's Spend A Night At The Band Box Billy Gray & revue HD

Fairy Tales, Part 1 & 2 Clapham & Dwyer HD

Young And Moist Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

Too Many People In The World Dick & Anne Albin HD

My Microwave TV Damaskas HD

My Name Is Larry Damaskas HD

Commercials Benson & Alber HD

Brace Yourself For Action Bob & Bob HD

Bob & Bob live in the studio HD

Mountain Spaztic Nosflow HD

Go To The Police Bob & Bob HD

Gee, It's Great To Be Crazy Billy Murray HD

Downwind Dan John Burke HD

We've Got A Friend Bob & Bob HD

Star Gores Furia Bros HD

Robot's Lullaby Mac Vounty & The Swingers HD

phone call sketch Radio Free Mime HD

Talk With The Doctor Chris Bay & His Trusty Turntable & Terrific Tape Deck HD

Steak And Potatoes Chick Bullock HD

Jimmy Durante Wild Man Fischer HD

Don't Spray It Gly Cooper & John Cardin HD

Atlantis theme Ruth Wallis HD

Giggely Pig Jack Smith HD

Doin' It With Myself Damaskas HD

I Love My School Insanity HD

The Mermaid Song Jim Kweskin HD

Penrod And Elfreida Gamble Rogers HD

I'm In Love With The Checker At Von's Jack Block HD

I Want You, I Need You, I Love You montage edited by Damaskas HD

When It's Sleepy Time Down South Phil Harris HD

Carol Would Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

Bubbles The Hippo Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

Arizona Girls Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band HD

What The Engine Done Al Bernard HD

The Land Of Counterpane Barret Hansen HD

Root Beer On My Nose Dave & Dave HD

Laughing Song Bob Skyles & His Skyrockets HD

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Musical Mike HD

Radio Free Mime One Year Anniversary Radio Free Mime HD

Play My Song, Noble & Petrowski HD

Looky Lous B J Band HD

Grass Man Radio Free Mime HD

Indian Santa Claus Lorene Mann HD

Frosty The Snowman Kazoo Slim Mike Kieffer HD

Deck The Halls Kazoo Slim Mike Kieffer HD

The Christmas Song Chris Bay HD

The Christmas Crazies Jack Block HD

Jingle Bells Kazoo Slim Mike Kieffer HD

Turkey Love Blue Collar Ben HD

Local No 1 Dave Weiner & The Think Tank HD

Fight On Spike Jones HD

The Sensemilla Shake Mr Lizard HD

The Misadventures Of Frankie & Billy Radio Free Mime HD

L L L L A You'll Say I'll Say When Tommy Dorsey f Mae Williams HD

Hot Tub Blues Clean Gene & Singing Loofas HD

My Name Is Judy Jungle Judy HD

My Name Is Captain Captain Chaos HD

Dinosaur Soup Damaskas HD

Bill Grogan's Goat Jungle Judy HD

Tell Me A Story Jungle Judy HD

Organ Transplant Barry Colman HD

My Condominium Benny Bell HD

Harvest Time Paraquat Kelley HD

Food Takeaways HD

When Veronica Plays Her Harmonica Mulcays HD

The Beach Of Redondo Kevin Harkins HD

Singles Chanty Dan DuPrez HD

Pig Pen Boogie Don Cochran HD

Vasectomy Larry Hagle & The T Travis Band HD

The Bombshell Eadie Griffith HD

Honeymoon Blues Greg Berson & Little Sheba HD

Hip Hip Hooray For The E R A Glenn Sutton HD

Doubtful Rose & The Arrangement HD

These Newts Are Made For Crawlin' Barnes & Barnes HD

The Coconut Tree Beachnuts HD

The National Fly Cemetery Mal Sharpe HD

When The Women Get In Power Bill Cox HD

My First Date Barbie HD

Drugs Damaskas HD

Don't Let Skylab Fall On Me Uncle Z & Alfie G HD

The Sphinx Nathan Glantz & His Orchestra HD

I Ran From Iran Wrong Way HD

Sister Carolina Damaskas HD

Long Beach Glen Campone HD

For Buddah Or Worst Dr Bundolo HD

Carmen Miranda Stuart Paul HD

I Didn't Expect The Newts To Die Sulu HD

Ayatollah Khomeini Wayne Faust HD

The Can't Of Can't Walt Kelly HD

Steve Martin Magic HD

Dance The Ayatollah Dead Ayatollahs HD

Damaskas' Copycat Game #11 HD

Asexuality Polka Devon Henderson HD

Turning Into Cheese Barnes & Barnes HD

Interview With Bigfoot JBCM HD

Star Cruiser Tom Wilson & His Friends Of The Galaxy HD

Shaving Cream The Quintin Hogg Piggy Grunt Band HD

Boogie Boy interview Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo i dont know HD

USC Marina Swingers HD

Urbanest Cowboy Vince Sanchez HD

I Believe Charles Boyer HD

Haim Afen Range Mickey Katz & His Kosher Jammers HD

I'm The Greek Ambassador George Givot HD

Punk Rock Vernon Vulture HD

Rock And Roll Bouquet David Little HD

My Beautiful Baby Don Holmes HD

I Love Life; Men; Candy; And Paree The Zanies

X Rated Adult Version The Zanies HD

Radioactivity Is Good Cheeks HD

Miss Teasy's Camp For Girls Eddie Mayehoff HD

Radio Dogs Prof Matthew Blue Shoes HD

Making Love In A Fotomat The Reasonable Facsimile HD

M O T H E R Norman Temple HD

Uncontrollable Urge Wild Man Fischer HD

The Twist Wild Man Fischer HD

Tell Laura I Love Her Wild Man Fischer HD

What Do Clones Do On Mother's Day Willie Clyde HD

Black Beauty Jaime Brockett HD

Barbara Ann The Toons HD

Snack Attack i dont know HD

She Told Me Mush HD

Shake My Family Tree Slap Happy HD

Kinky Sex Bedlam HD

Haig Slap Happy HD

Not So Tall Tales Mack Stahler HD

Blown Away Jeff Valdez HD

Barnes & Barnes interview & songs pre recorded in Lumania i dont know HD

Ballad Of The Medfly Curt Phillips HD

The Turkey That My Mom Cooked For Thanksgiving Sulu HD

The Fruitfly Song Johnny Allen & Norm Halsey HD

Speechless Triton & The Minnows HD

Monday Night Football Junkie Phil Wulf HD

Inside Rock Ray Fierro HD

Francine's Fancy Lingerie Shop Michael Offutt HD

Down The Line Yin & Yan HD

Computer Girl Alan Mark HD

August In Azusa Jerry Colonna HD

The Fox Smilin' Shel HD

Taco Mama The B J Band HD

Meltdown The Survivors HD

The Song With Names Of Singers In It Meyer & Drake HD

Il Parco MacArthur Father Guido Sarducci HD

Emphysema Blues Blake & Kirk HD

Christmas Whip Trovo HD

dog song Oscar Brand HD

Health And Happiness Show promo Gypsy Boots & His Hairy Hoots HD

This Land Is Private Property Oscar Brand HD

Martin Van Buren campaign song Oscar Brand HD

La Bamba Gypsy Boots & His Hairy Hoots HD

I'm Popeye The Sailor Oscar Brand HD

variations on John Brown's Body Oscar Brand HD

The Antelope And The Lion AL TRACE HD

Peeping Tom Montezuma's Revenge HD

Obey Spike Jones' Rock Casualties HD

untitled postlude to above Danny Elfman … HD

The Guy With The Voodoo Fletcher Peck HD

George Deukmejian Damaskas HD

Cattlegate Jesse Lee Kincaid HD

What A Gas Julius Schmidt Dirt Band HD

Messiah Second City HD

Wop Music Eddy Gorodetsky & Tom Couch HD

Why Does It Have To Rain On Sunday Freddy Martin HD

Oxygen Depletion Harold Huff HD

Coke Deal The Second City HD

Burger In A Box Second City HD

You've Had Your Way The Pods Of Pepper HD

The Bathtub Song Jackie Martling HD

Psychopathic Sally From The San Fernando Valley Chuck Cabot & His Orchestra HD

I Heard The Lord On My C B Bob & The Black Notes HD

Hooked On Surf The Researchers HD

Why Do You Wear A Moustache Billy Jones & Ernest Hare HD

Bang Gunleigh, U S Marshall Field Musical Mike HD

Cruisin' In Van Nuys B J & The Wheels HD

All About Turds Oscar Brand HD

Battle Of The Falklands Johnny Bull HD

The Smog Pocket Danielle Sybil HD

Cigarette Song Larry Vincent HD

West San Fernando Valley Kid Bruce Gary HD

Everybody's Waiting poem Gypsy Boots HD

Gail's Got The Freshest Breath Flash Boy… HD

Quando Condo Roberto Blanco HD

Yuppie Song New Folk Song Army HD

Funny 25 Theme Sulu HD

Rocky V John Mammoser HD

I'm Not A Tree Fabulous Preston Combo w James Buchanan HD

Homer's Eulogy Randy House HD

Orange And Purple Passion Ointment Project HD

Money For Christmas Eegad HD

Kukla, Fran And Ollie Medley HD

Breakin' Wind Ghetto Blasters HD

Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer U S Army Band HD

Surfin' Ayatollah Steve Warner HD

Please Call Lolita Tony Fabry HD

untitled song Fred Warren HD

Spydust 3 Guys From Hollywood HD

The Sun And The Beach Meyer & Drake HD

V D Got To Idi Reggie Knighton HD

San Fernando Valley Blues Curt Barrett HD

Poem A Prayer For A Novelty Record written by Cindy Hadex Redland, CA; read by Dr Demento HD

Would I Fly To You Patty Glick & The Three Guys From Hollywood HD

Orange County Keith Harman & His Orchestra & Chorus HD

Hot Man Johnny Cougar HD

A California Kind Of Guy Scott California HD

The Killer Bee Song Patty Glick & The Three Guys From Hollywood HD

Computer Hackers 3 Guys From Hollywood HD

Watermelon Ban 3 Guys From Hollywood HD

Sunny 3 Guys From Hollywood HD

Me Encanta Reseda SuLu

Long Beach Glen Gampoone

The Mooche The Klezmorim HD

Miss Liberty Lloyd Handell HD

untitled traditional dance piece #2 The Klezmorim HD

untitled traditional dance piece #1 The Klezmorim HD

traditional dance piece Naftule Brandwine HD

Open Sores Rex HD

Earthquake Song Scotty & The Earthquakers HD

Sex In The Eighties With Joe, The Love Potatoe Duck Logic HD

The Bomb i dont know HD Whimsical Will

Manderhalen Bros Medley Ken Johnson & Jim Tofte HD

Bag Boy Ken Johnson & Jim Tofte HD

Etiquette Song Gene Carroll & Al Grady HD

The End May Now Begin Barnes & Barnes HD

No Hopes Lloyd Kandell HD

Social Disease Uncle Dick HD

Freeway Chucken Gary Austin HD

Terrorism Ken Johnson & Jim Tofte HD

If I Ever Cry You'll Never Known Elton Britt HD

The Great Rondini The Pheromones HD

Paraphernalia Bottlecaps HD

Long Beach Town Jerry Wilson Jr HD

Beverly Hills Blues Lyn Jones HD

I Draw The Line Khadafy Duck HD

Imperial Jock Sulu w Jovial Joan HD

Child Support Blues Billy Mack HD

Strange Behavior Fabulous Pheromones HD

Hernando's Hideaway Lloyd Kandell & The Tango Fandango Singers HD

Every Ten Years Dan Hart HD

Padded Cells Devon Henderson HD

Doggone Jingle Bells Eegad w Roy The Digital Dog HD

Christmas Tour To Beirut John Wolf HD

The Home Team Won The Ross Bob Sirmons HD

Lushous Love Mark Wheeler from Kowabunga HD

Braces On Her Teeth Mike Ives HD

KHJ Jingle Paul Frees HD

Bicycle Seat Karma Clowns HD

Medley Paul Frees HD

Bill Slayer i dont know HD Whimsical Will

Nicaragua Jose Gumbo & His Mariachi Mercenaries HD

Gimme A Drug Test Muddy Mitch Donars HD

We're The Center For Disease Control Boys C D C Boys HD

Radio Mama 'Lasses & Honey HD

Jingle SuLu & Beefalo Bill HD

Prof Ludwig Von Know It All Sid Caesar & Carl Reiner HD

Miss Ann McCarty Oscar Brand HD

The Fall Of Television i dont know HD Whimsical Will

TV Montage Fred Allen Howdy Doody Zeke Manners HD

She Looks Like Helen Brown Pete Daily's Chicagoans HD

Belly Up Fish Dr Possibility HD

Aunt Emma's Got Ants In Her Pantry T Marvin Hatley HD

Gangs Paul Rodriguez HD

Arted Is My Last Name Passing Gas Teegarden & Van Winkle HD

I Gotta Go To The Bathroom Big Daddy Graham HD

Pongfrontation i dont know HD Whimsical Will

Le Burp The Harvard Men HD

I Saw Mommy And Daddy Fighting Marina Swingers HD

We've Got It In Pasadena SuLu Dubow HD

Peter Rabbit Barry Weaver HD

Nightmare Song Danny Kaye HD

Please Don't Kiss That Baby Jim Terr HD

Campaign '88 Pheromones HD

Bush Vs Dukakis SuLu HD

Reagan, Bush, Dukakis Will Durst HD

Toronto Industrial Exhibition speech Baron Stanley of Preston September 11, 1888 HD

Domestiphobia The Housewives HD

Nuke Beverly Hills Booger Barcaloo & The Meltdownaires HD

The Audition Dudley Moore & Peter Cook HD

I Love Me Kurt Valore HD

I Snorted My Cat Sean Hale HD

I Don't Like SuLu HD

Foghorn Leghorn Song Mel Blanc HD

Upchuck Girl Billy Bowl HD

The Earthquake Song Grant Harvey HD

Siblings The Smothers Brothers HD


Intro Rap Country Dick Montana HD

The Great Poindexter Dodge, Gray, Graham & Peagle HD

Pit Bulls Of L A The KLSX Beagles HD

Ollie Be Good Fifth Amendment HD

The Home Team Won The Toss Bungalow Bob HD

Woman's Talking Liberation Blues Billy Edd Wheeler HD

Bop The Utensils HD

Bizarre Trek Perry Jacob & Steve Humphreys HD

Rock And Roll Santa Liverlips McGraw HD

Whatta Ya Mean You're Santa Claus George Stevens HD

Santa Baby Rosey Reed HD

It's Us Vs Them Again Brad Kay HD

Pluck Out Hussein's Eyes Patrick Neilon HD

Baby Milk The Capitol Steps HD

comedy bit Franklin Ajaye HD

L A Bells Andy Wolmering HD

Christmas In California The Terminators Of Endearment HD

Lorne Elliott Just For Laughs festival in Montreal HD

B 52's Christmas Screwball Productions HD

Beat Brothers Westwood One HD

The Cat's Dead Lew Bedell HD

The Ayatollah's Back Loose Bruce Kerr HD

Sniffing Up Cocaine Eccentric Eric HD

Go All The Way L A Lakers SuLu HD

The Queen's Horses Billy Cotton & His Orchestra HD

Social Errors Don Hinson HD

Bird A Star Georgie Gobird HD

Caught Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea B J Walton HD

Inflation Moore Sisters & The Big Buckaroos HD

Hi Hi Hi On The Demento Show Sulu HD

Hello, I Love You The C S Kazoo Band Plus One HD

Guest John Landis HD

The Bagel Tree Ludicrous Lori HD

School Days Disney voices HD

Blue Gizzards Zilch Fletcher HD

Are You Havin' Any Fun Horace Heidt's Heidt lites HD

Solitaire Damaskas Hollodan HD

My Name Is Hasbro Roctopus HD

Lobotomy Zilch Fletcher HD

Practice Darling Practice Red ButtonsMolly Goldberg HD

Nathan Misraje Los Angeles HD

Merrill Stado Tarzana HD

Louis Ward Gardena HD

K Scholler Corona Del Mar HD

Jordan Leiker Alhambra HD

Jerry Margolis Flat Footed Four Tarzana HD

Jeff & Greg Lee Encino HD

James Kranayak Van Nuys HD

I William Lally Los Angeles HD

Fat Rabbit Riverside HD

Eric Nielsen Long Beach HD

Ducan Parsons Santa Barbara HD

Bob Pearsall Alhambra HD

Miniatures Phantom Captain HD

Grease On The Seat Of My Jeans Dave Gordon HD

Captain Macho Toby Mountain HD

The Russians Gallagher HD

10 Days After Christmas Nestor Pistor HD

Irate Iranians Bob Selvin Band HD

Not Just Another UFO The Ultimate Moose Band HD

I Wanna Be God More Or Less HD

Rioting To The Hits Hugh Fink & The Funky Finkadelics HD

Wildlife PSA Tiny Tim HD

We Can Save A Lot Of Water If We Go In The Sink Johnny Dangler HD

Saddam Hussein Iraq In A Hard Place HD

Beach Boys Medley - Glenn Super HD

Whip It - The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra HD

The Little Dope Dealer From Pasadena - Glenn Super HD

The Jetsons theme - Glenn Super HD

Red River Valley - Ogden Edsl HD

My Rabbit Diesel Car - Glenn Super HD

My Favorite Drugs - Glenn Super HD

Mr. Bullhorn - Glenn Super HD

introduction - Pat Paraquat Kelley HD

Steady Roll Blues - Francis Craig & His Orchestra HD

Lizzie Borden - Michael Brown HD

Handsome Dick Manitoba bit - The Dictators HD

Interview with Frank Zappa, 1972 HD

Interviews The Beach Boys HD

Birmingham Gavel Club Demented Dozen c o Jeff Greenberg Encino HD

Bill & Bob Koppany Los Angeles HD

Allen Carman Choir Canoga Park HD

USC Wild West 4th Floor Los Angeles HD

Tom Armagost San Marino HD

Todd Yollis Encino HD

The Stalemates Encino HD

The Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band HD

The James Gang Los Angeles HD

The Gay Blades c o M Warren Los Angeles HD

Scott Breitbart & friends Los Angeles HD

Pete, Doug & Denny Van Nuys HD

Patty Trimble Balboa Island HD

Pamela Tongret Santa Monica HD

Six White Horses Tom Clay HD

Metronews Interview Dan Dokken HD

Maurie Reilly John Terrell HD

Mary Had A Little Lamb Mike Kieffer's HD

Water Song SuLu HD

Wally Ballou Talks To The Man Who Got A Jaguar Bob & Ray HD

Hot Stuff - Venice Orchestra HD

Hippie Love Song - Lewie Wickham HD

Baseball blooper HD

The Sound Of Children - Kenneth Williams HD

So I Joined The Navy - Carson Robison HD

Romper Room Do-Bee Song - i dont know HD

I'm My Own Grandpaw - Bob Pickering HD

They Wouldn't Lick Bush - John Bartles HD

Chifferobe - Uncle Skipper HD

You Ain't No Good - Doug Quatelbaum HD

714s - Glenn Super HD

(While Driving Down The Street In My Car, I Scream At The Top Of My Lungs) - Ogden Edsl HD

(If You Want Some Lousy Cars) - Doodles Weaver HD

A Bird For All Seasons - Aviva & Bill Murray HD

Intermission HD

In The Mood - The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra HD

I Got The Blues For Christmas - Willio & Phillio HD

Get Some Downs - Glenn Super HD

Fun, Fun, Fun - Glenn Super HD

D-R-D-E-M-E-N-T-O poem (live on stage) - Willio & Phillio HD

Coke City - Glenn Super HD
davidtanny   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  07-20-13 02:03 AM  -  4 years ago
Personally, I wish Eggman would come over and upload his songs here.
Tommie Tucker   Offline  -  Member  -  07-19-13 08:07 AM  -  4 years ago

Had This

If You Are Looking For Them


Dead Guy - Bongo Riders
Frankenstein Just Got Up - Chris Ligon
Britney Nude On Magazine Cover - John Mammoser
Tommie Tucker   Offline  -  Member  -  07-19-13 07:34 AM  -  4 years ago

I Tried To Answer This

But It Don't Move To The Top Of The Page

Maybe Because It Is 38 mouth old

ParaWomen Radio - Planet Paranormal

(UFO Song - Titler and The D-Cups)

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Does anyone have these songs? They premiered on Dr. Demento in Oct and Nov. If so, just upload them to the MMA so they can get played on the DT20 and other shows. Thank you.

UFO Song - Titler and The D-Cups
Dead Guy - Bongo Riders
Frankenstein Just Got Up - Chris Ligon
Britney Nude On Magazine Cover - John Mammoser

The Sex Positions Song - Bryan Reynolds
So Much Time, So Little To Do - Bill Bachmann
The House At Creepy Lake - Kenny Young and The Eggplants
Home Sweet Home - Naked Flames
Charlotte's Web Movie - Eggman
The Texas Chain Letter Massacre - Eggman
My Dog Jesus - Kurt Fortmeyer
Your Strings, They Need A-Changin' - Stuart Markus
Jacuzzi Air - JP Incorporated
H1N1 Vaccine Song - Eggman
Dental Care - Owl City
The Disappointing Pancake - Lisa Loeb
I'll Never Retire - The Boomers
Common Scents: Spot One - JP Incorporated

DJ Particle (Offline) - Moderator, Artist & D.J. - 11-26-09 06:16 PM - 3 years ago New Reply w/Quote E-mail Author
Just remember, to anyone who adds them, please try to get their exact release dates, since they are so new. Thank you.
davidtanny (Offline) - Artist & D.J. - 11-26-09 05:00 PM - 3 years ago New Reply w/Quote E-mail Author
Does anyone have these songs? They premiered on Dr. Demento in Oct and Nov. If so, just upload them to the MMA so they can get played on the DT20 and other shows. Thank you.

UFO Song - Titler and The D-Cups
Dead Guy - Bongo Riders
Frankenstein Just Got Up - Chris Ligon
Britney Nude On Magazine Cover - John Mammoser

The Sex Positions Song - Bryan Reynolds
So Much Time, So Little To Do - Bill Bachmann
The House At Creepy Lake - Kenny Young and The Eggplants
Home Sweet Home - Naked Flames
Charlotte's Web Movie - Eggman
The Texas Chain Letter Massacre - Eggman
My Dog Jesus - Kurt Fortmeyer
Your Strings, They Need A-Changin' - Stuart Markus
Jacuzzi Air - JP Incorporated
H1N1 Vaccine Song - Eggman
Dental Care - Owl City
The Disappointing Pancake - Lisa Loeb
I'll Never Retire - The Boomers
Common Scents: Spot One - JP Incorporated

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