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By: Tab Hunter (from Grease 2)
Release Date:
Lyrics By: Genners Wade (MarlinsGirl) 
Music By: Genners Wade (MarlinsGirl) 
Produced By:
Released By:
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Song Lyrics:
Mr. Stuart:
The parts of a flower are so constructed that very, very often the wind will cause pollination. If not, then a bee or any other nectar gathering creature can create the same situation. Yes, anything that gets the pollen to the pistils, write it on the list. I'll try to make it crystal clear, the flower's insatiable passion turns its life into a circus of debauchery!!!

Mr. Stuart:
Now you see just how the stamen gets its lusty dust onto the stigma. And why this frenzied chlorophyllous orgy starts in spring is no enigma...We call this quest for satisfaction a what, class?
Sorority girls: A photo-periodic reaction!
Mr. Stuart: Oh, that's good, that's very good.
Male Student: Hey, I'm lost where are we? Chapter 2, page 5...

Reproduction, reproduction! Put your pollen tube to work.
Reproduction, reproduction! Make my stamen go berserk.
Reproduction! I don't think they even know what a pistil is!
I got your pistil right here... Where does the pollen go?

Mr. Stuart: Next chapter, In an abstract way, the same thing applies
To the reproductive organs of the more complex life forms.
But now we are dealing with sexual response.
Are there any questions before we begin reading?

Male Student : Is it possible the female member of some sex on a couch
Could like get this guy all hot and she never even knew it?
Male Student: When a warm-blooded mammal in a tight little sweater
Starts pullin' that stuff, is she sayin' that she wants to do it?
Male Student: Can't prove it by me, cause they change their tune
When you got 'em in the back seat.
Male Student: With his heart beatin' fast!
Sorority girls: They make it sound like a track meet, gross!
T-Birds: Yeah, then all they can do is say "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!"

Reproduction, reproduction! Baby, give it to me now.
Reproduction, reproduction! Is that all you think about?
Reproduction! Come on baby show me that you really love me so!
Ohhh, I think I'm gonna throw up! Where does the pollen go?
Mr. Stuart: The human is the only being capable of consciously controlling its number of offspring. Any comments on this?
Paulette: Mr. Stuart, is it true that guys like you, you know, mature and all, Carry some protection with them for sexual occasions?
Johnny: What's the big deal? Can't a girl just do that thing in a book where she adds up the days of her, uh, what do you call it, mentalstration?
Female Students: Oh, that's really neat! Yeah, and what will the guy say when the numbers don't add up right, huh?
Cast: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Reproduction, reproduction! Hope he's proud of what he's done.
Reproduction, reproduction! He was only pokin' fun.
Reproduction! See what happens when a boy and girl don't know how to play it safe?

Reproduction, reproduction! Reproduction, reproduction!
Reproduction, reproduction! Reproduction!
Goose: Where does the pollen go?
Davey: Learn anything Steph?
Johnny: Hey what's the rush? ya gotta take a pill?

Music & Lyrics: Genners Wade
Vocal: Tab Hunter and Cast
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Played on 1 show:
07-11-82, #82-28
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