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Horny Porny Christmas 
By: Sean Morey
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Song Lyrics:
Have… a…. horny porny Christmas
It’s the season for romance
Not a creature is stirring
except the one in Daddy’s pants

Have a horny porny Christmas
The fun has just begun
Here’s the best part
The stockings aren’t
the only things well hung

Ho ho, the mistletoe
It’s time to decorate
Lets lay holly everywhere
if she says OK

Have a horny porny Christmas
Here's the new issue of Swank
May your pets be merry
May your monkey be well spanked

Uh-oh my toy won’t go
Little Billy moans
Mommy stole the batteries
for a toy of her own

Oh, if you think it’s merry
to wear a bright red thong
Check out the nude pictures
at Mrs. Claus dot com

(Stavro Arrgolus)
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Played on 2 shows:
12-19-99, #99-5112-22-14, #MMS-192
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