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Quaaludes Again 
By: Shel Silverstein
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Duration: 3:30 
Release Date: 1980  (CapSuper) 
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Song Lyrics:
She falls through the doorway, rolls through the hall
She bounce off the sofa, walk into the wall
It's easy to see as she buckles and bends
She's doin' Quaaludes again.

(chorus:) Quaaludes again, Quaaludes again
If you've got a Rorer [1] you know for sure
She's your friend.
She's doin' Quaaludes again.

She fumbles and stumbles and falls down the stairs
Makes love to the leg of the dining room chairs
She's ready for animals, women or men
She's doin' Quaaludes again.

(chorus:) Quaaludes again, Quaaludes again
If you've got a Lemmon [2] a dog and three women
Then she's your friend
She's doin' Quaaludes again. Oh lord.

(spoken, often interrupting each other:)
Shel: Baby you been doin' Quaaludes again.
Female voice, slightly stoned: No, not me...
SS: Yeah, well who?
FV: Well not me, I don't have any Quaaludes.
SS: You don't have 'em 'cause you took 'em all already!
FV: No, ...
SS: You had six yesterday, right?
FV: No...
SS: In your purse...
FV: No.
SS: How many you got now?
FV: I don't have any!
SS: Now that's what I mean! Now where they go? What did you take?
FV: I didn't take anything! I just had a small... a small headache.
SS: So what did you take? What, did you take four for a headache?
Fv: No, I took ... maybe an aspirin.
SS: You took -- that's the biggest damn aspirin I've ever seen. You -- you keep -- don't be pullin' at me! I don't wanna go...
FV: Oh -- ohhh...
SS: What -- you -- don't do that!
FV: No-o!
SS: Don't do that!
FV: (sexy voice) Oh, come on...
SS: Now come on, you bumpin' into the furniture...
FV: It hurts!
SS: ... you know, you fallin' -- Why?
FV: Did you move the furniture around?
SS: I didn't move anything around.
FV: (moans)
SS: You had five Quaaludes in your purse yesterday, you got none today...
FV: I gave 'em away!
SS: You gave away what?
FV: I gave it to all my --
SS: You gave everything away!
FV: To all my friends.
SS: Yah, you -- How long a time you spend with your friends?
FV: Well, (moans)
SS: You were s'posed to see 'em for five minutes,
FV: Well ... Don't you know how it is?
SS: No, I don't know how it is! I know you're doin' 'ludes.
FV: No, ...
SS: And you said the next time you did 'em I should take 'em away and flush 'em down the toilet.
FV: No, no...
SS: Didn't you say that? Whadaya mean no?
FV: No - o - o ...
SS: Don't be pullin' me in the damn bed!! I don't want an old... I'm tellin' you... You are turnin' me OFF!. [fading out] Now let me tell you... Will you keep your eyes open! Get up!..."

[1] William H. Rorer Inc. were the original manufacturer of the Quaalude brand of methaqualone tablets, which were marked "Rorer 712" (150mg) or "Rorer 714" (300mg)

[2] Lemmon (now known as Teva USA) took over the Quaalude brand from Rorer; theirs were marked "Lemmon 714". The last owner of the brand before it was discontinued in 1985 was JB Roerig & Co, a division of Pfizer.
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