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By: Flippy T. Fishead & The Mighty Ground Beeves
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Duration: 4:34 
Release Date: 1989  (DJ Particle) 
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Song Lyrics:
There's a full moon in the pasture tonight
Hangs like a fine and polished pearl, so pure and white
The average guy finds so much beauty in its light
But I'm a werecow
Moo moo moo
I'm a werecow
Now I'm stuck

It seemed so innocent when Bossy bit my hand
I was just tryin' to milk her, but I didn't understand
That Bossy really was Pierre the handyman
He was a werecow
Moo moo moo
He was a werecow
Moo moo moo

By day, I work the fields here on my daddy's farm
By night, I roam the neighbor's place in search of corn
Chewin' my cud and tryin' to keep my udders warm
I'm a werecow
Moo moo moo
I'm a werecow
Moo moo moo

The mornings after always make my family wince
I know it's hard for them to try and make some sense
Of finding me naked with my head stuck through a fence
I'm a werecow
Moo moo moo
I'm a werecow
Moo moo moo
I'm a werecow

I found this gypsy who said she could break the curse
Said that she sympathized with me but she'd seen worse
Said Lon Chaney, Jr. used to be a client of hers
She was pretty, wore a real nice dress
Shoot, I was impressed!

She asked for money and I gladly said I'd pay
But when she said a million bucks, I swear I was enraged
So I bit that gypsy, and now, well, we're engaged
She's a werecow
Moo moo moo
She's a werecow
Moo moo moo
She's a werecow
And a pretty little heifer she is, too

These days the sheriff lets me spend the night in jail
So I won't hurt nobody when the moon turns pale
Or end up some entree at the local Steak & Ale
I'm a werecow
Moo moo moo
I'm a werecow

Somebody, somebody call a vet
Yeah, I think I'm gettin' a touch of milk fever
I'm a werecow!
(Captain Wayne)
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