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I Still Get Demented #17-16 April 22, 2017
Topic: My Birthday, Don Rickles, J. Geils

Due to lack of show time, the subject of Earth Day will be delayed a week.

This show has 6 parts:

Part 1
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  • ISGD Pre-Show (18 minutes)
  • I Have To Kill You NowCarla Ulbrich
    You Look MahvelousFernando (Billy Crystal)
    Teatime Movies  [only known play]Art Fern
    Part 2
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  • ISGD Part One of Three (average length 50 minutes)
  • Set 1:
  • Fake I.D.Tim Cavanagh
    I Gotta Get a Fake I.D.Barnes And Barnes With Friends
    The Square Root Dance  [first known play]Dave Guhlow
    The Brady Bunch ThemeRichard Cheese
    Current Events  [only known play]Don Rickles
  • break
  • Set 2:
  • This Groove (Is Too Dope for Us)Scooter Picnic featuring Lindsay Smith
    Plastic BeachTV's Kyle
    Iron ManInsane Ian
    Show Biz And Travel  [only known play]Don Rickles
  • break
  • Set 3:
  • Love StinksThe J. Geils Band
    First Recording Ever Made Apr 26 1972 (128)
    Thoughts  [only known play]Don Rickles
  • Golden Moldy Oldie from 1967
  • Western Union
  • End of Part
  • Part 4
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  • ISGD Part Three of Three (average length 50 minutes)
  • Set 7:
  • Insane, Insane Again  [only known play]The J. Geils Band
    Happy BirthdayAdam And Andrew
    Answering Machine MessageDavid Tanny
    Night Clubs  [only known play]Don Rickles
  • break
  • Set 8:
  • If Men Could Get PregnantLauren Mayer
    Jeffersons Theme  [only known play]Richard Cheese
    Sports  [only known play]Don Rickles
  • break
  • Set 9: The Time Machine Six-Pack: 1960 (the first six songs originally heard on the DFSX Time Machine series)
  • Alley-OopThe Hollywood Argyles
    The Masochism TangoTom Lehrer
    SuperchargerStan Freberg
    Hot Rod LincolnJohnny Bond
    Goodness Gracious Me!Peter Sellers And Sophia Loren
    Merchandising The Wright Brothers  [only known play]Bob Newhart
  • Closing Song: from 1987
  • Walking Down Your StreetThe Bangles
  • End of Part
  • Part 5
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  • Promo for Next Week's Show
  • Part 6
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  • ISGD Bonus (10 minutes)
  • (First I Was A Hippie, Then I Was A Stock Broker) Now I Am A Hippie AgainThe Bobs
    The Dumb CarDavid Tanny
    Musta Got LostThe J. Geils Band
    Next week: Earth Day (delayed), Don Rickles, J. Geils, Smurfs, Cinco De Mayo

    Listing added by:  davidtanny

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    Messages about the show: "I Still Get Demented #17-16 April 22, 2017"

    DJRockdoc   Offline  -  Member  -  04-21-17 09:34 PM  -  1 year ago

    Links to play show send you to last week's show, please fix.

    davidtanny   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  04-24-17 10:40 PM  -  1 year ago
    Sorry about that. I misnamed the file as isag instead of isgd and didn't notice the mistake. 
    davidtanny   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  04-25-17 12:48 AM  -  1 year ago

    I renamed the files so it should work right. I am having problems uploading this weekend's so, so it's likely that the show will be taking a weekend off so other folks and stations can catch up.


    Update: This show is taking the weekend off. Got too many family issues going on. 

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