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The Mad Music Podcast!

The Mad Music Show is a weekly program of funny music brought to you by www.madmusic.com. Shows can be downloaded via iTunes or your favorite podcatcher whenever you want!
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DateShow #Show Title
09/14/14MMP-31The Mad Music Podcast #31 - September 14, 2014
Topic: Talk Like A Pirate (with guest host Dave AuJus)
05/01/14MMP-30The Mad Music Podcast #30 - May 1, 2014
Topic: Who? Ra? And Upshi Rises!
03/04/14MMP-29The Mad Music Podcast #29 - March 4, 2014
Topic: You Can't Have Everything; Where Would You Put It?
02/11/14MMP-28The Mad Music Podcast #28 - February 11, 2014
Topic: Silence Is Foo
01/21/14MMP-27The Mad Music Podcast #27 - January 21, 2014
Topic: And Just Who Are You Supposed To Be?
01/13/14MMP-26The Mad Music Podcast #26 - January 13, 2014
Topic: Fun With Inanimate Objects
01/05/14MMP-25The Mad Music Podcast #25, January 5, 2014
Topic: New Years Show with guest host Dave AuJus
12/14/13MMP-24The Mad Music Podcast #24, December 14, 2013
Topic: Santa's Everywhere
11/10/13MMP-23The Mad Music Podcast #23 - November 10, 2013
Topic: We Ask The Musical Question...
12/17/12MMP-22The Mad Music Podcast #22, December 16, 2012
Topic: Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
12/08/12MMP-21The Mad Music Podcast #21, December 8, 2012
Topic: Pirates, and Zombies, and Elves! Oh, my!
12/01/12MMP-20The Mad Music Podcast #20, December 1, 2012
Topic: Wreck The Malls
09/27/12MMP-19The Mad Music Podcast #19, September 27, 2012
Topic: It's Up Uranus
04/08/12MMP-18The Mad Music Podcast #18, April 8, 2012
Topic: Owl Stretching Time
03/31/12MMP-17The Mad Music Podcast #17, March 31, 2012
Topic: I Love You, Superhorse
02/25/12MMP-16The Mad Music Podcast #16, February 25, 2012
Topic: Hello Cthulhu
02/18/12MMP-15The Mad Music Podcast #15, February 18, 2012
Topic: Sum Of Our Parts
02/11/12MMP-14The Mad Music Podcast #14, February 11, 2012
Topic: I Don't Just Love You Down There
02/05/12MMP-13The Mad Music Podcast #13, February 5, 2012
Topic: Biggles Flies Undone
01/21/12MMP-12The Mad Music Podcast #12, January 21, 2012
Topic: Fools Die On Friday
01/14/12MMP-11The Mad Music Podcast #11, January 14, 2012
Topic: Where Are We? - We're Right Here
01/07/12MMP-10The Mad Music Podcast #10, January 7, 2012
Topic: The Money Programme
03/06/11MMP-9The Mad Music Podcast #9, March 6, 2011
Topic: I'd Rather See John Goodman In A Thong
02/27/11MMP-8The Mad Music Podcast #8, February 27, 2011
Topic: Robot Attack
02/20/11MMP-7The Mad Music Podcast #7, February 20, 2011
Topic: A Jelly Baby? Fantastic!
02/13/11MMP-6The Mad Music Podcast #6, February 13, 2011
Topic: It's a CATastrophe!
01/30/11MMP-5The Mad Music Podcast #5, January 30, 2010
Topic: Look, Up In The Sky, It's...Captain Obvious!
01/23/11MMP-4The Mad Music Podcast #4, January 23, 2010
Topic: The Iron Chef Stir-fried My iPod
01/02/11MMP-3The Mad Music Podcast #3, January 2, 2011
Topic: The Mad Music Podcast Laughs At Danger
12/25/10MMP-2The Mad Music Podcast #2, December 25, 2010
Topic: A Zombie Elf Christmas in Arizona
12/19/10MMP-1The Mad Music Podcast #1, December 19, 2010
Topic: Don't Let The Hippies Hijack Christmas



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