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Jim Backus
Date Born/Group Began: 01-14-43 (Captain Wayne) 
Date Died/Group Ended: 07-03-89 (Captain Wayne) 
Also Known As:


  • Used to work as a radio announcer in New York City. (Captain Wayne)
  • When Backus was doing radio plays, one of his characters "Hubert Updyke III" would become the basis for "Thurston Howell III" in _Gilligan's Island_ (Captain Wayne)
  • His last role, and one of his first roles, were both the voice of a genie in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. (Captain Wayne)
  • The voice of Wally the Bird on the Western Airlines ads of the 1950's was Jim Backus. His one-liner was simply "Western Ailines, the OOONLY way to fly." He repeated this line in _It's a Mad, mad, Mad, mad World(1963)_ (Captain Wayne)
  • He did the voice characterization of Mr. Magoo in many cartoons. (Captain Wayne)
  • Devoted Christian, Husband and Father, and Mediocre Guitar Player. Hiding out in Germany since 1987. Still can't speak-a da lingo. (Goofy Gary)
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    DJ Particle   (Offline)  -  Moderator, Artist & D.J.  -  08-08-15 06:21 PM  -  19 days ago
    The Goofy Gary fact & website needs to be removed from this page. Anomalies from a merge went bad.

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