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Pac-Man Is Naked And So Should You 
By: Worm Quartet
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Duration: 1:42 
Release Date: 2001 
Lyrics By: Tim Crist and Jeff Carter 
Music By: Tim Crist and Jeff Carter 
Produced By: Timothy F. Crist 
Released By: Rydas/Flaming Mayo Records 
Published By:
Licensing: CC 
  • Shoebox performed a very brief excerpt from this song during his appearance on VH-1's "Totally Obsessed." (shoebox)
  • Song Lyrics:
    (Okay, you hear the sound! The sound is PAC-MAN! Are you ready for PAC-MAN?)
    (I am ready for Pac-Man!) (Yes, it is Pac-Man!) (Okay, Pac-Man!) (It is time to go!)

    Being round a yellow guy? PAC-MAN!
    Do he eating lots of dots? PAC-MAN!
    Running up and down your street,
    Screaming at your mailbox now,
    Hanging from your ceiling fan? PAC-MAN!

    (Yay! It is Pac-Man!) (Time for a Pac-Man!)
    (We are very liking Pac-Man!) (Hooray now for the Pac-Man!)
    (Much happy has this Pac-Man!) (Do I sing again about Pac-Man? Okay!)

    Mouth a open and a close? PAC-MAN!
    Run your fingers on my arm! PAC-MAN!
    Jumping up and down real fast,
    Putting butter in your hat,
    Shaving all your fish at night? PAC-MAN!


    It's time to Pac-Man!
    The best way to Pac-Man is to use the game!
    You moving joystick and you eat the dot,
    Eat all the dot, you win another maze,
    And mazes are the place where Pac-Man goes!
    He eat a key or maybe eat a pear,
    Cuz these are food for eating in the maze
    But ghosts are making death so run away
    Or make a blue ghost turn into a food!

    (Oo, food! The Pac-Man likes food!)
    (Lettuce is also food.)
    (Do not talk about lettuce. It is time for Pac-Man.)
    (More Pac-Man?)
    (Yes, we will have another Pac-Man!)
    (Okay, Pac-Man!)
    (Where is Pac-Man?)
    (Pac-Man is NOW!)

    Eat a dot and eat a fruit? PAC-MAN!
    Leaving something on the stove? PAC-MAN!
    Spinning on a countertop,
    Sniffing all your laundry now,
    Blinky and Inky feeling rather sheepish? PAC-MAN!


    (Pac-Man!) (Pac-Man?) (Mmm ohh, Pac-Man!)
    (There is no more song now!)
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