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I Still Get Demented #13-32 August 8, 2013
Topic: Coupe d'Etat, and the very first edition of the Dementia Top 20 from January 8, 2005

We didn't get enough requests to do a whole Coupe d'Etat show. We really tried. They could have requested some songs ISGD never played (though they may have been played on other shows) but are easily available. We could have listed over 100 songs they could have requested. Oh well. They'll never know what they were unless they go to The DFSXRadio Website and request them.

This show has 7 parts:

Part 1
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Part 2
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Alien LoveGeorge McClure
Baby Milk (Hussein)Capitol Steps
Mac vs. PC Spoof: Coke vs. Pepsi  [only known play]David Tanny
Bob Filner Wants You To Want Him  [only known play]The KGB Singers
Internet Killed the Video Star  [first known play]The Broad Band
Internet Killed The Video StarThe Limousines
We Are the Cubs Fans  [first known play]Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff
Brian Williams Raps Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch  [first known play]Jimmy Fallon
Ballad Of ChappaquiddickQuiddicks
Foreign CarHank Locklin
Tijuana Cab Driver (Tijuana Taxi)  [only known play]Don Bowman
Bill SlayerWhimsical Will
Imperial Jock  [first known play]Sulu And Whimsical Will
For The Good Dogs  [only known play]Pinkard and Bowden
Taco Hell 2013 live mix  [only known play]David Tanny
Gropin' in the Mayor's Room  [only known play]The KGB Singers
The Cover Of The Rolling Stone [Boston Bombing Version]Steve Goodie
#20:I Am Man, Hear Me SnoreDrunk and Disorderly
#19:Z InstrumentalArt Paul Schlosser
#18:She's Almost a Woman To MeThe Dan Orr Project
#17:Particle BoardThe Arrogant Worms
#16:Pac-Man is Naked and So Should YouWorm Quartet f/ the great Luke Ski
Part 5
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Part 6
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Next week: The 10th Anniversary of ISGD part 8: 2009 part 1 of 2

Listing added by:  davidtanny

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Messages about the show: "I Still Get Demented #13-32 August 8, 2013"

DJRockdoc   Offline  -  Member  -  08-14-13 07:12 PM  -  7 years ago
Request for a future show:

Caught Between Iraq & A Hard Place by Tommy & The Topedoes.

Thanks so much. - DJ Rockdoc
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