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I'll begin my story: out in West Virginia
Is a little college. (Rah, Rah, Rah!)
All the student body only cared for football;
Never mind the knowledge. (Rah, Rah, Rah!)
Never mind the sheepskin, they preferred the pigskin;
Seemed to have it in their bones.
Yeah, they knew all about it, couldn't do without it!
All except for certain Mr. Jamboree Jones.

And he played the clarinet with all his might!
He studied night and day, he practiced day and night.
No runnin' up the field for Mr. Jones!
He'd rather run up the scale and down the scale...what tones.

Even though his buddies used to drop their studies
To attend the rallies (Fight, Fight, Fight!),
While they all were rootin', you could hear him tootin'
"What's Become Of Sally."
How they used to hate him, co-eds wouldn't date him;
Thought he was an awful bore!
Yea, but he liked his rhythm more than being with `em,
So he only grinned and went to practice some more.

And meanwhile the team marched on to greater fame,
(Yay, team!)
Till they were asked to play (Yay, team!) that famous Rose Bowl game. (Oh, Rose it!)
And on that day of days the students beamed!
What did they do when the team marched on the field?
I want to tell you ladies and you gentlemen, they screamed!
Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah!!
Sis-boom-bah, bah-bah-dee-addle-oh!!
Yea-ho, watch `em go!!

Startin' from the kick-off, they pulled every trick off,
But they couldn't win it! (No, no!)
Instead of goin' forwards, they were goin' backwards
`Bout a mile a minute! (Yes, yes!)
Seein' their position, they called intermission,
And they heard the referee say... (Say!)
"17 to nothin' ain't exactly nothin',
And you've only got about a minute to play."

And then from the stands there came a distant wail!
And it was Jamboree, a-swingin' "Hold `Em Yale!"
(Bula, bula, bow-wow!)
And all the students then began to yell!
The players marched up the field and down the field, pell mell!

Now on a certain West Virginia hill,
There stands that college still, just as it always will.
And there's a picture in its Hall of Fame.
You'll see the boy in the frame who won the game:
Jamboree Jones was the gentleman's name!
1937 original version: Johnny Mercer - Jamboree Jones(View Larger)

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10-13-85, #85-41
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