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Duration: 3:25 
Release Date: 12/20/2013 
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Song Lyrics:
When gamers came along, the planet laughed at us
But this is gaming in the future and you haven't heard the last of us
Dismissing this is just an enormous fallacy
So open your mind, and let it alter your reality

Hey geeks, I bring a message from the future
There's a new revolution heading to computers
It's '73, but it won't be too long
'Til we can get the TV to play a game of Pong
But it's time to breakout of the house; the crazy days
Of Space Invaders await us; arcade potatoes
Swap the shooting range, for computer games
Arcade renaissance, pre-8-bit's blooming days
A new decade, welcome to the 80's
Pac-Man's the latest new craze, Q*Bert's the rage
The first personal computers let loose as
Manic Miner grabs your time, and to fight is truly useless
Elite gave legions of wee little boys
A deep space region and freedom of choice
Now here comes the console the first one sold
Portended an industry of dimensions untold

The birth of franchise, Mario Brothers
Donkey Kong, Monty Mole, I'd tell you the others
But, the list would go on and on, longer than I can tell
Until the 90's when the game became handheld
Meanwhile. I bought stories of another time and
Point-and-click arrived from the shores of Monkey Island
Ever want to see your chums beat right up?
Well, Daniel-san, you need to try Street Fighter
A tournament with all your buddies in your front room
Is all good until you fight online on Doom
Hijack your mind, your momma can't abide this
Night Trap might lack morals, it's a moral crisis
What are we doing to our youth?
They're shooting people, glued to screens with superglue.
Computers need to be banned when the laws broke
Ban Manhunt, ban Grand Theft Auto

Try something musical, but if you have a sore throat
I have what you're after: Parappa the Rapper
Tomb Raider, the tune invades your brain
Get in her way and she'll make you taste the pain
A sports a game always and it's hard fact
Then a game became a sport and its name was Starcraft
Kids used to play with dolls and a house
The Sims is the same, but controlled with a mouse
Open worlds abound, but rarely 3D, hey
Until the Elder Scrolls and GTA
Wait 'til you see the scale of the monsters and bosses
That you face in Shadow of the Colossus
Things are getting bigger, more decisions, more maps
Millions of simultaneous players in Warcraft
All the many people
See, your whole family can get involved in Wii Sports
And more people means more money, more flair
For big blockbusters; COD: Modern Warfare
Even more people, more freedom, more Indie games
Limbo, Fez, Super Meat Boy, Braid
Revolutionizing gameplay, a mind blast
Constructing infinite destructible worlds: Minecraft
Gaming on the telephone, yes I know it sounds absurd
Fruit Ninja, Farmville, Angry Birds

[Chorus x5]
When gamers came along, the planet laughed at us
But this is gaming in the future and you haven't heard the last of us
Dismissing this is just an enormous fallacy
So open your mind, and let it alter your reality

The world is ours
Now, where shall we take it?
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