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700 Billion Dollars 
By: Steve Goodie
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Duration: 2:02 
Release Date: 10/12/2008  (DJ Particle) 
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Song Lyrics:
Well, the government is best that governs least
Until you need seven hundred billion dollars
The commander in chief don’t care who gets fleeced
When someone needs seven hundred billion dollars

War is expensive, much more than peace
And to keep bombing the crap out of the middle east
And to keep the truth from being released
They need about seven hundred billion dollars

It’s a big pork pie, they want to eat every piece
They’d like seven hundred billion dollars
Wall Street’s sucking at the congressional teat
Yeah they need seven hundred billion dollars

Gotta keep those Halliburton wheels greased
It’s expensive being the world’s police
We’re still looking for Saddam’s WMD’s
Now, someone needs seven hundred billion dollars please

This guitar cost seven hundred billion dollars
And I will stop playing if you give me seven hundred billion dollars

Lipstick sales are on the increase
Though the exact figures have not yet been released
Those pigs are looking mighty pleased
They expect something like, in the neighborhood of, give or take, seven hundred billion dollars

See Wall Street says there is no doubt
That without a little bitty bailout
Everybody’s mortgage will explode
At least that’s the story we’ve been to’d

This kazoo cost seven hundred billion dollars
This harmonica cost 5 dollars… but the holder cost $699,999,999,995…

The welfare moms will feel the squeeze
Every child left behind, cut off at the knees
Can we feed our kids and buy ’em shoes at least?
No, someone needs seven hundred billion dollars
They need seven hundred billion dollars
Not million, seven hundred billion dollars
And this is the party that wants smaller government…
Screw you guys, I’m going home
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