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Duration: 3:06 
Release Date: 1976  (ADent) 
Lyrics By: Sidney DeLove (ADent) 
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By:
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  • "In 1976, everyone was trying to find things to do around the U.S. bicentennial celebration. Someone suggested that it had been a long time since there was a "narration" record. Could I come up with something? Well, my uncle had adapted an oratory for a speech contest when he was in high school (which he won, by the way). He later went on to be a physician and surgeon in the military, and he operated on soldiers aboard hospital ships. My mom happened to have a copy of the award-winning speech he presented in high school. With just a few changes, that's really what the piece is. Clive Fox worked it out through UA and Jimmy Haskell made the music. Nobody was looking for money. If there was any profit, it would go to charity. I regret slightly that the track was 100% finished before I did the narration. That caused a few changes in interpretation. (And in those days, we couldn't do digital editing or "sliding." The best option we had was just to punch in pick-ups or fixes.) Really, it's a period piece. I am happy to have been invited to be a part of it." - Charlie Van Dyke (ADent)
  • Can We Wave The Flag Too Much? is the response by S. L. DeLove on the radio program, “Know Your History Hour,” December 30, 1956, to a listener who wrote as follows: “Your programs are wonderful-- especially the no commercials--but you are waving the flag too much.” (ADent)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Is it possible to wave the flag too much?
    Provided, of course, that you wave it with integrity?
    Is it possible to study Lincoln or Shakespeare too much?
    Is it possible to read the Bible too much?
    The great, the good, the true, are inexhaustible for inspiration, example, and strength.
    I believe that we are not waving our flag enough, not nearly enough.
    Walk up and down the streets on July 4th and count the flags. It is our nation’s birthday, a sacred day in world history, the most important day of America.
    Why isn’t the flag flying on every rooftop and from every home and building?
    The flag is a symbol of our national unity.
    It is the spirit of our undying devotion to our country.
    It stands for the best that is in us...for loyalty, character, and faith in democracy.
    Our flag a is a symbol of the United States of America.
    Does it not represent man’s greatest, noblest, most important dream?
    Is it not the the goal to which generations have aspired?
    I believe it is time for us...the Twentieth Century stop for a moment and think.
    Let us inspire and rekindle in ourselves and our children the old-fashioned way of patriotism, a burning devotion to the principles and ideals upon which our country was founded.

    Every home should own and proudly display the colors.
    Isn't the flag Patrick Henry, Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, Nathan Hale, Paul Revere, Jackson, the Alamo, Pearl Harbor, Korea, Iwo Jima, Normandy, Babe Ruth and Davy Crockett?
    The great events of our past and present are wrapped up in our flag.

    It is a symbol of this blessed nation, a giant in industry, education and commerce.
    Millions of fertile square miles, wheatlands, coal mines, steel plants.
    Our great republic, the chosen infant destined to be man's last and remaining hope for suffering humanity, a shining beacon of light, noble and glorious, the haven for the oppressed and persecuted and truly God's gift to mankind.

    That is what the flag means to me.

    Can we wave it too much? I don't think so.
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