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Humpin' For Cash - Steve Bryant
Facebook Epic Rap - Dan Bull
Airports - Blaydeman
Geologists Are Coming!, The - Amoeba People, The
Nerdy and I Know It - Nerd Alert
Hot Problems - Double Take
I Wanna Be Your Stooge - Dave AuJus & the Numbskullz
Pepperoni Demons - TV's Kyle
History, etc. - Dictionary Attack
What Makes Us Beautiful - Key of Awesome, The
Avenge You - IGN Entertainment
I Parodied This, Why?!?!?! - Derwood Bowen
Stooges Are On, The - Goofy Gary Arnold
I Wish I Were - Matthew Ebel
Money Dollar Bills - Lemon Demon
AJAX Toy Company - Cirque du So What?
A Message From Scrotor The Hentai Demon - Cirque du So What?
Put Your Bukake On Me - Sherry Vine
Teach Me Maybe - Ethan Garcia
Sexy Beast - Brittani Louise Taylor
Arts & Crafts - Dictionary Attack
Ant-Man - Insane Ian
Prometheus - Tom Smith
Hey, Three Stooges! - David Tanny
Quit Freaking Out Over Boobs - Tom Smith
Jupiter - Your Favorite Martian
Guitarzan - Redneck MBA
Kyle, Are You Ian? - Scooter Picnic
Whore's Fortune - Beerside Scoundrels, The
Underboob - Possible Oscar
Ultimate Epic Video Game Medley 3rd Strike: Revenge of the Return of the Rise of the Remake of the New Challengers - Insane Ian
Anti-Bullying PSA - Cirque du So What?
Tile Guy: The Movie - Cirque du So What?
Devo, Are You ShoEboX? - Devo Spice feat. Worm Quartet
Some Study That I Used To Know - College Humor
A Subject That I Used To Know - Peter Coffin
YouTube Dream - iJustine
Black Holes Suck - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
How To Speak ShoEboX - Cirque du So What?
Synthesizer - Insane Ian
Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite - Big Daddy
Hot 4 Zombies (Metal Version) - Amun-Ra
Twelve & Fifteen - Dictionary Attack
Just Mister Londo - Luke Ski
I'd Buy That For a Dollar - Scooter Picnic feat. Luke Ski, Lindsay Smith, Carrie Dahlby
Mad Music Top 20 Revenge, Episode 12-17, April 27, 2012
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