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Quit Freaking Out Over Boobs 
By: Tom Smith
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Duration: 2:40 
Release Date: 4/20/2012 
Lyrics By:
Music By:
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Licensing: CC (DJ Particle) 
Song Lyrics:
Mitt Romney’s a liar and he has no plan,

We’re still at war in Afghanistan,

Our money’s being stolen by rich old farts,

But the news is all about woman parts.

Kim Kardashian looking bored,

Rihanna in a bathing suit -- oh my lord

Christina Aguilera showing off some skin

What alternate dimension are these pundits in?

Quit freaking out over boobs,

You’re not impressing the rubes,

You’re clogging up the intertubes,

Quit freaking out over boobs.

Jenny Love Hewitt on a TV show

She shoulda known better, not the place to go

The stupid host is known for sleaze

Gives her a poster of her double D’s

Lady Gaga in a sexy crouch,

everybody heads for the fainting couch,

The skin-colored outfit she chose to wear

Doesn’t have real nipples or pubic hair

Quit freaking out over boobs,

Go to your room with some lube,

You’re acting like a bunch of n00bz,

Quit freaking out over boobs.

Since the dawn of time, guys have gotten woodies

When they get a glimpse of their ladies’ goodies.

But some get offended, some get afraid,

I suspect they’re the ones not getting laid

The only thing better than something hidden

Is something someone else says is forbidden

If you think God’s sending naked people to hell

Remember he made us naked then he didn’t tell

You moral scolds, you stuck-up jerks,

It’s getting old, it never works,

And you’ve all forgotten where you come from,

The first boobs you saw were on your MUM!

Quit freaking out over breasts,

They’re only part of her chest,

A couple nice girly bits,

Quit freaking out over bosums.

Quit freaking out over busts,

Come over here and hang with us,

Here’s a pornographic Rubik’s Cube

Quit freaking out over boobs.


... [sigh] Boobs.

Outtake lyric from the bridge:

It’s only a nipple and a pound of meat,

But some folks go crazy at a naked teat.

The Sexual Revolution still is on

The puritans and Calvinists still ain’t gone

They can’t deal with hot and heavy romancing

‘Cause they’re scared that it might lead to dancing
(Stavro Arrgolus)
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