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The Gothsicles
Date Born/Group Began:
Date Died/Group Ended:
Also Known As:
Sleeping Disorder (DJ Particle)
darkNES (lead vocals) (DJ Particle)
Sega Lugosi (add'l vocals) (DJ Particle)

Played on 92 shows:
07-30-21, #WOTR_23709-17-10, #ROTP_317
03-20-21, #AOTA-21032009-03-10, #ROTP_315
03-19-21, #WOTR_21707-23-10, #ROTP_309
02-06-21, #KMCC-15-1203-31-10, #LCBR_Ep012
01-23-21, #AOTA-21012303-06-10, #ROTP_289
01-16-21, #AOTA-21011602-08-10, #DRP_ep010
01-15-21, #WOTR_20701-23-10, #ROTP_283
01-09-21, #AOTA-21010912-21-09, #DRP_ep004
11-28-20, #AOTA-20112811-21-09, #ROTP_274
10-31-20, #KMCC-15-0511-20-09, #MMDT20_09-47
07-18-20, #AOTA-20071808-01-09, #ROTP_258
07-17-20, #WOTR_18205-31-09, #MMCZ-09-19
12-08-18, #KMCC-13-0805-08-09, #MMDT20_09-19
11-02-18, #WOTR_11004-24-09, #MMDT20_09-17
10-13-18, #AOTA-18101304-03-09, #MMDT20_09-14
05-18-18, #WOTR_8303-20-09, #ROTP_239
05-12-18, #AOTA-18051211-24-08, #MM-185
06-16-17, #WOTR_3810-13-08, #MM-179
11-28-16, #MM-49301-28-08, #MM-143
11-07-16, #MM-49011-19-07, #MM-133
08-20-16, #WOTR_1311-12-07, #MM-132
08-15-16, #MM-47811-03-07, #ROTP_167
03-01-15, #BWR-15-03-0109-29-07, #ROTP_162
02-23-15, #MM-40209-08-07, #ROTP_159
01-23-15, #MMDT20_15-0409-01-07, #ROTP_158
01-16-15, #MMDT20_15-0308-25-07, #ROTP_157
01-09-15, #MMDT20_15-0207-21-07, #ROTP_152
01-05-15, #MM-39507-14-07, #ROTP_151
01-02-15, #MMDT20_15-0107-07-07, #ROTP_150
12-26-14, #MMDT20_14-5204-21-07, #ROTP_139
12-19-14, #MMDT20_14-5103-17-07, #ROTP_134
11-28-14, #MMDT20_14-4802-24-07, #ROTP_131
07-29-14, #BWR-14-07-2912-31-06, #MMS-60
07-11-14, #MMDT20_14-2810-28-06, #ROTP_114
06-27-14, #MMDT20_14-2610-21-06, #ROTP_113
04-25-14, #MMDT20_14-1709-10-06, #MM-73
07-05-13, #MMDT20_13-2709-09-06, #ROTP_107
03-01-13, #MMDT20_13-0908-12-06, #ROTP_103
02-22-13, #MMDT20_13-0807-08-06, #ROTP_098
12-16-11, #ROTP_38205-06-06, #ROTP_089
09-02-11, #ROTP_36704-15-06, #ROTP_086
05-13-11, #ROTP_35104-08-06, #ROTP_085
03-11-11, #ROTP_34204-01-06, #ROTP_084
01-07-11, #ROTP_33303-25-06, #ROTP_083
11-20-10, #MMCZ-10-5103-19-06, #MM-49
11-05-10, #ROTP_32401-08-06, #MM-40
= Show you can listen to online
4 Fat Guys,_The_-_Agony_of_a_Year_Without_End_(Billionaire_Proctologist_Mothman_with_Ebola),_The.mp3 Agony of a Year Without End (Billionaire Proctologist Mothman with Ebola), The - (with 'Gothsicles feat. Everything Goes Cold, The') Amphibious Triginometry (Live at MarsCon 2010)
Amphibious Trigonometry Amphibious Trigonometry (Soggy Mix)
Aquaman (Live at FuMPFest),_The_-_Axolotl_Super_Powers_(MC_Lars_extended_mix).mp3 Axolotl Super Powers (MC Lars extended mix)
B-R-[x]-A-N - (with 'Gothsicles feat. Bryan North, The')
B-R-[x]-A-N (Caustic's Girl's, You're Both Pretty Mix) - (with 'Gothsicles feat. Bryan North, The')
Baaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllssss - (with 'Gothsicles (ft. Prometheus Burning), The')
Baby Jesus vs Baby Genius - (with 'Gothsicles feat. Sega Lugosi, The') Bad Grammar Badger Badger Badger (Live at MarsCon 2008) - (with 'Gothsicles, featuring Worm Quartet, The') Better Versions By Other People
Black T-Shirt Blip to be Squarewave
Bloodlust Software Was Awesome
Call the Chips to Port Challenge of the Superfriends - (with 'Causticles, The')
Chip Replacement Surgery Contra Mantra (Konami Code I), The - (with 'Sleeping Disorder') Cthulhu Fhartwagon Daisy Chain 4 Satan Devastator Devastator (Soggy Remix)!.mp3 Drop Dead, Squid Face!
Drunk Cuts
Drunk Cuts (Peter Spilles Remix) Drunk Cuts (Vasi Vallis' Reaper Mix) English Licence (Go Get A Green Card Remix) English License 2.0 Everyone Should Play V:TES ('Cause Somebody's Gotta Be Worse Than Me)’re__1)__The.mp3 First Band Ever To Play Resistanz Festival (We’re #1), The - (with ' Gothsicles feat. Thomas Rainier & Richard Pyne, The') Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Live at MarsCon 2008), The Get A Real Dog
Get a Real Dog (live an Con on the Cob 2007) Give Me One More Chance to Get the Hi-Score, Then We Can Go Hey, I've Got That Font've_Got_That_Font_(Live_at_MarsCon_2008).mp3 Hey, I've Got That Font (Live at MarsCon 2008) - (with 'Gothsicles, featuring Soggy Potato Chips, The')'re_Playing_Infest!.mp3 Holy s**t, We're Playing Infest! House Party At Arkham Asylum (mini-cover version) I Can Tell You Shop At Hot(t) Topic
I Do What I Do
I Sniffed the Glove - (with 'Gothsicles vs. Cyferdyne, The') I'll Be There For You I'll Be There For You (Live at MarsCon 2010),_The_-_IDDQD.mp3 IDDQD Karma Jolt (Hobo Bob Mix) Konami Code (Epsilon Minus remix),_The_-_Konami_Code_(fm__rmx_by_Pankow).mp3 Konami Code (fm_?_rmx by Pankow) Konami Code (Hi-Score RMX by Battery Cage) Konami Code III (Revolution) Konami Code IV Lunch Breakin Mix This Song Into A23s "Maps of Reality"
Moon Knight is Cool
My Guy Died (Level 12 Human Sorcerer)
My Guy Died (Level 12 Human Sorcerer) (Boole's Reveling and Leveling Club Mix)
My Guy Died (Level 12 Human Sorcerer) (Yendri Remix) One Second Ghost One Second Ghost (Sore Thumbs Mix by Stochastic Theory) Perfect Strangers,_The_-_Pre-Party_With_Moderate_Fierceness.mp3 Pre-Party With Moderate Fierceness Raise Your God - (with 'Causticles, The')
Riding Roller Coasters with Peter Spilles Risky Business With Frisky Wizards (The State Was Awesome) Rock Me Amadeus,_The_-_Rock_The_Quokka.mp3 Rock The Quokka Ruin the Party - (with 'Causticles, The') Sacking Rome
Save Dat Mermaid
Save Dat Mermaid (Leaether Strip Remix) Show Respect to Aquaman
Slime-Half So You Want To Become A Goth? (Live at MarsCon 2010)!.mp3 Sonic Boom! Spacebugs - (with 'Causticles, The')
Straight Up Otter Time
Super Scary Action Figure (I Want To Eat Your Brain)
Sword Cane Terminus Festival Is Gonna Be Awesome - (with 'The Gothsicles feat. Panic Lift')’ve_Decided_to_Become_A_Goth_.mp3 Theme From "So You’ve Decided to Become A Goth"
This Club Is Closed - (with 'Gothsicles feat. Anglespit, The') Triple Shot Triple Shot - Sensuous Enemy remix Turn Signals Are Still Cool (Pimp My Rhyme Mix by Caustic) Turn Signals Are Still Cool (w/ Sega Lugosi) Ultrasweaty
Voicebox Botox
Wearing a Star Trek Uniform, Watching Tony Lechmanski Sleep
Wildness Acts - (with 'Gothsicles feat. Xero, The')
WTII Records is My Favorite Record Label's_On_You_(Live_at_MarsCon_2008).mp3 Yolk's On You (Live at MarsCon 2008), The
You Have Found the Hawk's Claw
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