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Johnny & The Leisure Suits f/ Jonathon Brandmeier
Date Born/Group Began: 1982 (goetzrbrt5) 
Date Died/Group Ended: 1989 (goetzrbrt5) 
Also Known As:
Jonathon Brandmeier (Stavro Arrgolus)
  • Jonathon Brandmeier (Johnny B.) has been the regarded as one of the top FM disc jockeys in history. From 1983 to 1996? he worked at Chicago radio station WLUP 97.9 FM (The Loop). He then moved to Los Angeles for contractual obligations. He is now back in Chicago at WLUP since fall 2005. His claim to fame includes prank calls (including a 'Misinformation Line' for those who dial the wrong number) and interviews with celebrities and almost anyone, sane or insane, involved in the news. Check out the Jonathon Brandmeier podcast available on iTunes to hear some of his wacky entourages. He's back and JUST HAVIN' FUN again!!! (goetzrbrt5)
  • Brandmeier started on radio in November 1974 on Fon du Lac, Wisconsin radio station WFON. From February 9, 1981-February 8, 1983 he worked at Phoenix radio station KZZP, where he developed a huge loyal following he called "Loons." He formed The Leisure Suits in early 1981. The name inspired by the popular fashion in Phoenix retirement community Sun City. Johnny & The Lesure Suits started touring around Chicago again in March 2007. (CapSuper)
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    Messages about the artist: "Johnny & The Leisure Suits f/ Jonathon Brandmeier"

    Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  05-28-18 12:41 PM  -  2 years ago
    e8-deleted-   Offline  -  Suspended  -  05-28-18 12:16 PM  -  2 years ago
    Page should be combined with this and this
    CapSuper   Offline  -  Participant  -  04-14-13 05:44 PM  -  8 years ago
    Johnny & The Leisure Suits were active from 1981-2009, and could be reactivated at any time as long as Brandmeier's on the radio.
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