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Tom Dark
Date Born/Group Began: still formless (Tom Dark) 
Date Died/Group Ended: undead (Tom Dark) 
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Tom Dark   Offline  -  Artist  -  01-21-11 03:33 PM  -  10 years ago
Here's some stuff I've been up to lately.

What I think of Indian writers:
Tom Dark   Offline  -  Artist  -  08-15-06 03:37 AM  -  14 years ago

Well... er, here I am. Yup I was on the Dr. Demento show frequently until one day I discovered through a fan that that surprisingly paucid individual was selling artists'
music (mine) and not paying (me) them anything for it.

It was a little hard to believe. Considering the fact that the good doctor's show diminished continually (probably owing to his habit of punishing listeners with "Fish Heads" and "Shaving Cream" constantly), astonishingly petty to steal artist's work like that. The "publicity" he pretended you got in return wasn't usually as big as what you'd get sending something to a local radio station. Or what I did, anyhow.

Not sure when my stuff first aired up on that show. "Einstein" was kind of a little hit and that was in 1989. I thiiiiink the last I let Barry Hansen use any of my stuff was in 1997. I see by these playlists... well, I don't know and I don't remember. I see "Rollerblading" got more play than I expected. But I'd stopped listening to the show long before then. A steady diet of "Fishheads" and "Shaving Cream" made my stomache heavy.

I suppose he played those and a few other dead-horse-beaten songs as ways to make himself more money. Performance rights royalties, 12 cents a play.

I see John Bartles on some old playlists, too. I met Bartles a couple years ago for the first time, after some years of correspondence. He is not sane, or he is making a career of acting insane to keep getting his gov't benefits. At 6'3" and over 300 pounds, Bartles is the biggest coward I've ever met in person, and the largest. The encounter was not to be comprehended. Anyway he showed up at my door unknown, unannounced, and unexpected one afternoon.

Welp? Still want some of my stuff? Am always messing around with it. Let me know.

I write a lot too, you'll notice. Wherever mind wants to go. My mind, I mean.

Let's see... I can also be found here:

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