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Jeff Elbel + Ping
Contact: E-Mail (Marathon) 
Date Born/Group Began: 1997 (Marathon) 
Date Died/Group Ended: still kicking (Marathon) 
Also Known As:
Jeff Elbel and Ping, Jeff Elbel plus Ping (Marathon)
Jeffs previous bands: Farewell to Juliet, Sunny Day Roses, andrewesley (Marathon)
Andrew Oliver (drums, percussion) From: 2001 To: current (Marathon)
Andrew Wesley Carter (guitar) From: inception To: current (Marathon)
Chad Dunn (percussion [occasional]) From: inception To: current (Marathon)
Dave Dampier (percussion) From: 2006 To: current (Marathon)
Jeff Elbel (vocal, guitar) From: inception To: current (Marathon)
John Bretzlaff (guitar) From: inception To: current (Marathon)
Kim Bretzlaff (vocal) From: inception To: current (Marathon)
Maron Gaffron (vocal [occasional]) From: 2009 To: current (Marathon)
Matt Gadeken (violin [occasional]) From: 2007 To: current (Marathon)
Mike Choby (Hammond organ) From: 2004 To: current (Marathon)
Stacey Krejci (bass) From: inception To: current (Marathon)
I've seen Jeff Elbel + Ping play at Cornerstone Festival numerous times and always have a great time. Of the different CD's I have by Ping, this is my all-time favorite. The wit and humor of many of the songs is balanced nicely by intelligent looks at various aspects of work, relationships, parenting, pregnancy, annoying neighbors pets, and humble appreciation of one's bandmates. The music has a nice mix of styles that will appeal to most listeners. While I like the entire disc and listen to it often, my favorite tracks are Engine of Destruction (great view of parenting), You Little Victim (bluesy), Bark Along with Cody (unadulterated fun), Soul Destroyer (somedays it be that way), and Sing It Out Loud / Time To Leave (two band appreciation numbers - the latter's rollicking chorus put's me in mind of Leadbelly's "Midnight Special." If you like thoughtful, witty music with lots of creativity, get this release....get it NOW. You won't be sorry! - Mark Hootman- Marathon
  • No band could love you half as much as Ping! We tune because we care. (Marathon)
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    Marathon   Offline  -  Artist  -  12-26-05 12:52 AM  -  15 years ago
    I love you.
    Happy New Year.
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