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The Smothers Brothers
Date Born/Group Began:
Date Died/Group Ended:
Also Known As:
Richard "Dick" Smothers (Bass / Vocals) (Dave AuJus)
Thomas "Tom" Smothers (Guitar / Vocals) (Dave AuJus)
  • The Smothers Brothers announced their retirement in May of 2010. (Tim P. Ryan)
  • Played on 87 shows:
    05-09-20, #AOTA-20050901-19-08, #MMCZ_08-03
    05-12-19, #OTR-5-1910-01-07, #MMS-94
    04-28-19, #OTR-5-1706-17-07, #07-24
    04-20-19, #AOTA-19042010-08-06, #MMS-48
    03-30-19, #AOTA-19033009-10-06, #06-37
    02-24-19, #OTR-5-807-02-06, #MMS-34
    05-08-17, #OTR-3-1904-02-06, #MMS-21
    03-15-17, #ISGD-17-1112-17-05, #MMS-9
    11-26-16, #AOTA-16112606-19-05, #05-25
    11-19-16, #KMCC-T12-0506-30-03, #XM-06
    06-18-16, #16-2506-30-02, #02-26
    03-05-16, #ISGD-16-1106-16-02, #02-24
    08-22-15, #15-3405-13-01, #01-19
    05-09-15, #15-1906-18-00, #00-25
    05-17-14, #AOTA-14051702-06-00, #00-06
    05-10-14, #AOTA-14051009-12-99, #99-37
    03-29-14, #14-1305-02-93, #93-18
    06-15-13, #AOTA-13061502-21-93, #93-08
    06-15-13, #13-2411-15-92, #92-46
    05-11-13, #AOTA-13051109-08-91, #91-36
    05-07-13, #BWR-13-05-0707-01-90, #90-26
    07-03-12, #BWR-12-07-0306-17-90, #90-24
    06-16-12, #AOTA-12061605-13-90, #90-19
    06-12-12, #BWR-12-06-1207-30-89, #89-31
    05-12-12, #12-1905-14-89, #89-20
    05-12-12, #AOTA-12051202-26-89, #89-09
    05-08-12, #BWR-12-05-0809-04-88, #88-36
    05-03-12, #ISGD-12-1805-08-88, #88-19
    07-02-11, #AOTA-11070202-28-88, #88-09
    06-18-11, #AOTA-11061802-15-87, #87-07
    06-05-10, #10-2309-21-86, #86-38
    07-26-09, #09-3010-13-85, #85-41
    06-21-09, #09-2501-20-85, #85-03
    04-12-09, #09-1507-03-83, #83-27
    07-26-08, #MMCZ_007906-19-83, #83-25
    07-05-08, #MMCZ_006205-08-83, #83-19
    06-21-08, #MMCZ_005210-24-82, #82-43
    06-15-08, #08-2408-22-82, #82-34
    06-14-08, #MMCZ_005004-11-82, #82-15
    06-08-08, #MMS-11301-06-80, #80-01
    05-17-08, #MMCZ_004007-22-79, #79-29
    05-03-08, #MMCZ_08-1802-25-79, #79-08
    03-15-08, #MMCZ_08-1110-03-76, #114
    01-26-08, #MMCZ_08-04
    = Show you can listen to online
     Songs A Car - (with 'Smothers Brothers') A Fly - (with 'Smothers Brothers') A Fox - (with 'Smothers Brothers') A Jellyfish - (with 'Smothers Brothers') A Mosquito - (with 'Smothers Brothers') A Worm - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Aesop Knew (Reprise) - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Almost - (with 'Smothers Brothers')
    American History II (excerpt about George Washington) American History II-B - (with 'Smothers Brothers') American History-1A - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Anne Marie and Jean Pierre - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Apples Peaches and Cherries - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Bird and the Jar, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers')'s_Hair.mp3 Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Boy Who Cried Wolf, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Cabbage Carnival - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Caught In The Draft - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Chocolate Church Bells - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Civil War Song - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Controversial Material - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Crabs Walk Sideways Dance, Boatman Dance - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Daniel Boone - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Dog and the Thief, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Down in the Valley - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Eskimo Dog - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Farmer and His Sons, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers') First Time (Ever I Saw), The - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Flamenco - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Four Winds and Seven Seas - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Fox and the Grapes, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers') George Washington Gnus - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Greedy Dog, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Hangman Hiawatha - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Hound Dog Blues - (with 'Smothers Brothers')'t_Care.mp3 I Don't Care - (with 'Smothers Brothers') I Never Will Marry - (with 'Smothers Brothers') I Talk To The Trees - (with 'Smothers Brothers') I Wish I Wuz in Peoria - (with 'Smothers Brothers') If It Fits Your Fancy - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Impersonation - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Impossible Dream, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Incredible Jazz Banjoist, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Intermission Bit - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Jenny Brown Jezebel - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Laredo Last Great Waltz - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Life and the Song of Life - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Little Known Song and Dance - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Little Sacka Sugar - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Lonesome Traveler - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Longtime Blues - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Map of the World - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Mary Was Pretty - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Measle Song, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Mediocre Fred Michael, Row The Boat Ashore - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Military Lovers, The Mom Always Liked You Best Morons - (with 'Smothers Brothers') My Favorite Holiday - (with 'Smothers Brothers') My Old Man Overture - (with 'Smothers Brothers') People Change - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Population Explosion - (with 'Smothers Brothers') President Johnson - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Pretoria - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Put-On Song, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Reminiscences - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Saga of John Henry, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers')'s_Lament.mp3 Sailor's Lament - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Santa Claus Santa Claus is Coming to Town - (with 'Smothers Brothers')'s_Gone_Forever.mp3 She's Gone Forever - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Shrimp, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Siblings - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Silver Threads Golden Needles - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Since My Canary Died
    Slitheree Dee Smart Juice - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Soap - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Someone To Talk My Troubles To - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Spread Of Democracy - (with 'Smothers Brothers')'s_Got_a_New_Dress.mp3 Stella's Got a New Dress - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Swiss Christmas - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Tattoo Song - (with 'Smothers Brothers')'s_My_Song.mp3 That's My Song - (with 'Smothers Brothers') They Are Gone - (with 'Smothers Brothers') They Call the Wind Maria - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Three Song - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Time and Song of Time - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Tom Dooley's_Party.mp3 Tom's Party - (with 'Smothers Brothers')'s_Song.mp3 Tommy's Song - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Troubador Song - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Two Frogs, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Tzena, Tzena, Tzena, Tzena - (with 'Smothers Brothers') United Nations - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Venezuelan Rain Dance - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Wagon Wheels - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Wanderlove - (with 'Smothers Brothers') We Love Us - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Where the Lilac Grows - (with 'Smothers Brothers') World I Used to Know - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Wreck of the Old 49, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Write of Songs, The - (with 'Smothers Brothers') Yesterday - (with 'Smothers Brothers') You Can Call Me Stupid't_Come_In.mp3 You Didn't Come In - (with 'Smothers Brothers')
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