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Disc: 1 1 I'll Meet You On Mars Robert W. Monthey remix - Art Paul Schlosser's_Talk.mp3 2 Hey Let's Talk G Wildens remix - Art Paul Schlosser 3 Be My Friend djsmooth4lyfe remix - Art Paul Schlosser 4 It Takes a Whole World Jim Anderson remix - Art Paul Schlosser 5 Have a Peanut Butter Sandwich Jeffrey Powers (Animalien) remix - Art Paul Schlosser 6 What's On The Radio DJ Particle remix - Art Paul Schlosser 7 My Cat Was Taking a Bath Michael Hill (aka That Guy) remix - Art Paul Schlosser 8 Screw My Head in a Light Bulb Socket Jim Anderson remix - Art Paul Schlosser 9 Scary Techno Song Number 5006 Michael Hill (aka That Guy) remix - Art Paul Schlosser 10 Night Mirror Spookster and the Scaremenots remix - Art Paul Schlosser 11 5 Kink remix - Art Paul Schlosser 12 Hey-bob a He-bob a Be-bob a Bo-bob Seth Van Wie (The Whiskey Prophet) - Art Paul Schlosser's_in_the_Hall.mp3 13 Our Garden's in the Hall Jim Anderson remix - Art Paul Schlosser!.mp3 14 Everybody Get Weird the great LukeSki remix - Art Paul Schlosser 15 Take Me Out of the Army Robert W. Monthey Remix - Art Paul Schlosser 16 Love and Friendship Positude remix - Art Paul Schlosser've_Got_AIDS).mp3 17 Kiss Me Darling (I've Got AIDS) Karl Brown remix - Art Paul Schlosser 18 You Make Me Laugh Jim Anderson remix - Art Paul Schlosser 19 Praise the Lord and be Confident Jim Anderson remix - Art Paul Schlosser 20 Letz Danze Dan Stafford remix - Art Paul Schlosser 21 Make a Joyful Noise Onto the Lord John Becker remix - Art Paul Schlosser 22 One Note/The End RSP remix - Art Paul Schlosser'm_Blue.mp3 23 I'm Blue Derwood Bowen remix - Art Paul Schlosser 24 Confidently Sincerely Forever Goodbye Dan Stafford remix - Art Paul Schlosser'll_by_My_Honey.mp3 25 She'll Be My Honey Jim Anderson remix - Art Paul Schlosser 26 Scratch in the Record Soggy Potato remix - Art Paul Schlosser 27 End, The-Michael Hill (aka That Guy) remix - Art Paul Schlosser

Art Paul The Remix Project

By: Various Artists


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 CD(Captain Wayne)


Art Paul Schlosser
Art Paul: The Remix Project
Tom Laskin from the Isthmus on Friday 06/06/2008
It's easy to take Madison's guitar-strumming, kazoo-blowing king of naive folk music for granted. After all, Art Paul's been performing his strange ditties about cats, his Christian beliefs, life on Mars and a hundred other subjects big and small down on State Street since before most current members of the UW student body were born. Over the years, he's received encouragement and exposure from both local rock acts and the novelty-addicted radio DJ Dr. Demento (indeed, Demento regular Luke Ski assembled this project). But that attention has done little to swell Schlosser's dome. He remains a reliable Madison character, and when he disappears from local streets, the demotic portion of the city's cultural scene will be poorer for it.

The remixers on this encyclopedic 27-track reimagining of Art Paul's simple tunes revel in their subject's innocent oddness and punch up his bare-bones original arrangements with gusto. Standout tracks include DJ Particle's static-laced collage of "What's on the Radio," the G Wildens' heroic hard-rock setting for "Hey Let's Talk," and Positive Attitude's appropriately warped electro treatment of "Love and Friendship." Even the frantic, sliced-and-diced hardcore that Michael "That Guy" Hill juxtaposes against the sweet chorus of "My Cat Was Taking a Bath" celebrates Art Paul's weird, entirely unselfconscious approach to songwriting.

Is Art Paul destined to become the next indie club phenom? Maybe. But even if he doesn't, The Remix Project makes a fine bookend to the MAMA-winning tribute to him that came out in 2006.
  • Actaually Tom Laskin is wrong this CD was assembled by Art Paul himself but Luke did do the cartoon drawing on the cover and the remix Everybody Get Weird. (artpaul)
  • The G Wildens is a John Mapes (from Possible Oscar) project (artpaul)
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