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Topic: Upcoming shows for April, May and June of 2021 (Wackiness On The Rise)

Started by: Wacky Ben

Wacky Ben   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  04-01-21 06:20 PM  -  14 days ago

Got another update to make in regards to show change. And trust me, it's no joke as this post is made on April Fools Day. First I replaced the first part of our look at Dr. Demento's Greatest Novelty Records of All-Time collection with the first part of the three part Weekend Chronicles. Well the Weekend Chronicles isn't happening this time. I lost interest in the idea and it'll probably be awhile before I try it again. So this time, our June 11th show will be dedicated to movies since June is the time for movies. But since we're still in the middle of a pandemic, going to theaters won't be much of a thing. But there's still the new movies streaming on sites like HBO Max. I do plan to focus on movies that premiered in theaters during the summer like the many Marvel movies, Jurassic Park, and other films.

I'm now really hoping that this is the last change I will make for now. I still need to find replacements for the other two shows I had originally planned the Weekend Chronicles and I am working on some ideas.

Wacky Ben   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  03-28-21 08:22 PM  -  18 days ago
An update in regards to the April 23rd show. First off the category isn't changing but there's a good possibility that I may not play the Tuesday FuMP song on that episode and here's why. Just earlier today, I went to get my very first vaccine shot and I go back three weeks later to get my second shot. I really don't know what side effects I may possibly have after my second shot, all I have now is a sore arm, and I feel that whatever side effect I'll have from shot number two that I won't have the energy to record during the first few days of the week. Hence why I'm not sure about playing the Tuesday FuMP song from that week. But if I do manage to feel better in time, then I will play the song. I guess I thought the best thing to do was to record that episode in advance because I'm not sure about how the side effects from the second shot will affect me since everyone has different reactions. I will say that I'm glad that I finally got my first vaccine shot and I will talk about it on my next show as I will also play a new song about the vaccines by Randy Rainbow who believe it or not this will be the first time ever I'll be playing his songs on my show. I just thought I'd mention this because it's really hard to tell how things will go three weeks from today. And don't be afraid to get a vaccine shot. It's to help protect you from the virus in the future.
Wacky Ben   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  03-21-21 11:13 AM  -  26 days ago

One change made to the schedule. I will be scrapping our look at the Dr. Demento vinyl collection The Greatest Novelty Records of All-Time where we were suppose to play all six albums between June to November. Taking it's place will be whatever I have in mind for the months of September, October and November, and something different I have for June, July and August. I'm calling it the Weekend Chronicles. A three-part monthly venture into funny songs about what the weekend such as activities you'd normally see on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fridays usually involve employees anxiously awaiting the weekend, TGIF on ABC, and trips to the video store when they use to be a thing. Saturdays have Saturday morning cartoons, westerns on TV, and various events. Sundays mean either church, football, and the dread of going back to work unless it's a holiday. I was originally planning a look at all seven days, but what really goes on between Mondays and Thursdays anyway? School, work, and Monday night wrestling and football. Then again maybe a Monday show may work out. It's Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I'm not sure about. That's the only change I have made so far and I have no plans to make any other changes during the next three months.

Wacky Ben   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  02-21-21 12:57 PM  -  1 month ago

Yes I know it's not March yet. Not until next Monday. However, I just feel like sharing the upcoming shows for the months of April, May and June of this year. Before I do, let me point out that we did have an extra bonus episode on February 14th which was a last minute idea, so the episode guide has changed in regards to the last post I made about the shows for the first three months. With that said, let's proceed.


April 2021:

4/2/21: episode 219: (Easter and Dr. Demento's 80th birthday)

4/9/21: episode 220 (funny bunnies/post-Easter show)

4/16/21: episode 221 (Earth Day)

4/23/21: episode 222 (going green)

4/30/21: episode 223 (Halloween in April aka Walpurgis Night)


May 2021:

5/7/21: episode 224 (moms)

5/14/21: episode 225 (sci-fi songs 1 of 2)

5/21/21: episode 226 (sci-fi songs 2 of 2)

5/28/21: episode 227 (ice cream)


June 2021:

6/4/21: episode 228 (5th anniversary of Wackiness On The Rise/10 years of podcasting)

6/11/21: episode 229 (The Greatest Novelty Records of All-Time: Volume 1 - The 1940s and before)

6/18/21: episode 230 (dads)

6/25/21: episode 231 (summertime)


April starts off with our Easter show which I wanted to do last year but scrapped due to the pandemic forcing me to put the show on a temporary limited production. That same first show we'll also have a short birthday portion for Dr. Demento. The following show is a post-Easter show where I will play 30 minutes of songs about bunny rabbits, or as I would like to call them funny bunnies. Next will be Earth Day and this one was another show I wanted to do last year but scrapped. The bright side is I still have to same playlist I made last year so I will go by that playlist. Going green is something you'd normally have on St. Patrick's Day but because it's a post-Earth Day show, I thought maybe I'd play songs about the color green. Ending the month of April is something I had thought about doing last year called Halloween in April. A nickname, maybe not officially, given to a holiday held every April 30th to May 1st called Walpurgis Night. This won't be for a full hour but will be for a half hour instead.

Next is the month of May. We're starting things off with our early dedication to Mother's Day. Then for the next two weeks, it's two shows dedicated to sci-fi songs. Aliens, flying saucers, maybe a few sci-fi show songs too. Then we end the month with a tribute to ice cream. An idea I actually announced on my recent episode of Wackiness On The Rise. With the nice weather we'll be having in May, it's a good time for ice cream. Now we get to the month of June where it starts off on a good note. We'll be celebrating the 5th anniversary of Wackiness On The Rise. I as usual will probably play a few favorite songs and will work something else out too. That same episode will also mark my 10th anniversary of becoming a podcast host. The second show of June will mark the beginning of something special as for the rest of the year I will dedicate each month to Dr. Demento's 1985 album The Greatest Novelty Records of All-Time. We'll play the first volume where it's novelty songs of the 1940s and before. Then the next month will be a different volume from the album and this'll go on until November. Then we dedicate an episode to our dads for Father's Day and we end the month of June with some summertime songs.

And with that, that's what to expect in April, May and June. As usual, there might be changes made and I will make updates. Also, I did make a post about possibly bringing back the Dumb Newsbreak in April. That will not be happening as I'm not ready to bring it back yet. I hope everyone enjoys these upcoming episodes and by the time June arrives, or maybe it'll happen in late May, I will post the upcoming shows for the months of July, August and September.

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