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Topic: Mad Music Moment #239 - Anything Goes In; Anything Goes Out

Started by: Stavro Arrgolus

Tyro Arrgula   Offline  -  Editor  -  03-28-21 03:10 PM  -  18 days ago

Pretty sure Uncle's intentions are suspect here.

The show's about "things that go in and out of you"? Yeah, right. I'll bet the old man's cooking up a horrid, deviant show about buttsecks, BJs and huge, self-lubricating battery powered sex toys.

And if it's not that, he'll make it about how much weight everyone's gained during the plague year and how many metric tons of food have gone "in and out" of you since the pandemic began.  He lost 20 pounds last year since he spent the whole time here in Europe with us and he's way too sanctimonious about it. 

Either way, I'm staying out of this new show. Even if it's SFW.

Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  03-21-21 05:20 PM  -  25 days ago

No, I didn't even have the energy last year to make one measly podcast for Xmas.

It's now 3 months later and I can have another go at a new podcast or possibly a Mad Music Moment - I haven't decided - but not for a holiday in a year best forgotten. It's more sensible to make a new show & use this old thread for it to help keep track of the show numbers.

The concept is simple enough. People put all kinds of horrid garbage into their heads that the crooked food companies con them into buying and then they have the nerve to wonder why they're constipated or farting blood or some other damn thing. Poison in, poison out. It's common sense.

This show puts forth the sensible notion that all that horrible high fructose corn syrup you eat is far better outside your body than in it. It doesn't matter how you excrete it. It can be a good dump in the morning if you're lucky enough to be regular, or it could be a noisy blast of diarrhea that starts out as a fart...but it's not a fart. And you find out the hard way. Not only did you blast a hole in your underwear, but you end up wondering if you're ever going to be able to wear those pants again.

Ok, that all sounds a bit too dramatic, doesn't it? This show will be about things going in and coming out of no particular order. Food, sweat, farts, poo, pee...and maybe one or two things that go in that...aren't exactly food - winkwink nudgenudge saynomore. It's going to be that kind of show.

Just don't hold your breath for it. It could arrive next week or just before Halloween. If even then.

Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  12-21-20 06:21 PM  -  3 months ago

There's no way in hell I can manage a whole 2 hour Xmas show at this point; I barely made one segment for MMS-223. It's time to devise a more practical solution.

The podcast will be hosted by me and not some undead character. It may or may not be SFW. I'd rather have it nasty, but CC content is often squeaky clean - so no promises.

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