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Topic: The wackiness on hiatus for health purposes

Started by: Wacky Ben

Wacky Ben   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  04-07-20 07:18 PM  -  1 month ago

Got another update to make. While production of Wackiness On The Rise is still on hiatus, not much is happening in my end but I'm still staying home to be safe. And seeing that not much is happening, I am considering recording a new episode of Wackiness On The Rise that will either go up next week or later this month. Now that doesn't mean that I am resuming production. What I'm thinking about is temporarily making monthly shows like I did before, only this time they'll be for an hour instead of two, and just like the monthly shows I'll either have one or two shows each month. It's been rather boring these past three weeks not doing a show and it's something you're use to doing especially for 16 years (although technically I've been a podcast DJ for 9 years now).

If I decide to go for monthly shows then expect another show to come up in May and then more to come until the pandemic comes to an end. Then we can finally resume a full time weekly production. Unfortunately, the Dumb Newsbreak will still be on hiatus because for one, I don't think a monthly Dumb Newsbreak will work out especially for A-Log On The Airwaves since the segment also collaborates with that show. But once again, as soon as the pandemic comes to an end then the Dumb Newsbreak will resume.

All we can hope for is for this pandemic to end but that all depends on how doctors and scientists are able to work things out. Gotta give them all the props for the hard work they're going through right now to find a possible cure for COVID-19. And once it's found, may COVID-19 burn in the deepest pits of Hell for what's it done to society. Yeah that was extreme but it was worth saying.

Wacky Ben   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  03-30-20 08:56 PM  -  2 months ago
The hiatus may last longer than anticipated. The reason is for family purposes as my 91-year-old grandmother from Chicago is staying with my parents here in Springfield as the coronavirus has managed to get worse in the Windy City because some people don't know how to stay indoors apparently. I will need to help my grandma out and I don't know how long she'll be in town. A few months maybe. I'd rather be concerned about her health and safety rather than the continuance of my show as she is also my last surviving grandparent too. So expect an even longer delay of Wackiness On The Rise if possible. It may not resume in June as expected, or earlier, it maybe later. That all depends on how things go in town and with my grandma.I go by the old saying "Family comes first" more importantly than I go by "The show must go on."
Wacky Ben   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  03-16-20 04:08 PM  -  2 months ago

I decided as a precaution in regards to the pandemic to postpone production of Wackiness On The Rise starting today. However, I still have this week's episode to upload as I recorded it in advance. I honestly don't know how long the hiatus will last but the downside is that we'll be once again delayed in hitting our 200th episode which was suppose to be around September last I checked. That also means that the Dumb Newsbreak that is also associated with A-Log On The Airwaves will also be on hiatus too. One of the other reasons I decided to postpone production is because right now I may not have any time to record for a few weeks. Or hopefully a few days but that all depends on how long the pandemic lasts especially here in Illinois where I'm from.

I apologize for the last minute hiatus but with this pandemic and for the sake of making sure my family is healthy and safe, I have no choice but to postpone production of Wackiness On The Rise. Not the way I anticipated the beginning of the new year and the new decade. Pretty sure all of us didn't think that way. One day the wackiness will rise again and defeat the virus with the power of laughter and I do hope to return to production when things get better. Thanks and stay safe and healthy.

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