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Song Details
Duration: 3:37 
Release Date: 1998  (Stavro Arrgolus) 
Lyrics By: Andrew Ross/Strangely Brown (Captain Wayne) 
Music By: Andrew Ross/Strangely Brown (Captain Wayne) 
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
Song Lyrics:
NOTE: a * indicates a fart sound.

You take the first four letters of "farther"
And then you jettison the H-E-R
'Cause everybody knows that girls don't fart
No matter who they think they are.
We guys can sit around drinkin' Brewski's
And make the spiders bark all night long,
But the ladies won't even let 'em out of-n' gate
And that's why I sang this song, Let me tell you now:

Girls don't fart. (toot toot)
They never * or * or * *
Well, they ain't got the rhythm, they ain't got it in 'em
To perform this manly art. Everybody sing:
Girls don't fart. (toot toot)
You never hear 'em go * or *
Well, at least that's what my mama said
And my mama's pretty smart.

Well, a girl can eat a jumbo burrito
And follow that with cabbage stew.
But bless my hogs you won't even get
A little * a whole night through.
Now if a guy had that kind of dinner
He'd blow the covers off the bed
And then, light a match, blow the house apart
And wind up sleepin' in the shed.

Let me tell you now:
Girls don't fart. (toot toot)
They would never * * * or *
Though they have the flatus, they got the apparatus
Those cheeks won't never part. Everybody sing:
Girls don't fart. (toot toot)
You'll never catch 'em goin' * * * *
No ifs ands or but, they'll keep that aperture shut
And that'n takes that a lot apart. (Play it, Jimmy.)

Now a man's bag of social disaster
Is a fart with a lump inside.
This is called a surprise by high-falootin' guys
And it really can destroy one's pride.
But women don't have this worry,
And this-a song is a proof of it
'Cause oh, by the way, I forgot to say that
Girls don't s**t. Everybody now:

Girls don't fart. (toot toot)
They never wa-- (a big montage of farts) Hey! A-what is goin' on here? B-but my mama told me--
Well, come on now:
Girls don't fart. (toot toot)
(Montage continues) Oh, my! What a gaseous display!
Well, at least that's what my mama said
As a mystery fragrance filled my head
And the dog, he just keeled over dead... but I still believe her, 'cause you gotta believe your mama:
Girls don't fart.
(Sonic SBL)
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