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Duration: 2:37 
Release Date: 1968  (txbiker) 
Lyrics By:
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By: Laurie Records (sav-man) 
Published By:
  • Sometimes, a version with 'in 1968' removed is heard. This is a edit by the record company. I found one on a Snoopy's ChristmasCD--one that had various forms of packageing. (Tim P. Ryan)
  • From the 1968 album SNOOPY FOR PRESIDENT. (sav-man)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Snoopy For President


    The Royal Guardsmen

    (The original single version of this song featured a spoken
    introduction by "The Red Baron," mentioning the then-current presidential candidates for the 1968 election. Unfortunately, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated just days after the record had already been shipped to stores. Later pressings eliminated the spoken intro.)

    Written by Phillip A. Gernhard, Dick Holler, and Arnold Lee

    The time had come to elect a President
    And all the famous candidates thought they were heaven-sent
    They screamed and raved and pounded their hands above their
    But soon the noble promises were hard to tell apart

    Waiting at the pumpkin patch, a dog sincere and brave
    And everybody hoped that soon the country he would save
    The pumpkin said "The day has come for you to take a stand"
    "For love has left the people across our native land"

    Some wear the sign of the elephant
    and some wear the sign of the mule
    But we'll hold the sign of the beagle high
    and love will shine right through

    All the politicians, they swore he couldn't win
    But Snoopy only shook his head and flashed his famous grin
    He jumped into his faithful friend, the Sopwith Camel plane
    And bounced around the countryside from Washington to Maine

    Some wear the sign of the elephant
    and some wear the sign of the mule
    But we'll hold the sign of the beagle high
    and love will shine right through

    New York State was lookin' bad till Snoopy made a speech
    Soon Illinois and Tennessee were both within his reach
    He won the vote in Oregon but time was growin' thin
    And back at the convention hall, the votes were pourin' in

    Snoopy smiled his way into the hearts of everyone
    But when the votes were counted up, they found he needed one
    The winning vote for Snoopy came when a stranger raised his hand
    Snoopy turned, the stranger spoke
    "Mein friend, vee meet again!"

    Some wear the sign of the elephant and some wear the sign of
    the mule
    (Marcus Tee)
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