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Star Trek Fan (Kirk & Picard Captain Mix) 
By: Halfshell
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Release Date: 2017  (Halfshell) 
Lyrics By: Chris Pyhtila 
Music By: B. Gibbs/D. Hill/F. Beard (Halfshell) 
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
Licensing: CC (Halfshell) 
Song Lyrics:
[Kirk: You know the greatest danger facing us
is ourselves, an irrational fear of the unknown
- but there is no such thing as the known, only things
temporarly hidden, temporairly not understood.
In most cases we are found intelligence, capable
of a civilization is capable of understable peacful

Starfleet uniform
A signed photograph of Michael Dorn
Tricorder at my side
Wore black when Roddenberry die-yie-yied!
They run away just as fast as they can
Cause ev'ry girl's frightened of a Star Trek Fan

Bowl cut, pointed ears
Been speakin Klingon for eleven years
Com link, a Fed pin
I'm steppin out to a convention again
I surf the Internet as fast as I can
'Cause that's the place you'll find a Star Trek Fan

[Picard: The first duty of every Starfleet officer
is to the truth, wether it's scientific truth, or
historical truth, or persoanl truth.
It's the dying principal of which Starfleet is based.
If you can't find it within yourself to stand up
and the truth of what happens, you don't deserve to
wear that uniform]

The episodes I memorized
I call my car Starship Enterprise
My dates, don't seem to work
Maybe I act too Captain Kiiiirk
[Kirk: I'll tell them you were properly annoied]
I guess that I should get a different plan
I don't have a life cause I'm a Star Trek Fan

[Shatner (heard at fade out): Get a life people. For crying out loud,
it's just a TV Show. I mean look at you, look at the way you're dressed, Turned an enjoyable little job I did
as a lark for a few years into a colossal waste of time.]
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08-11-18, #AOTA-180811
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