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  • Never Smile at a Crocodile is a deleted song from the Walt Disney movie Peter Pan with the lyrics not heard, but the music was. Captain Hook gets eaten in the song. It was featured on the Disney Sing Along Songs video, Under the Sea with the scenes. The tune is heard as an instrumental piece in Peter Pan whenever the Crocodile is getting close ... specially the ticking of the alarm clock that the croc has swallowed. It was written by Frank Churchill who wrote most of Disney's music in the 30s and the early 40s. Walt had planned to make Peter Pan in the early 40s and asked Frank to start writing the music for it. But when legal rights got in the way, the feature, and its music, was shelved. Years later, Walt was finally able to make Peter Pan and asked Jack Lawrence, who was working on Sleeping Beauty at the time, to write some lyrics for the tune that Churchill wrote. (Halfshell)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Never smile at a crocodile
    No, you can't get friendly with a crocodile
    Don't be taken in by his friendly grin
    He's imagining how well you'd fit beneath his skin (Rolf ha ha has)
    Never smile at a crocodile
    Never dip your hat and stop to talk awhile
    Never run, walk away, say good-night, not good-day
    Clear the aisle but never smile at Mister Crocodile
    You may very well be well bred
    Lots of etiquette in your head
    But there's always some special case, time or place
    To forget etiquette

    (Spoken by Rolf)

    Lets look up crocodile in the book
    (clears throat) here it says ..
    One positively must not wear a pleased expression on ones countenance when confronted by that large, lizard like, amphibious reptile which has long jaws, armored skin and webbed feet and which is known as ... the c r o c o d i l e.
    It has been discovered that one simply cannot cherish an amicable and trustworthy relationship with the aforementioned species ... ohh! this is interesting!
    In addition it is mandatory that one does not become irresistibly drawn into the erroneous belief that the lateral, open extension of his jaws means that you are utterly welcome. It is much more reasonable to assume that he is contemplating how you would look in a lizard suit ... hiiiis ... eh ha ha ha mmm

    (Song resumes with three tic tocs)
    Never smile at a crocodile
    No, you can't get friendly with a crocodile
    Don't be taken in by his friendly grin
    He's imagining how well you'd fit beneath his skin
    Where have I told you that before?
    Never smile at a crocodile
    Never tip your hat and stop to talk awhile
    Dont be rude, never mock, throw a kiss, not a rock
    But clear the aisle and never smile at Mister Crocodile
    Look run a mile bet never smile at Mr. Croc-o-dile
    Hey watch out! here comes one now!!!!
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