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By: Max DeGroot
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Duration: 3:37 (Max DeGroot) 
Release Date: 5/20/2017  (Max DeGroot) 
Lyrics By: B.J. Hughes 
Music By: The Village People (Max DeGroot) 
Produced By: Max DeGroot (Max DeGroot) 
Released By: Max DeGroot (Max DeGroot) 
Published By: Max DeGroot (Max DeGroot) 
Licensing: CC (Max DeGroot) 
Song Lyrics:
Back in nineteen seventy-nine
A new network was the first of its kind
It was made for the American man
Who could call himself a sports fan
Highlights, action from all the leagues
All in one place we could access with ease
Watch the big games on our 60-inch screen
It was nothing like we had seen

We'd spend our evenings with ESPN
All weekend long, we'd watch ESPN
They had everything a sports fan could enjoy
With chris berman and all the boys
"Back, back, back, back, back, gone!" - ESPN
"He could go all the way!" - ESPN
After long days at work, we'd turn on the TV
For our escape from reality

Now when I tune in for the scores
I'm bombarded with opinions galore
Games and highlights get pushed out of the way
For the social cause of the day
Be it gender equality
Racial bias, or police brutality
It all seems like they would much rather be

What happened to the sports, ESPN?
Abandoning your roots, ESPN
With your talking heads and your documentaries
Tell me, who are you trying to please
With this new attitude, ESPN?
Oh, why the sudden change, ESPN?
Making yourself PC for this millennium
Can't you see just what you've become?

Hey man, is my point getting through?
There are millions who have had enough, too
Making layoffs hoping you can survive
But your network leaves us so jived
That's why we have stopped watching you
Advertisers are losing their revenue
Now there's choices, maybe four, five or six
When we want to get our sports fix

You're no monopoly, ESPN
There's better options than ESPN
We won't sit through your crap when we easily can
Stream the games we want on demand
That's how it works these days, ESPN
Consumers in control, ESPN
ESPN, are you listening to me?
ESPN, bring back sports on TV

remember demographics, ESPN
ESPN, here's what we want to see
ESPN, bring back sports on TV
(Max DeGroot)
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Played on 3 shows:
06-02-17, #WOTR_3605-24-17, #ISGD-17-20
05-27-17, #AOTA-170527
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