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Hungry, Said the Wolf (The Big Bad Mix, 2017 Ver.) 
By: Halfshell
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Release Date: 2017  (Halfshell) 
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Licensing: CC (Halfshell) 
Song Lyrics:
[Lyrics by Alvin Rhodes from, Alternations to lyrics by Sabaka Mahusky]

Ladies and gentlemen,
Tonight it gives me extreme pleasure
To present our interperte..intrepit..e.t.e.r.p..terpertation
of a familiar fairytale entitled
"The Big Bad Wolf ... and the three little pigs
As the scene opens, we find that three little
building their respective houses...

Ha ha ha ha ha

Spare me the pity, swine will expire.
Steam from my cauldron, piggies on fire.
Come 'ere you oinkers, let me inside.
You know my puffin', is known, far and wide.

I'll leap and I'll bound,
I'm on the hunt down after you.
And when I expound, I'll blow your house down.
'Cause I'm hungry, said the wolf.
A straw home is fine, in fact, its devine,
Unless a wolf is after you.
It cuts like a knife, you'll run for your life.
'Cause i'm hungry, said the wolf.

I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in!

I roam the forest, pigs try to hide.
A house of sticks is where they reside.
I start a-puffin', the wood starts to fly.
I'll get those little piggies try to tremble and cry.

I make up some ground,
They're in a house of bricks, its true.
And this home, I've found, it ain't comin' down.
But I'm hungry, said the wolf.
My turbines whine, I'm roarin' just fine.
Fill my lungs and blast at you.
But hard as I try, this ain't gonna fly.
But I'm hungry, said the wolf.

Open the door and let me in!

Well... they're too smart for me
Guess I'll go home

Hungry, said the wolf.
Hungry, said the wolf.
Hungry, said the wolf.

Hmmmm ha ha ha ha ha
I'll get 'em

The building is sound, but look what i've found.
I see their chimney on the roof.
I take a look 'round, then shimmy on down.
'Cause I'm hungry, said the wolf.
I take on a dive, now I'm inside.
Piggies in the pot and meant for stew.
And these little swine, will taste just fine.
Because they're tasty, said the wolf.

If I dine on suasage meat, if i dine on pigs en feet
if I dine on swiner stew, if I dine on curly que
Roasted pork, classic snopps, ham and eggs, pork'e chops
Pig n' feet, sausage meat, little pigs is good to eat.
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04-29-17, #KMCC-11-1703-01-17, #ISGD-17-09
03-11-17, #KMCC-T12-17
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Was approved to be posted on the FuMP on March 9, 2017.

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