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Duration: 7:42 (Captain Wayne) 
Release Date: 10/21/2016  (Captain Wayne) 
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Licensing: CC (Captain Wayne) 
  • From Devo Spice: If you're not aware Stranger Things is an original series on Netflix which took the service by storm when it was released a few months ago. The show takes place in 1983 in the small, fictional town of Hawkins, IN. When a young boy goes missing his mother goes crazy trying to find him, his friends discover a strange girl with telekinesis, and the chief of police discovers the secret lab in town has been doing some very shady stuff and screwed up big this time around. The series is amazing. Seriously, watch it. It's only 8 episodes long. You won't regret it. Since the show takes place in 1983 and I wanted to write a song about it I decided to write a song that takes place in 1983. As such this old school rap song is clap-heavy, synth-driven, and damn-near eight minutes long. The song is from Mike's perspective. He's one of the friends of the kid who went missing.

    If you haven't seen the show I don't know how much sense this song will make. I also spoil just about everything, so you should probably watch the series first.

    Special thanks to The Terrific Two (or whatever they would be called in 1983) Luke Ski and Chris Mezzolesta for helping me out with this track. (Captain Wayne)

  • Song Lyrics:
    Now let me tell you a story that’s kind of weird
    About my best friend Will who disappeared
    So just sit back now and you will see
    Just how things went down back in ‘83
    ...uh huh huh

    Well we were at my house playing D&D
    It was Will, Lucas, Dustin, and me
    The campaign I ran left ‘em shaken and scared
    When out of nowhere a monster appeared
    Who said “I’m sorry, Mike, all your friends have to leave”
    Come on, Mom, just twenty minutes, please?
    But no, she said we had to end the game
    And that was the end of our great campaign
    Everybody left all alone, if you’re stunned
    It was 1983, that’s just how it was done
    We’ve never had a problem before, it’s true
    But on Will’s journey he rolled a two
    He never made it home, though I should mention
    He was at the right house, just the wrong dimension
    Because a tall monster—I didn’t know we had those
    Brought Will back to the Veil of Shadows

    Will’s gone missing, that’s why I’m rappin’
    A monster is loose, we need to trap him
    I’m sure that stranger things have happened
    But I don’t know when, I really don’t know when

    We all went out to search for Will
    Past the road by his house in the woods on the hill
    One minute we’re kids playing with our toys
    Now we’re solving mysteries like The Hardy Boys
    What we found out there, you wouldn’t believe
    While my sister was quote-unquote studying with Steve
    We happened to chance upon a maiden faire
    Her name was Eleven and she had no hair
    She didn’t talk much but it’s no mystique
    With a mouth full of Eggos it’s hard to speak
    And I think that maybe with her special skill
    She can help us find Will, or get us all killed
    Meanwhile Will’s Mom Joyce is freaked
    All she does is scream, howl, and shriek
    I don’t mean to judge but I’m not the one
    Who got an obscene phone call from her son

    She’s got a new phone and she got another call
    And she’s got a new hole in her living room wall
    And she’s got an ex-husband who wants to sue
    And a crazy idea about what she should do
    The roof! The roof!
    The roof is on fire!
    Look at that thing, it’s burning bright
    Oh wait, never mind, it’s just Christmas lights

    Our new friend Eleven, El for short
    Is the one who opened the demon’s port
    In a lab that doesn’t exist, no way
    And totally isn’t run by the CIA
    Her crazy Papa, Dr. Brenner
    Kept her locked up in that research center
    And trained her mind to act like a radio
    I wonder if she can tune in Dr. Demento
    We thought that El was a total fake
    When they pulled Will’s body out of the lake
    I fought with Lucas over what she did
    But it turned out to be a fancy Cabbage Patch Kid
    The HAM radio that our science teacher owned
    Amplified her powers like a megaphone
    And proved that Will really didn’t drown
    And is trapped with a monster in the Upside Down

    The monster seems to be attracted to blood
    And he comes around hoping he can grab some grub
    If he sees you he’ll take you back to his place
    Put the moves on you, and try to suck face
    Nothing is effective at stopping this
    So don’t let him give you a big sloppy kiss
    If the lights start to flicker it’s not the wires
    Better run or your face will end up on those fliers

    On top of all this some kids at school
    Often bully us and are mean and cruel
    When they mocked will’s death I blew a fuse
    And El made him wet his Underoos
    It only got worse after that little tiff
    They held Dustin with a knife and made me jump off a cliff
    Thankfully El was pretty near, oh
    Made me fly like The Greatest American Hero
    While those mouthbreathers get me upset
    The Hawkins Lab staff are a much bigger threat
    Lucas warned us that they were coming for El
    So we hopped on our bikes and pedaled like hell
    They came at us from every direction
    And cut us off at every intersection
    There was no escape that I could see
    If only someone could make us fly like E.T.
    We met up with everybody back at the school
    Where we built a think tank from an old kiddie pool
    We were hoping that El could contact Will
    Without blowing up our long distance bill
    Hopper and Joyce did some lab confronting
    My sister and Jonathan went monster hunting
    That left me alone with El by my side
    And Dustin alone with the pudding supply
    We couldn’t rest long ‘cause all too soon
    The school was attacked by Brenner and his goons
    Things were nuts, it was really scary
    But El was great, she went completely Carrie
    We kind of won, but I lost my friend
    And I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again
    But I’m holding out hope that she’ll come back around
    A new shipment of Eggos is coming to town
    (Captain Wayne)
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    Messages about the song: "Stranger Things"
    Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  10-23-16 04:13 PM  -  4 years ago

    Yes, I know.

    The solution's simple but rather involved.

    Make a 'Devo Spice' artist page, then slowly & deliberately separate all the Devo Spice songs and albums from the Sudden Death page and place them in the new one. After determining which ones were which, of course.

    It's quite a project. One that I plan to sort out once this whole "Make 7+ two hour Halloween & Xmas shows before mid-December" thing is done.

    A-Log   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  10-21-16 03:57 PM  -  4 years ago
    Once more, the artist credit is Devo Spice. It's no longer Sudden Death.
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