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f**k First 
By: Sticky Biscuits
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Duration: 2:59 (Captain Wayne) 
Release Date: 9/6/2016  (Captain Wayne) 
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Licensing: CC (Captain Wayne) 
Song Lyrics:
Valentines day had me feeling sad
it wasn’t that I was single or my boyfriend was bad
he took me out to dinner was as sweet as can be
but then instead of making love he feel asleep on top of me

that’s why you f**k before you eat my dears
lean over to your sweethearts and whisper in their ears:
I’m gonna take you out to a really swanky place
but first I’d ask you kindly to sit upon my face
that’s why you f**k before you eat my friends
because the meal is where the libido ends

you have sex and then a meal
have some c**k and then some veal
go have some ********
and then have a sweet potato
if the meal was too enormous
you might miss out on that clitoris
and cunnilingus sucks
when you’re fighting acid reflux

that’s why you f**k before you eat my dears
lean over to your sweethearts and whisper in their ears:
I’m gonna feed you honeyed fruit dipped in mascarpone
but first I’m gonna strip you down and ride you like a pony that’s why you f**k before you eat my friends
you don’t want dinner to be where your Valentines day ends

but no matter what you've planned
before you go out hand in hand
no matter if its movies paintball waltzing or a dinner
be sure to first take care of the vagina and the wiener
if you're planning to go rollerblading or TP-ing your ex
first get on the bed or sofa or the table and have sex
it should be the first thing on your mind
before you leave the house
be it with your boyfriend girlfriend lover polycule or spouse
even if it's just you by yourself happily masturbate and say
we wish you all a very happy Valentine's day
(Stavro Arrgolus)
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Played on 3 shows:
06-26-18, #MMP-5209-10-16, #AOTA-160910
10-01-16, #MMP-44
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