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Duration: 6:35 
Release Date: 10/1/2015 
Lyrics By: Arkimedes (Tim P. Ryan) 
Music By: Gordon Lightfoot (Tim P. Ryan) 
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
Keywords: GAMING 
Song Lyrics:
With apologies to Gordon Lightfoot.
Words and Voices by Arkimedes

the legend lives on from the forums on down
of the game dev who made wing commander
the man they all say never quite found a way
to respond to the lies and the slander

from his backers he scored eighty-six million bucks more
though the promises made were quite empty
that company and crew was a bone to be chewed
when the blogs of october came early

the game was the pride of all nerdlings worldwide
spending all of their cash for no reason
as the kickstarters go it was bigger than most
with rewards and good stretch goals well seasoned

concluding some sales with a coupla' space whales
while their deadlines were still disappearing
come three years later when their twitter feeds rang
could it be derek smart they'd been fearing?

the forums online made a tattle-tale whine
with the subreddit frantically wailing
and every man knew as the chairman did too
t'was the goons of october come stealin'

the sale came late and the videos had to wait
though the hit in morale was a small one
when the article came it was more of the same
in the face of a million refunds

when suppertime came all the mods came on deck sayin'
fellas, we'll just have to ban ya
at seven p.m. the last blog post came in, they said
fellas, it's been good to know ya

the chairman wrote in he had committed no sin
toward the broken, the poor, and the hateful
and later that night on his battered website
went the wrecks of star citizen's faithful

does anyone know where the love of god goes
when you browse those forums for hours?
the faithful still say we'll see gameplay next may
if you just spend a thousand more dollars

it might be online and it might be single player
it might even see a release soon
but all that we see is the hopes and the dreams
of the redditors, furries and spacegoons

freelancer's good, wing commander's alright
and the x series keeps on surviving
old freespace seems like a young nerd's dreams
elite and the rest keep on flying

and year after year it just keeps getting clearer
that a space game's just planning for failure
when star citizen goes just like everyone knows
will the goons of october remember?

in a dusty old thread on the forums they watched
the collapse of the faithful on reddit
and as denial began, they stood tall to a man
or at least five in the case of ben lesnick

the legend lives on from the forums on down
of the game dev who made wing commander
chris roberts they say always could find a way
to turn failure to more propaganda

Category: Gaming
(Tim P. Ryan)
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