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Duration: 1:31 
Release Date: 12/4/2012 
Lyrics By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Music By:
Produced By: David Tanny (davidtanny) 
Released By:
Published By:
  • In this break-in recording, "Daniel" gets to do the talking, while excerpts of David Tanny's recordings help fill out the shortened telling of Twas the Night Before Christmas. Influenced by Whimsical Will's "Christmas Cut-Up" recording from 1985. (davidtanny)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Twas the night before

    "Christmas," - I'm Doing Nothing for Christmas

    and all through the

    "house" - Dorky's Human Control

    Not a

    "Centipede" - Centipede

    was stirring, not even

    "The Three Stooges" - Hey, Three Stooges!


    "Coffins" - Morgans Mortuary

    were hung by the

    "zombies" - NutriBrain

    with care,

    In the hopes that

    "Santo Pedro" - The Equimas song

    soon would be there.


    "Pups" - All Out of Pups

    were nestled all snug

    "on, That big T.V. tube." - Eight is Enough

    While visions of

    "HDTV dinners" - HDTV Dinners

    danced in their

    "Heads" - Fish Heads and Chips '10

    And I with my

    "PC" - PC vs. Mac vs. Stan

    and mu wife with her

    "Mac" - PC vs. Mac vs. Stan

    Had just settled our

    "Brains" - NutriBrain

    for a long winter’s nap.

    When out

    "in the yard" - Boogie

    there arose such a clatter,

    I sprang from the bed to see what was the

    "matter." - Watchin' Space Ghost

    I flew to

    "The Windows" - Atari vs. Intellivision

    And saw what had appearred,

    But a miniature

    "Batmobile" - Batman Interview

    and eight tiny

    "buffalo" - The Equimas Song

    With a little old

    "driver", - CPM 21

    so lively and

    "quick," - Bam

    I knew in a moment it must be

    "Santo Pedro" - The Equimas song

    And he whistled, and shouted,

    and called them by name!


    "Kirk" - Kirk Spock Bones


    "Spock" - Kirk Spock Bones


    "Bones" - Kirk Spock Bones


    "Harry Potter" - Harry Potter Cereal


    "Yoda" - Starr Mopp Warrs


    "Hans Solo" - Starr Mopp Warrs


    "Luke and Leia - Starr Mopp Warrs

    He went straight to his work

    And filled all the

    "Coffins" - Morgans Mortuary

    And he

    "said goodbye and disappearred" - Buffy Rap

    right up the chimney,

    and away they all flew

    "to the Great Big North" - Hilary Duff Beer

    But I heard him shout

    as he flew out of sight.

    "Happy" - I'm Doing Nothing For Christmas

    "Christmas" - I'm Doing Nothing For Christmas

    to all,

    And to all,

    "You gotta fight, for your right, to be funny!" -

    (You Gotta) Fight, For Your Right, To Be Funny

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