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Suliman! (Gotta Say It All) 
By: DJ Particle
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Duration: 1:22 
Release Date: 11/7/2012 
Lyrics By: Emi M. Briet (DJ Particle) 
Music By: John Siegler (DJ Particle) 
Produced By: Emi M. Briet (DJ Particle) 
Released By: Reika Recordings (DJ Particle) 
Published By: Reika Recordings (DJ Particle) 
Licensing: CC (DJ Particle) 
  • Suliman Qulizada is a right-winged, semi-bigoted, frequent caller to the Tom Leykis Show. He's also believed to be autistic. (DJ Particle)
  • Parody of "Pokémon Theme" by Jason Paige (DJ Particle)
  • Song Lyrics:
    (Parody of "Pokemon Theme" by Jason Paige)
    Lyrics ©2012 Emi M. Briet

    MOM: Suliman! You calling that radio show again?

    SULIMAN: Uh…no, mom… I'm… uh…

    My call will be the very best
    Like no one's ever was
    To talk to Tom is my desire
    The right wing is my cause
    At 901-3000-TOM
    My fingers start to slide (TOM: Suliman on the Tom Leykis Show! Hello!)
    His listeners will understand
    With Mom here by my side

    (BG VOCS: Suliman! Gotta say it all!)
    And you will see
    GOP's our destiny
    (Suliman! Gotta say it all!)
    Tom's my best friend
    And I'll call him to the end
    (Suliman! Gotta say it all!)
    No I'm not through
    And I think my words ring true
    Three more things or maybe two
    I'm Suliman! (Gotta say it all!)
    I gotta say it all!

    And can I be taken out with an Enumclaw followed by a Lacey Peterson Fullerton Style and a Compton Style JFK Snoop Dogg…

    TOM: Aaaaaaargh!!


    TOM: Un… believable!
    (DJ Particle)
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