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Duration: 2:45 
Release Date: 4/16/2012  (DJ Particle) 
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  • Parody of "Kyle, Are You Ian?" by Scooter Picnic (DJ Particle)
  • Song Lyrics:

    There’s a tiny little droid kinda looks like a salt-shaker
    Can’t really talk but he beeps like a wise-acre
    Little piece of junk who steals every scene
    From the swamps of Dagobah to the sands of Tattooine

    Some people think he’s cute but I think he’s a creep
    He can open every door, he can always have a peep
    That’s worse than Superman’s x-ray vision
    Cause no matter what the codes, R2D2 has permission

    To raid your bank account or take pictures of your wife
    And post them on your Facebook, and that s**t isn’t right
    He can screw up Idol, he can screw up The Voice
    And dammit, that s**t is supposed to be people’s choice

    He can mess with an election, he can always get his way
    That’s what happened in Florida in Y2K
    I think that’s terrible, evil, and deplorable
    But everyone thinks he’s cute, yeah the girls think he’s adorable

    F U R2D2, F U R2D2
    F U R2D2, F U R2D2
    You’re as attractive to me as Pelosi in a see-through
    So F U R2D2, F U R2D2

    F U R2D2, F U R2D2
    F U R2D2, F U R2D2
    I’ll take you to the airport and send you to Puerto Rico
    F U R2D2, F U R2D2

    He could solve global warming but he just makes it worse
    And he sucks at rhyming and he sucks at free-verse
    He comes drunk to a party and he’ll never ever leave
    He’s got real bad breath for a dude who doesn’t breathe

    He likes showing crappy holograms for everyone to see
    But some of those holograms aren’t exactly rated G
    Like the time the Emperor had his way with Darth Vader
    The droid put that s**t on YouTube a day later

    And I didn’t need to see Vader on his knees
    Using the Force to its logical extremes
    But even that wouldn’t have been offensive to me
    But everyone knows holograms are 3-D

    Agh! My eyes! I’m in a permanent cringe
    Thanks you little bastard, now my retinas are singed
    I can’t unremember what you just made me see
    Three-P-O, how could you let him do this to me

    F U R2D2, F U R2D2
    F U R2D2, F U R2D2
    You ruined my life, and ended my libido
    So F U R2D2, F U R2D2

    F U R2D2, F U R2D2
    F U R2D2, F U R2D2
    Should have left you in the swamp, or mailed you to Escondido
    F U R2D2, F U R2D2

    Some might say I’m totally wrong
    They say R2 is fine, this is a terrible song
    They can think what they want, but did they ever consider
    He could have blown up the death star on his own, the little shitter

    While we were risking the lives of all those good guys
    He could have phoned in a code and de-Imperial-ized
    the whole galaxy without lifting a digit
    But he didn’t 'cause he’s a malicious metal midget

    F U R2D2, F U R2D2
    F U R2D2, F U R2D2
    My stupid smartphone has this dream to be you
    So F U R2D2, F U R2D2

    F U R2D2, F U R2D2
    F U R2D2, F U R2D2
    There's must be a way to Control-Alt-Delete you
    F U R2D2, F U R2D2
    (Stavro Arrgolus)
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