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People Of Walmart 
By: Jesse Smith
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Duration: 3:01 
Release Date: 6/24/2011 
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Licensing: CC 
Song Lyrics:

I really like the internet
you really like it too, I bet
it's like a gift that came down from above

It gives you music, gives you fun
and if you are a lucky one
it hooks you up with someone you can love
I hit a site by accident
I did not know where I had went
but what I saw there dropped me to my knees

A ton of beauties on display
and more arriving every day
and every one a super-sizin' tease

People of walmart
your ladies have stole my heart
each one's a playground so big
that I cannot figure out
where to start

While shopping at their favorite store
somebody takes their picture for
the world to look at, snicker, smile and laugh

With pounds of flabby flab galore
and clothing from a goodwill store
but let me say a word on their behalf

It takes a lot of nerve
to look and dress like you deserve
to be the designated queen of trailer trash

With pants that ride so low in back
you're showin' miles and miles of crack
your fishnet tops and mohawks are a smash

People of walmart
your ladies have stole my heart
I get so carried away
like bags of potato chips
in a shopping cart

I wish I could be so confident
to wear what I want wherever I went
never watch my weight, never exercise
wear short short pants that show my thunder thighs!

It's not too late to learn to be
so big and bold and fancy-free
and revel in the freedom you embrace

Eat ice cream morning, noon and night
'n' dress in clothing way too tight
and then put on a happy smiley face

Head out to do your shopping
with your belts and buttons popping
live better! You're unfettered! Yes you are!

The greeter doesn't bat an eye
he's glad to see you - so am I
now smile for the camera - you're a star!

People of walmart
your ladies have stole my heart
if one could fit in my life
I'd make her my wife and we
would never part

Rollback - your love to me
(Captain Wayne)
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