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Duration: 3:18 
Release Date: 2004  (weirdojace) 
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  • Parody of "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne (weirdojace)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Harry's gone, he used his magic wand
    Yeah, he's gone, he knows he don't belong

    Harry cannot do magic outside school (that's the rule)
    He has to take all his cousin Dudley's ridicule (that big sack of poo)
    And then Aunt Marge runs her mouth, and Harry slips (gives her some lip)
    He turns her into a blimp, and the punishment fits (solar eclipse)

    You know he's not the little boy he's supposed to be
    Now he's a wizard with a temper and a magic legacy

    Harry's gone, he used his magic wand
    He's wizard-born, he's been waiting for so long
    His muggle family don't approve of sorcery
    He waved his magic wand and where, oh where has Harry gone

    Harry's gone, he used his magic wand
    Yeah he's gone, don't try and correspond
    Dudley's mom don't know what's going on
    This phenomenon is beyond her lexicon

    Harry, do you remember, Sirius Black? (I hear he's back)
    He helped Voldemort whack your parents way, way back (helped the maniac)
    Well, Harry rumor has it that he's made an escape (could it be a mistake?)
    And somehow the prison didn't get it on videotape (can he change his shape?)

    I know you try to hide your worry but you're really freaked
    If he could kill your mom and dad then you are probably dead meat

    The chase is on, he's out of Azkaban
    All those dementors couldn't hold him for so long
    Harry, can't you see, your life's in jeopardy
    Hermione and Ron say you should work on Lupin's charm

    Harry's mom she bought it early on (his mom and dad are gone)
    But Black didn't do it, no they've got it all wrong (all wrong)
    Hey, Hermione, we gotta change reality
    You've done it all year long, now help old Harry

    Harry's wand... (he's got 'em all disarmed)
    Harry's wand... (yeah Harry did it)
    Sirius, can't you see, Harry's got the remedy
    You almost bought the farm, but you didn't thanks to Harry's wand
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