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Song Details
Duration: 4:19 
Release Date: 8/25/2010  (DJ Particle) 
Lyrics By: SSB / Topher (SSB) 
Music By: Kid Rock (SSB) 
Produced By: SSB / Topher (SSB) 
Released By: SSB / Topher (SSB) 
Published By:
  • Parody of "Cowboy" by Kid Rock (DJ Particle)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Well I'm'a loadin up my game and I'm'a playin the best,
    Where real characters come equipped with imps and cloth vests,
    Find a nest in the hills, and burn it in,
    Run an old Fel Guard and find a spot to sin, and I'm'a,

    Fear-Lock it up and down your block,
    Immolate your stock, and when I dance I rock,
    Buy a staff with a buff that says "Killin the Most",
    And rock that b***h up and down your coast,

    Castin fear and stun,
    and Meteor Showers,
    Send my Fel in the mix,
    to cause emotional scars,

    Kill me if ya wanna, I won't moan,
    That's the use that's meant for my soul stone.

    Runnin escort quests, 'cause I'm diggin the learnin,
    Castin the curses, and lovin the burnin,

    Fear-Lock and it's the real McCoy,
    'Cause I'm playin the best sucka,

    Because I wanna be a Warlock Baby!
    A Warlock Baby!
    I wanna be a Warlock baby!
    A Warlock Baby.

    You'll hear my Succubus comin when my flame rolls in
    She goes, {sound effect} when she's ready for sin,
    Life drain, soul drain, corruption and fire,
    You now are lost, your situation is dire,

    Healthstones and runes,
    Soul-shards and vice,
    Get a map to the goods,
    Take it, I ain't nice,

    And if you're in my sights,
    Then you better say your prayers, boy,
    'Cause I'll camp you until you grieve,
    Gonna show ya I'm a Warlock, baby,
    A Warlock, baby!
    Show ya I'm a Warlock, baby!
    A Warlock Baby!

    YEEEEEAHHHH! I'm a Warlock, and I'm the whip,
    Gonna melt your face and make it drip,
    Find a Pally on the plains, and start to cast,
    Send a shadow bolt right up in his ass,

    No kiddin, spell slingin, foes hittin the floor,
    I'm the guard, with the shard, hold the card to your yard,
    No remorse for the enemy,
    In his eye I ain't right,
    Gonna target his pet,
    Make him fear my might!

    Hunh! Cause Chaos, cast at other players,
    Find better equip for my friends and neighbors,
    Owning Bases, Melting Faces,
    They told us to leave but I bet they can't make us!

    Why they wanna cast at me,
    Stunlock me up and take away my "D",
    I ain't no Pally,
    I'm just a regular Player
    Not straight outta Ratchet,
    I'm made of betrayal!

    Summon a Demon,
    Takin my pick,
    My only words of wisdom,
    Are just Don't Get Sick,

    I'm castin at critters up and down your coast,
    And keep soul-sucking till you fall out of motion.

    With a Felguard pet and the meteors flyin.
    Spend all my time causin death and cryin.
    Castin at night spell slingin all day.
    Dottin you up until you go away..

    With a Felguard pet and the meteors flyin.
    With a Felguard pet and the meteors flyin.
    Spend all my time causin death and cryin...
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